Yulin, Shaanxi reported the investigation of the Xiaoyu incident of Jiaxian County, “Iron Cage” is a tricycle car shed


On March 1, 2022, the relevant posts on the “Xiaoyu” of Jiaxian County in Shaanxi appeared on the Internet, which aroused the attention of netizens. In this regard, Yulin City immediately established a joint investigation team participating in the Municipal Public Security Bureau, Civil Affairs Bureau, Municipal Health and Health Commission, Municipal Women’s Federation and other relevant departments. With support and cooperation, investigate and obtain evidence in accordance with laws and regulations. The report will be notified as follows:

1. “Little Rain” is Tao Mouxia, the missing woman in Faping County, Hanzhong City

After investigation, the “Xiaoyu” referred to the online post refers to the woman who lives with Li Moumin, Yuan Tuangou Village, Yuan Tuantuan Town, Jinming Town, Jiaxian County, Yulin City. Name “Tang Xiaoyu”. Li Moumin, male, 48 years old, registered on the Kuaishou Short Video Platform in March 2018. The user name is “I am Li Qifeng”. He often lives on the fast -handed platform and publishes videos that reflect the living situation with the “light rain”.

(1) According to March 1, 2022, Tao Mouwen (brother of Tao Mouxia) identified the photo and recognized that “Xiaoyu” was his missing sister Tao Mouxia.

(2) According to March 3, 2022, Tao Mouwen and his relatives, the heads of Yuanjiazhuang Village, Yuanjiazhuang Street, Yuanjiazhuang County, and some villagers identified on the spot and recognized that “Xiaoyu” was Tao Mouxia.

(3) According to March 8, 2022, the Public Security Ministry of the Ministry of Public Security Appraisal Center was extracted from Tao Moujin (Tao Mouxia’s father, died in September 2020). As a result of DNA comparison, it was determined that Tao Moujin was the father of “Xiaoyu” and Tao Mouwen.

(4) According to March 10, 2022, the Personal Security Appraisal Center of the Ministry of Public Security compared the results of “Xiaoyu” and Tao Mouxia’s portrait, and found that “Xiaoyu” was Tao Mouxia.

(5) According to March 11, 2022, the Fingerprint and handwriting identification results of “Xiaoyu” and Tao Mouxia were determined that “Xiaoyu” was Tao Mouxia.

(6) In response to the issue of “” Xiao Yu “suspected to be the problem of the missing female college student of Qinghai National College in September 2009”, Qinghai and Shaanxi public security organs have been verified and verified many times. Appraisal. Specifically:

1. On November 13, 2020, the Qing Ding Judicial Appraisal Institute of Qinghai Province compared Wang Mourong (Wang Guohong’s father) with DNA with “Xiao Rain” blood samples.

2. On December 16, 2021, the Criminal Science and Technology Management Center of the Qinghai Provincial Public Security Department of the Public Security Department of Qinghai Provincial Public Security Department of Qiao Moucun (the mother of Wang Guohong, died in June 2019) left a DNA comparison with the “little rain” blood sample during his lifetime). It is the mother of “light rain”;

3. On March 5, 2022, the Yulin Public Security Judicial Appraisal Center compared Wang Mourong’s blood samples and Qiao Moumou’s hair before his lifetime. Father and mother;

4. On March 14, 2022, the Ministry of Public Security Syndrome Appraisal Center compared Wang Mourong’s blood samples and Qiao Moumou’s hair before his life with “light rain” blood samples. Father and mother.

Based on the results of the above investigation and identification and inspection and appraisal, it is found that the “light rain” is Tao Mouxia, the missing woman in Faping County, Hanzhong City, not Wang Guohong, who is missing from Qinghai National College.

2. “Little Rain” past life experience and loss process

Focusing on the past life experience and how to lose the “light rain”, the public security organs conducted field visits, investigating, investigating and obtaining evidence in Xi’an, Foging County, Hanzhong City, and Jiaxian County, Yulin City.

