Inventory of 10,000 -year repurchase cream, repairing and soothing, nourishing the skin, and strong locking of water, making the skin super hot and tender


HR Helena Black Tucks Live Yan Xiu Sui Cream

Very amazing texture, black “bandage” is not screaming in vain. It can accelerate the skin’s self -healing and regeneration like a bandage. Therefore, it is applied with a covering method during use, especially from the outline of the chin to the ears. Such a magical is actually incorporated into the industry’s maximum 30%concentration Bose in the industry due to Pro-Xylane ™, as well as hyaluronic acid and licorice, to start the skin’s self-healing power day after day. Especially for the wound, it has obvious acceleration and healing effects. Sensitive skin and acne skin can be used. There is also a timely calm effect after phototherapy surgery such as laser light. Recommended to friends with sensitive issues.

The texture is excellent, not oily nor dry, it is the covering force of moisturizing, so it is very secure after painting. The skin also does not change the oil field because of sufficient moisturizing. The incense is also designed for sensitive skin and has a soothing effect.

This is just a night cream, because it contains night repairing ingredients licorice, it is not recommended to use during the day. There is also a day cream, black bandage+white bandage … Is it a bit extravagant?

Lancome three -dimensional plastic face firming night cream

Use sense: Cream texture, easy to push away, is not thick, there is a layer of protective film, but it is not stuffy. It is more milky than Estee Lauder. Light, the smell is more fragrant

Ingredients & Efficacy: Lancome Exclusive Returning “Xiangli” firming lifting factor, anti -aging ingredients, focusing on pulling tightness, anti -ground heart gravitation effect, but the ingredients are powerful

Cost -effective: Price 895/50 ml Purchasing is more cost -effective

Hou Gongchen Xuexue Yingshui water atmosphere 60ml


The texture is mild, the high concentrated water content, and has a good moisturizing effect. Contains the whitening ingredients independently developed, “chamomile extract”, “seven fragrance and eight white scattered” and “Snow San”, which effectively regulate the skin surface and the flaws hidden on the bottom of the skin, improve the dark skin formed due to stagnation, so that the skin is dull, so The skin is flawless.

Netizens’ evaluation: One of the big features of this one is that the sense of moisturizing and clearing is very good. After the face, the cream of the ice cream mousse texture is immediately hydrated to the skin texture. payment. It is not easy to find a summer cream with a good comfort, let alone help you resist the deposition of melanin in summer.

Huayu Ji Rose Cream

Keywords: tiring tightness, anti -early old, whitening and hydrating antioxidant

Use season: spring, summer, autumn and winter four seasons


It is said that a bottle of Huayu collection of rose cream is equivalent to five effects of lotion, lotion, beauty liquid, mask, and cream. It contains Malaysian rose essential oil and rose pure dew, which can whiten, hydrate, brighten the skin tone, and can significantly resist aging, repair fine lines, heal fine lines and dull problems. Let our skin have the touch of moisturizing Q bombs anyway, and it emits the tender and luster of water from the inside out.

Because I often stay up late, the skin pores are thick and dull, and the cream is really the blessing of my sensitive muscle. The texture of the gel is very thin and light. This texture can make the skin faster and better. Absorb, dig a small tuo to feel the gentle texture on the face, moisturize each inch of skin, the ductility and permeability are very good after applying the cream that is quickly absorbed to show matte texture. The skin is serious recently. After the cream is moisturizing, the skin becomes smooth, soft, and the most important gloss also increases the skin hydration, and the complexion of the whole person will be improved;


Especially staying up late, apply a layer at night, the skin is like applying a protective film. The skin is very soft and slippery when I get up the next morning. I can’t see the traces of staying up late. Obviously white and moisturizing, moisturizing and firmer.

Inventory of 10,000 -year repurchase cream, repairing and soothing, nourishing the skin, and strong locking of water, making the skin super hot and tender