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At the end of the year, Christmas and New Year are coming. If you want to have a festival atmosphere, in fact, buying a soft dress can bring a different sense of joy!

There are many soft decorations on the market. For example, IKEA has a lot of choices. Today, I will share with you 10 high -value and festives. You can get it if you want to dress up for Christmas and New Year festivals!

First step


Arrange dining table

The main points of the festival restaurant layout:

Christmas and New Year are all good days for family reunion. Relatives and friends love to gather together to drink and drink together, taste good food together, and share the recent interesting things. Therefore, the layout of the restaurant is indispensable for a large enough foldable dining table to accommodate more relatives and friends, and then spread the tablecloths and ornaments full of festive atmosphere, so that everyone can spend an unforgettable festival.



Ruining Expansion Table


Price: 1799 yuan

Family people get together to dinner together, so a large table is needed to better accommodate more people. This folding table is easy to install, and the table can be easily extended to 4-6 people at the same time. Usually, there are fewer people to remove the folding board and store it under the desktop.

The dining table is combined with birch solid wood and hard wood. The table is durable. The light -colored tables are not contrary to various home styles. If the dining table at home wants to be replaced, this retractable dining table is a good choice.


Wimble 2021 案 Parallel pattern long tablecloth

Price: 19.9 yuan


On the warm winter night, eating the delicious dishes made by my mother’s own hands, and the family sat around and shared dinner together. This is probably all things that are looking forward to outside. If you want to have a stronger festive atmosphere, I recommend this long tablet table flag to send this puppet pattern, which can protect the table and create a strong atmosphere of the festive table at the atmosphere.


Winte 2021 Parasitic ornaments 4 pieces

Why do you have less decorations in the festival? It is recommended that this parasitic jewelry, which is very suitable for hanging on the restaurant chandelier, and then wrapped some light string on it, so that the entire restaurant is very atmospheric at the festival.


Dress the second step

Festive light


The main points of festival lighting:

Different lights play a different role at home; during the holidays, the warm -colored lights or replenishment sources are appropriately increased at home, which can add warmth and comfort at home.


Sijila desktop box lamps

Price: 99 yuan


Looking at the red ribbon and bland gift box lights, but at night, the lights were turned on, and a soft light was emitted immediately, which instantly created a warm and good guest atmosphere. At the time of the holiday party, this jewelry box lamp is placed in the corner or desktop, which is beautiful!


Radfl LED Light Strings 24 heads


Price: 69 yuan

The lamp string is definitely a weapon to enhance the home atmosphere. It is recommended that IKEA’s 24 LED light string can be installed in a bottle to make a small table lamp. You can also find a bracket to wrap the light string up and form a small floor lamp.

Dress the third step

Festive decoration

The main points of festival decoration layout:


You only need to spend a small money and make a little Christmas and New Year’s decorations to harvest a festive home. Christmas can choose to buy Christmas trees, hanging ornaments and small jewelry with Christmas elements. You can buy festive red decorations in the New Year. Dressing it well will definitely make the guests visiting at home shine.


Winte 2021 Winter Village Decoration 10 Set

Price: 149 yuan

This is a group of super cute decorations. It uses snow -capped houses, Christmas trees, reindeer, and sleds to match the winter village -themed decorations, which makes people unable to be amazed. It is particularly suitable for placing on the bucket cabinet, plus some light string, the entire warm Christmas atmosphere is immediately available.



Wimble 2021 Flower Ring Decoration Red/Gold


Price: 129 yuan

On the wall of the door, the fireplace, and the living room, hanging a flower ring full of Christmas and New Year’s atmosphere is definitely an eye -catching highlight. Although this flower ring decoration shape is simple, it will make your home more atmosphere. I don’t think of any decorations to buy. Buying it is a good choice.


Winte 2021 decoration, spherical mixed shape

Price: 29.9 yuan


This group of glass decorations are full of interesting and different shapes, with spherical, bells, heart -shaped, and star -shaped. Each one is very beautiful. You can use good -looking boxes to put them on the bucket cabinet together, or hang it on your Christmas tree, and you can also hang it on the plant branches at home.


Dress the fourth step

Winter fabric

The main points of fabric fabric layout:

If you want to renovate your family, you can actually set up some fabric fabrics; such as festive curtains, good -looking pillows, soft sofa towels, etc., can bring a different sense of freshness.


Wente 2021 decoration cone/Santa Claus

Price: 39.9 yuan

This Santa has two colors of red and green, bringing a sense of interest. You can buy a good choice to place it on the porch shoe cabinet or the bedside table, etc., and add some light string, and when the light is turned on at night, it can create a sense of Christmas atmosphere.



Lodiff Cushion

This cushion is inspired by traditional wool embroidery cushions used on Swedish families and carriages. The delicate embroidery is very textured. Buying a sofa, a bed, or a lounge chair is full of festive flavor, the inner core of the down filled, and fluffy and soft as a cushion.

In fact, if you want to create an atmosphere full of Christmas and New Year, there is no need for too many complicated outfits. Like the good things recommended above, you can create some soft decoration lamps to create it; give life a bit of ritual, you can be sweeter!

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Price: 19.9 yuan


Price: 129 yuan