Dongdi Textile: Silk satin digital printing fabric direct supply of clothing e -commerce brands, the off -season becomes peak season


With the post -80s and post -90s, the main consumer group in the market, the requirements for quality are getting higher and higher, Shaoxing Dongdi Textile Co., Ltd. is close to the market demand, and through differentiated product innovation, in the off -season of the textile industry in June and July Below, the order of orders is endless and developed steadily.

In the store in Huabu District, the “Dongdi Textile” is located in the Huabu District of the China Textile City International Fabric Purchase Center, Ye Jinxiao, general manager, is being busy with e -commerce customers. She told reporters that the company has developed a new name called

Silk satin printed fabric


The fabric adds special processes during the production of the gray fabric. The surface of the fabric has a real luster and a delicate feel. Although the price is much higher than the normal chemical fiber print fabric on the market, due to its unique style and novel technology, it is favored by e -commerce customers in Guangzhou, Hangzhou and other places. “”

From the development of this fabric to the present, the order is endless, and even the traditional off -season has been shipped, especially the fast fashion clothing brand, the order is full.

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“Dongdi Textile” has operated printed fabrics for more than 10 years, focusing on the domestic sales market. “The more you go to the industry’s high -end, the fewer competitors, the higher the gross profit. Only by doing products different from others and products that others can’t do can companies have core competitiveness.” This is the groping by Ye Jinxiao for many years. experience. During the epidemic, the textile industry overall downturn, but “Dongdi Textile” has not stopped the pace of independent research and development. Instead, it has strengthened its efforts to innovate, set up a flower design center, and establish a grain research and development team. Differential development has won the opportunity in fierce competition.

“We will develop a lot of new products every season. The autonomous design of the flower type has applied for pattern copyrights. Printing fabrics are a fast fashion product, and we need to keep going, otherwise it will be eliminated by the market.”


Ye Jinxiao introduced, the company

Have your own digital printing factory


At present, in the development of new products, you can achieve “no starting point for production”. Regardless of the number of customers’ fabric orders, even if it is only a few hundred meters, tens of meters, and a few meters, it can also achieve rapid production. In her opinion, with an innovative product, physical factories and other integrated supporting facilities, there are also intimate services. The new fabrics developed not only have stocks, but also shipments are also very fast. Can be satisfied. “The market changes in the market and the iteration of fabrics are updated. Only by continuous development can we go further in the textile industry.”