Journey to the West; what will be in the soul -dense activity immortal? What are the skills of the event?


Hello everyone, welcome to [Xiaoyu Saying Legend] Today I want to share with my friends. The game strategy is about what is the skill effect of the Q version of the West Journey to the Westward Journey to the Westward Journey to the West Journey! Interested friends, then look down!

Donghai Dragon King (Tian Shi)

[Pushing skills] Tornado rain strike: 19 seconds of cooling time. Specify, use the power of the sea to impact the enemy. Developing 36 points of spell damage each time, and slowing for 10 seconds


[Combat skills] Yuan Ling returns to heart: its own single, gain state is immune, treats target friends, the treatment volume is self -harm × 1.3, additional immune status, not affected by negative state. Immune continues for 5 seconds

2. Sha Wujing (archer)


[Pushing skills] Skyfall God Halberd: 18 seconds of cooling time, from the next day of the sky, forging the enemy and causing physical damage of 151 points each each

[Battle skill] Strike of bone erosion: normal damage, the gain effect is armor -breaking, while causing damage to the enemy, reducing the enemy armor 80, and the armor breaking for 5 seconds

3. Pig Bajie (infantry)

[Pushing skills] Nine -toothed rake: 18 seconds of cooling time, pig Bajie’s nine -toothed rake hit the ground, causing physical damage to all enemies 3 times respectively, consuming 14 points of energy, energy consumption of 14 points of energy.


[Battle skill] Echo of death: The treatment of the whole treatment during death is the amount of treatment of its own blood × 0.2


4. Sun Wukong (artillery)

[Pushing Skills] Ruyi Gold Hoop: 19 seconds of cooling time. Sun Wukong waved the golden hoop stick, so that the entire enemy was subject to 260 physical damage each two times and stunned for 1 second. Consume 15 energy

[Battle skills] Star sinking: ordinary damage, causing damage to all enemies, damage to yourself × 0.8


5. Tang Sanzang (Tian Shi)

[Pushing skills] Jiujin Jinlian: 18 seconds of cooling time, burning, summoning a huge golden lotus, rotating to sweep the enemy, causing 89 points of spell damage to the enemies along the way, and continued to burn for 5 seconds, consumption of 17 seconds, consumed 17 Point energy


[Battle skills] Smoke and rain to return to the soul: no harm, randomly resurrected a death general, reply to 30%of the blood volume

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