There are four skirts that are popular this spring! 11 wear templates, perfectly deal with various occasions


#How to wear a skirt is fashionable#

Spring is a season that is very suitable for wearing skirts. Compared with dress,


You need more wisdom! How can the skirt in the wardrobe be matched this spring to not reveal the custom?


I chose 4 models that cannot be less in spring

, I will share with you my experience in dressing, I hope to help everyone!

Style 1: pleated skirt


Pleated skirt

Romantic and elegant, thin and elegant, can cover the thick legs, light and agile, is definitely the first half skirt in spring and summer.


The uniqueness is its “


“Up, strong pendant feel, played

Pull the lower body ratio


The role. Suggestion

Soft fabric


Not only is it elegant but also thin.

I always feel that the dark sweater is not easy to control, it is better to set up a light color

Let ’s stuff the corner of the sweater into the skirt, the body proportion is optimized!


With the warming of temperature, you can replace the sweater with a loose version


, Exquisite and gentle. Bow lace design, the neck lines are modified by the way, setting off the face shape.



At that time, try not to stuff the entire leather hem in the skirt, the whole person will look very rigid,

Thick sweater plug the corner; thin shirt plug front


Miss who likes college style,


Short pleated skirt

It’s time to arrange it. Installation

Knit vest stacking shirts

Students are even stronger.


Style two: floral skirt

It is said that”


Spring is more matched with florals

“This sentence is not wrong at all.

Floral skirt

It can be matched with various tops, romantic and elegant coexistence, making you just right.

I like this skirt at first glance,



Combined together, simple and generous, easy to wear or good.

High waist crushing skirt

Be sure


Short top


This V -neck shirt feels giant and gentle. Especially the texture of satin is too smooth.

This spring is this kind of wooden ear

Retro shirt

Suddenly the fire, stuffing the hem in the high waist,

Short -term


The proportion of figure immediately appeared.

With this

Floral skirt

No need to worry about it, because it has a thick layer of lining, and it can be worn with a shirt until summer.

Style 3: Boxer Umbrella Skirt


If you ask what kind of skirt in spring is not picking up, can it make women flutter? The first thing I think of is


, Especially an umbrella skirt with a length of the knee.

Can finally put on this

White umbrella skirt

It is slightly stiff, whether it is the buttocks or the flesh on the thighs, it can be easily hidden.


It is a blue and white striped shirt with a loose version, and it is also a small talent!


Black umbrella skirt

Except for taking one

Fungus shirt

Instead, the shoes on your feet are also critical. Such as this pair

Black Marizo shoes

The pointed toe can also extend the leg lines.

If you want to highlight the waistline, you can choose an umbrella skirt with a wider design on the waist, which can perfectly outline the waist curve.

Style 4: Straight skirt

Straight body skirt

It is an indispensable item for commuting in spring. The sharp silhouette makes you look particularly capable and spiritual. You can mix and match leisure items to get rid of the “serious sense” of the straight skirt.



Straight skirt

Born with youth and vitality, there is one on the front of the hem


This inadvertent exposure is really sexy.

I don’t need to think too much on the top, one


White shirt

You can easily get the matching, and the stuffing can also be reached a good body proportion.

This khaki straight skirt with a black knitted cardigan is a proper spring


Ah, it is easy to wear a good figure and can be worn in all ages.


I believe that there must be a lot of half -body skirts in the wardrobes of the sisters. Hurry up when the spring flowers bloom ~




Pleated skirt