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“Golden Sui Li Gao Cat Food”

Brand Introduction: Solid GOLD Suli High Animal Nutrition Center was founded in 1974 by Sissy Harrington McGill. The founder Sissy is a professional dog nutritionist who is good at the research of herbal and natural dog food. The team has more than 40 years of professional production experience in pet food. As one of the earliest brands recommended by WDJ

Suligao has been well -known in the industry for 30 years. I believe it is already a well -known brand in imported grains.

As a favorite imported grain, how to buy genuine products is also believed to be the troubles of shovel officers.

According to the official website of Suli, there are only agents in Hong Kong and Macau in China -global confession (PS: Su Ligao’s previous agents are new Worlds). To buy a high -quality partner in other channels, you need to recognize the global presence of anti -counterfeiting labels. As for other labels or labels, the brand does not provide any services and support.

In terms of brand, it is indeed a big name that everyone is familiar with, with quality assurance and trustworthy. Let’s analyze from ingredients and nutrients one by one.

Analysis of nutritional composition:


We can see that the proportion of protein is not less than 42%, and the top 7 bits of the ingredient table are basically meat. Although peas provide some plant proteins, they cannot deny that such rich proteins are basically from meat. Excellent animal protein is easy to absorb digestion and help muscle development. It is not easy to increase the burden of obesity to adult cats and reduce the risk of soft diarrhea that may bring. For those cats with kidney diseases, they need the sources of protein that are easier to digest, and they can only obtain the ability and nutrition of the body from this diet.


The normal standard of the fat content of cat food is 14%to 20%. The 20%fat content of this grain reaches the top within normal standards. However, in the control ingredients, the plant -based oil -rapeseed oil of this grain is ranked third in the ingredient table. It can be seen that the content is much higher than the animal oil oil. As a carnivore, cats need animal materials, and the role of plant -based materials is very small. Furthermore, although cats can eat foods with high fat content, too high content can cause folliculitis (black chin is a type of folliculitis), and it is also easy to cause cats to be difficult to eat and lose their appetite. Thin people need to consume more fat supplements, and cats with fat should also choose cat food with low fat content to control weight.


Calcium and phosphorus ratio:

Let’s analyze the mineral content. The content of calcium and phosphorus is generally about 1%, but it pays more attention to the proportion of the two. In the ideal state of calcium and phosphorus, it should be 1.1-1.3: 1, and the proportion of calcium and phosphorus in golden vegetarian and phosphorus reaches 1.5: 1. Because the absorption of calcium and phosphorus is a relationship of mutual constraints, calcium phosphorus ratio disorders can cause poor absorption of a certain party and cause diseases. The magnesium content is 0.09%, which is a higher value. AAFCO stipulates that cats contain at least 0.04%of magnesium, while cats and pregnant female cats need at least 0.08%of magnesium. Magnesium has an indispensable effect on cat’s bone development and metabolic reactions, and excessive intake can also bring risk of urinary stones.


The ingredient table does not marked the content of the coarse ash, so the content of carbohydrates cannot be calculated. This is a small reduction of points. However, both Omega 3 and 6 are clearly marked and are in a very good amount.

The crude fiber content is less than 3%, which is a low -carbon low -sensitive cat food range, which is friendly to the gastrointestinal fragile cat. Cats are indispensable for taurine content of not less than 0.15%, and these material contents are quite excellent.


In general, in terms of raw materials and ingredients, this food is very good. The analysis of raw materials and ingredients is almost like this. Next, let’s feel this cat food.


Observe the appearance of food

After opening the bag, we can see that this grain particles are round and moderate. The overall is dark brown. In general, the deeper the color, the deeper the food, the more meat content. There is a small layer of granular powder on the outside, which is relatively oily. When you open it, it is crispy. Observe the cross -section. The texture is firm and there is almost no pores. On the other hand, it has also verified the addition of grains.

Appearance score:




It has a light fishy smell, but it is not pungent. It will not be disgusted when smelling. Inference ingredients should be inferred that it should be the smell of natural muscle spices, not the abnormal aroma of the additive.

Smell score:

Next, we must put the food in warm water to observe the expansion, oil output, etc. after soaking.


At the moment of the food, the food was all sinking into the bottom of the cup. Here we can see that the tightness of the particles is indeed as tight as we saw at the beginning, and there was no floating. The tightness is actually directly related to the meat content of the grain. If the grain content is high, a large amount of stomach will be formed during the baking process, resulting in a loose particles.

Sinking score:


After 30 minutes of water, the water quality remains clear and has no discoloration. The clear water quality indicates that the raw materials for grain selection are relatively natural, with less pigment and chemical additives. Secondly, there are fewer underwater sediments, and once again explain the tightness of the particles.


Clear score:



After soaking in water for 30 minutes, the water meter has a small amount of floating oil. It is not difficult to infer through the ingredient table that comes from rich meat raw materials.


Oil degrees score:




After soaking in water for 30 minutes, the particles expanded slightly, and the hair was more obvious. In terms of expansion, it can still prove its proper meat content.


Expansion score:

Summary: Golden plain Li Gao is a cat food as an imported cat food. It is indeed as promoted by the brand. It does not contain grains and does not add color preservatives. It has high -quality animal protein and healthy monocular unsaturated fats, which can reduce Cat allergy opportunities. Secondly, the grain information is transparent, and most of the nutritional ingredients are announced. The lack of thick ash marking is a small deduction. The remaining nutritional ingredients are balanced, and the protein and fat content are rich in nutritional needs. Among them, protein is basically animal protein from meat, which is easy to digest and absorb, and has good palatability. But it is best to strictly control the amount of feeding for obese cats and elderly cats. Although the content of calcium and phosphorus ratio is slightly high, it causes the risk of cat urinary stones, but the problem is not big. Omega-3, omega-6 has excellent fatty acid content, which can enhance the immune system and protect fur health. It is a veritable imported high -end grain.


Here, the editor attached a comprehensive scoring diagram of the golden plain high cat food. Remember to choose the most suitable food according to the needs of his master’s needs!

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