(1) According to the statements such as Tao Mouwen and Tao Mou Sheng (the second uncle of Tao Mouxia) and Tao (Aunt Tao Mouxia), in 1983, “Xiaoyu” was born in Yuanjiazhuang Village, Yuanjiazhuang Street, Foping County. In May 2002, during the high school in Foring County, speech was chaotic and mentally chaotic. In June 2002, psychiatric treatment in a sanitary home in Yangxian County. In June 2003, he returned to home for long -term medication to control the condition. In August 2010, he lost twice during the residence of Tao’s residence in Zhouzhi County, Xi’an City. After the first loss, he was received from the Xi’an Mental Health Center on August 31 on August 31, and then lost again.

(2) After investigation, in September 2010, Wu Mouwa met a “light rain” in a square in Square District, Xi’an. When he saw his mental abnormal, he brought back to his home. After that, Wu Mouxia (Wu Mouwa’s sister) contacted Wang Mouming (the third brother of Li Moumin), saying that there was a spiritual woman in her brother’s family who could introduce Li Moumin as a daughter -in -law, and asked for the so -called woman to see a doctor. It costs 10,000 yuan. After learning the news from Wang Mouming, Li Moumin rushed from Yulin to Yiyi District, and met Wu Mouxia and “Xiaoyu” and others with Wang Mouming. On September 14, Li Moumin and Wang Mouming gave 8,000 yuan to Wu Mouxia and Wu Mouwa. Li Moumin returned to Jiaxian to live together with “light rain”.

On March 10, 2022, the public security organs were criminally detained in the criminal suspects such as Wu Mouwa and Wu Mouxia suspected of trafficking women. The case was under investigation. Li Moumin had a crime of buying a trafficking woman and had over time.

Third, the online transmission of “Xiaoyu” is not true to suffer from abuse

In response to problems such as abuse, cave “prison”, “iron wire” such as “Xiaoyu”, the public security organs investigated and investigated, reviewed relevant information, and visited local villagers. Medical institutions comprehensively inspected the physical condition of “Xiaoyu”.

(1) After investigation, the “prison” passed on the Internet is really three earth kiln on the cliffs around Li Moumin’s residence. One place is stored in one place, one has collapsed, and one place is stored. Close fence facilities and installation marks.

(2) After investigation, the “iron wire mesh” passed by the net is really a metal mesh fence installed by the chicken sheds on the west side of Li Moumin (about 80 cm high); Window; two cameras installed at the gate and roof, for the safety protection of sheep houses and courtyards.

(3) After investigation, the “light rain” in the online picture is suspected to be burned on the soles of the feet. After that, Li Moumin questioned the netizens, showing the normal situation of “light rain” after washing his feet in the live video.

(4) According to 11 villagers from the head of the Yuan Tuan Lugou Village and 11 villagers in the village group where Li Moumin is located, the “light rain” spirit is abnormal, life cannot take care of himself. “Wait.

(5) According to the Jiaxian County People’s Hospital (second -level Hospital) on March 3, 2022, Yulin City -level medical experts (2 psychiatry, 1 neurology department, 1 orthopedic department) and March 6 (Three -level hospital) physical examination results, the results of the three results are the same. There are no obvious scars, bruises, and abrasions of the whole body of the whole body (including double limbs and foot) of the whole body (including double limbs, feet). X -rays have no traces of old fracture healing and other osteopophe abnormalities.

Based on the results of the above survey, the network “Xiaoyu” was not true for abuse, cave “prison”, and “iron wire”.

Fourth, the online “iron cage” is really a tricycle car shed

In response to issues such as “Iron Cage” such as “Fearing the Escape of Xiaoyu Run”, the public security organs visited and checked on the spot.

(1) After investigation, from 2017 to 2021, Li Moumin drove a motorized tricycle to pick up his son to go to school; in 2020, Li Moumou installed the tin car shed (160 cm in length, 110 cm wide, 85 cm high, and Zheng Zhengzheng. There is a 35 cm long and 23 cm wide window in front, and the door is opened in front of the rear, and it is equipped with a door embolism) to cover the wind and rain. Due to the “light rain” life cannot take care of himself, Li Moumin took his son with “light rain”, and placed quilts and stools in the car shed, inserted or locked on the door of the car during the driving. In 2021, after his son lived in school, Li Moumin removed the car shed and was used as a chicken shed. He is currently placed outside the wall of Li Moumin’s residence.

(2) According to 11 villagers and school teachers of the village group where Li Moumin is located, Li Moumin often drove a motor tricycle with a car shed to pick up his son to go to school.

