AI Super Details “Smart Transportation” launched Li Yanhong 300 words to generate 200,000 words of voice works


On April 21, on the eve of the World Reading Day, AI’s “Smart Transportation” was launched on the Himalayan APP. This audio work based on Baidu’s chairman and CEO Li Yanhong’s “Smart Transportation”, using about 300 public voice data of Li Yanhong, created through AIGC (AI automatic generating content) technology. Its audio synthesis effect is almost the original sound, and ordinary users are basically unable to distinguish the sound and synthetic sound.

“Intelligent Transportation” has a total of 86 episodes. It is launched in 21 episodes on the first day. It is updated 2 episodes per day. Users can listen directly for “Smart Traffic Voice Books” on Baidu. From the 200,000 -character professional text to the super -real audio work, behind the successful creation of “Smart Transportation” is the leading advantage of Baidu’s voice synthesis technology. At present, only 9 sentences are required and waiting for 5 minutes. Baidu voice synthesis technology can be re -engraved with user sound. 300 sentences can generate audio content comparable to the professional sound library.

As the only company in the industry that can provide a large -scale product -level personalized voice synthesis service within 10 sentences in the industry, Baidu related technologies have already been applied to various products, such as Baidu map attracting more than 600 celebrities to enter the voice square to achieve personalization Customized vocal packets, the number of playback times a day is 200 million.

AI超拟真有声书《智能交通》上线 李彦宏300句话生成20万字语音作品

“Smart Transportation” has the book “Intelligent Transportation: A Major Reform of Human Traffic: Affects Humans in the next 10-40 years” written by Li Yanhong. This is the monograph on the current status and prospects of China’s smart transportation development. The book believes that my country has a leading scientific and technological talent dividends, rich artificial intelligence application scenarios, and an unparalleled good policy environment. Intelligent transportation construction will definitely go at the forefront of the world. In the future, the intelligent transportation system constructed by new technologies, new concepts, and new models will be expected to reduce traffic safety accidents by 90%; within 10 years, relying on the improvement of traffic efficiency, the problem of urban congestion will be basically resolved; with the shared unmanned vehicle, it will be shared; Popularization, the demand for private cars will be greatly reduced.

In the digital era, the demand for content production has continued to increase. AIGC (AI Generated Content, AI Automatic Generation) represented by TTS technology (voice synthesis) has become an emerging content production method. This method specifically includes creativity (such as themes, ideas, etc.) through AI, generating materials (such as text, drawing, dubbing, etc.), and finally produces content in an automatic arrangement synthesis. In the future, it may take only a few seconds to generate the content that can be created in the past for a few days and energy. This is not only simple efficiency improvement, but also opens more possibilities, which stimulates creative ideas and creative cognition that humans have never gained.

AI超拟真有声书《智能交通》上线 李彦宏300句话生成20万字语音作品

AIGC’s application development depends on the support of AI full -stack technical capabilities. As a leader in the domestic AI field, Baidu has laid out artificial intelligence for more than ten years. It has built the world’s largest knowledge map. Computer vision, voice, language and other core technical capabilities are the leading industry. Higher learning efficiency and better universality, AIGC will achieve large -scale applications with the help of large -model comprehensive technical capabilities of large models.

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