After searching for the winter artifact in a certain treasure, do you want to laugh and die, do you inherit my autumn pants?


Are you still satisfied with this cold air recently?

It takes a lot of courage to get up in the morning …

Not long ago



“Mobile phone running and shutting down warning” map

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According to China Weather Network

According to the engineer of the Sichuan Electronic Products Inspection Inspection Institute, in low temperature environment, the chemical reaction speed becomes slower, the current of discharge becomes smaller, and the temperature protection circuit in the built -in protective board in the battery will automatically shut down. In the experiment, when the ambient temperature drops to

At -5 ° C, the power consumption of mobile phones increases

The same time is 1.7 times in the 20 ° C environment; when the temperature drops to

At -10 ° C, the screen of the mobile phone starts to darkens and enter the low-power state; when -20 ° C, the phone automatically shuts down.

Earlier one

National Shake of Leg Early Warning Map

Did the southerners laugh?


But crying and crying …

Although you can play your phone happily

But the point is us-

No! Have! warm! gas! what!


Get up, go out, take a shower,

Sit on the sofa watch TV and play your phone to play your phone

Surious all the time


You can’t afford to hurt your hands and feet with cold hands and feet


Poor return to poor, but winter still has to spend

Shake Sobo to Kaishi Bao

Search for


Winter artifact



Feel the door to the new world

Open slowly in front of my eyes

I want to buy a blanket with a leg for the elders

Then I found this

Some time ago, the old people who are specially hot are exclusive winter artifacts

Note that there is a power cord below it

Can! by! Charge! Electricity!

I feel this is pretty good!

(Please pay attention to electricity safety)


There is a kind of grandfather who can make my eighty -year -old grandfather

The feeling of riding a small motorcycle

The only less humane is

The shape of that pocket


It’s too strenuous to watch TV to change the platform

It is recommended to make the hand into transparency.

I feel that the above styles are slightly exaggerated

So I found another warm foot shoes


This shoe has a series of patterns

The pair above is “honest Wang”

Friends who love cats

There is still


Black meow sauce

Yellow meow sauce

Purple meow sauce

This kind of warm slippers and upgrades

This is version 2.0

It feels very suitable for those

Friends who have eaten with a half -step epilepsy

This is version 3.0

It is estimated to be for couple winter

Watching movies …


To tell the truth, I thought the couples winter

It’s all like this

Until I found this

Autumn and winter double -layer plus velvet thickening and warm lazy blanket

True husband and wife

That’s it

make persistent efforts

I found a lot of equipment to go out

What Canadian Goose New Zealand Sheep

You have to worship the wind! Intersection


For example

I have thought about its slogan:

Suffocating warmth


You can also match couples, parent -child models

The most important thing in the family is all together

After protecting the head

Let’s look at this again

Pure wool thick -protective stomachband


Warm warm man

It is not as good as the care of the soul!

At the same time we can bring this one

Five fingers + full heated gloves


Is it superb?


I don’t want to change the gloves of Iron Man

The crucial feet keep warm

You need dual full -handed heating shoes


With a computer boot key …


At the same time with this pair of USB electric insoles

The constant temperature is 50 degrees! Support charging treasure! Can also wash!


I feel that leather shoes are not thick enough

I also hope that friends who have planned ahead

Recommend this one that has been added

Baby of Winter Deluxe Package-

Charging snow boots

It doesn’t matter if you are usually at home and in the office


As long as you have

Everything can warm your feet

This convenience store grilled intestinal machine is the same


Actually it is a foot warmer …


This induction cooker is the same

In fact, it is also a foot warmer …

This romantic and beautiful, hanging painting -like things


Actually it is still a feet …

This bun that can be used for free

It is not a foot warmer!



It is a warm hand! Intersection Intersection

Come with a mouse can

Hand -warming mouse pad


There is also a heated coaster


You are the flower of the most fashionable office

Finally, the above winter artifact

If someone sends me a full set




The above is just


Give everyone the cold heart of the cold

Not representing any product recommendation

If you must buy


Please see the quality inspection trademark, etc.

Elderly adults and children must

Pay attention to electricity safety

I wish everyone a warm way


Over this winter!

Southern Metropolis Daily Comprehensive / China Weather Network,@南 南, WeChat public account: Liaoshen Evening News (LSWBWX), etc.

Edit / Zhang Haozhen