Salt girl candy color suspender skirt is simple but not simple, exposing the “butterfly bone” sensitive and charming


The little fairy Ni Meng is good. For the little fairy, there is no soul in the summer without a small suspender. The two thin camislars are hung on the shoulders, revealing the beautiful and seductive collarbone lines. Intersection


But sexy and charming is to pay the price,

“How to match close -up clothes is a headache!”


It is very embarrassing to expose the ugly shoulder straps, or accidentally exposing the tube top.

Let’s help the fairies to solve summer wear

Outside shoulder, deep V, backless outfit

At the time, how to choose a close -fitting clothing is not embarrassing ~

Off -shoulder

A slightly smaller off -shoulder shirt, a little fresh with a little emotional, can also show charming collarbone lines, it must be the most attractive style in summer, but if you want to wear a good shoulder, a small suspender, suspender vest, etc. Own shoulder clothing,


The matching is super critical.

Like the normal tube top, there is no chest holding the chest, and there are anti -sliding bars without the underwear and both sides of the underwear cover, and most of them are 4 buckles.

Disassembling shoulder strap style is also super explosive, with no shoulder straps/shoulder straps/cross -shoulder straps, more all aspects in use! It is easy to help you complete the commute, which will be seamlessly connected without changing the venue.


Deep V


Deep V is the most eye -catching emotion! The V -neck with its own line can also create a beautiful shoulder. It must be the eyes of the hot body of the fairy, but how deep V wears well -dressed clothes, but it brings distress to many fashionable fairies!

The fairy who loves the style of the French style must be deep in the deep V love, but don’t forget to wear a U -shaped dress to match it. In this way, the sweet and romantic French style charm. It’s not embarrassing at all! Little dew charm, it is a bit fresh and attractive in addition to sensuality.




The dew is the lowest -key sensibility in the summer, high -end and subtle! It looks plain and unpretentious. In fact, there is a seductive coefficient behind me, but how to wear a large off -back dress is very troublesome to show the exquisite back lines!


Want to be emotional? The chest sticker must be the best choice! Not only the dew, all the small dew cloths can be held!

Remove the chest sticker, and the milk sticker is also very useful! Little protects the convex point, complete the nipple freedom is most suitable for the little fairy! However, because the breasts do not support the breasts of the chest, they still wear underwear or chest stickers.


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