Based on the above survey, the online “Iron Cage” is really a three -wheeled tin car body of Li Moumin.

Fifth, household registration registration, only child certificate issuance, etc.

In response to the “small rain” household registration in the online post, the “Glory Certificate of Parents of the only Children” and the “Xiaoyu” daughter, the joint investigation team reviewed the relevant files and conducted a comprehensive investigation and verification.

(1) After investigation, on May 22, 2019, the Jinming Temple Police Station of Jiaxian County Public Security Bureau did not strictly investigate and verify it. In 2021, the Jiaxian Public Security Bureau discovered that “Tang Xiaoyu” and the “Tao Mouxia” hukou in Foping County repeatedly reused the household registration of “Tang Xiaoyu” on February 24.

(2) After investigation, on November 3, 2012, “Xiaoyu” gave birth to a son, and Jiaxian Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine broke the “Medical Certificate of Birth” in violation of regulations. On May 25, 2014, “Xiaoyu” gave birth to a daughter. Because of his inability to raise it, Li Moumin sent the woman to Liu Moubing (did not give birth after marriage). “, Liuquan Village Committee of the former Guanzhuang Township did not investigate and verified, and issued a certificate of birth; on November 23, 2016, the Jinming Temple Police Station did not strictly verify the authenticity and handled the woman’s household registration. On March 27, 2013, the government of Jinming Temple town did not strictly review and confirmed, and issued the “Glory Certificate of Parents of the only Children” to Li Moumin.

6. “Little Rain” rescue treatment situation

During the “Xiaoyu” in Jiaxian, the civil affairs department accepted it as a type of subsistence allowance in rural areas. The medical insurance department was included in the scope of the basic medical insurance of urban and rural residents. ; After being rated as a second -level disability, the civil affairs, disabled federations and other departments issued annual living subsidies, nursing subsidies, and psychiatric drugs for medication subsidies.

On March 13, 2022, accompanied by the staff of the city and county, “Xiaoyu” went to the Institute of Judicial Appraisal Science (Shanghai) to conduct a mental state. According to the Opinion of the Institute of Judicial Appraisal Science (Shanghai) on March 25: “Little Rain” suffers from schizophrenia and is currently in the onset period. On March 29, the “Xiaoyu” was sent to a mental health specialty medical institution for treatment, while the special person was implemented to take care of his son’s study and life. Follow -up, follow up the rehabilitation treatment, living security and education funding, psychological guidance, care and assistance of his son’s son.

7. Relevant party members and cadres and public officials deal with violations of regulations and disciplinary behaviors

Foreign population management, household registration registration, and “Certificate of Birth” and “Glory Certificate of Parents of the only Children” found in the investigation of the “Xiaoyu” incident in Jiaxian County, and the disciplinary inspection and supervision organs of Jiaxian County have been on Li Shiying, former town chief Guo Yaowen, the party secretary of the Jinming Temple Town, Niu Hongwei, the mayor Xu Xijun, Shi Zongzhuang, the director of the original family planning office of Jinming Temple, the two leaders of the Jinming Temple Police Station, Fang Zhongge, Xue Shijie, and Zhang Jintao, the captain of the Criminal Investigation Brigade of the County Public Security Bureau , Gao Yan, the former deputy dean of the County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Xue Xinxin, a cadre in the village of Yuantuan Village, Ma Xiaobo, the former cadre of the village, Li Zongsheng, Secretary of the Yuan Tuan Lugou Village Branch, and Liu Jianpeng, the former secretary of Liuquan Wall Village, Guanzhuang Convenience Service Center Wait for 13 responsible persons to give party discipline and discipline.

The “light rain” incident in Jiaxian County reflects the weak links of grass -roots social governance, special group care, and public service management in our city. It also exposes some problems such as poor administrative capabilities and poor work style of grassroots party members and cadres according to law. We will profoundly learn lessons, adhere to the problem orientation, continue to strengthen grass -roots social governance, accurately implement special group assistance policies, and continuously improve administrative capabilities according to law. At the same time, in accordance with the unified deployment of the Ministry of Public Security, it is solidly promoted to crack down on special actions of criminal crimes and children, and effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of women and children.

Yulin Joint Investigation Team

April 6, 2022

Source: CCTV News Client

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