New varieties of radish in Weifang in Shandong, can they eat raw fruit radish, wholesale 3 yuan a expensive?


Have you ever eaten radish? Can radish eat it directly?


This seems to subvert Xiaobian’s daily cognition

But there is indeed such a radish in Chongming

Let’s find it with the editor ~

Today I recommend you a “fruit radish” that can be eaten crispy and sweet.

Fruit radish? You must be curious, what will it taste like this? I just tasted for everyone …


Derived from “Vegetable Planting Silicon Valley” Weifang

Shandong Weifang is located at 36 ° north latitude, which is a warm and temperate monsoon continental climate


Southern Yi Taiyi Mountains, Beibin Bohai Laizhou Bay

The unique natural environment lays the foundation for giving birth to sweet radish


Of course, the planting of Weixian fruit radish has its specificity. Whether it is soil and water quality, there are requirements!


Weixian is located in the outskirts of the city, away from the industrial area, and the soil is fertile. It is a rare place for planting radishes.

You must not know: the fruit green radish that condenses the essence of Weixian, green planting throughout the process, artificial weeding. Coupled with the use of beans fermented products for fertilizer, it created the characteristics of Weixian radish crispy and sweet!

After the radish matures, the farmers are artificially dug, and carefully selected a long cylindrical, pale green to emerald green radish.

Freshly pulled out of the radish from the ground

Sloping on the ground “Tong 声”

It’s crispy like crispy pear!

Nutrition and not to say

The taste is good, not spicy

It’s like fruits


Children can eat too

Sweet and juicy now dig fruit radish

In addition to eating raw, you can also make radish balls and cook cooked

The folk has been circulating: “Fruit radish is hot tea, the doctor is full of the street climbing”!

It is said that the local radish is soaring in the acquisition price. The local acquisition price is calculated in square. A friend in Shandong said that this kind of fruit radish in Weifang has risen from the beginning of a square 60 yuan to 80 yuan now. Money, there is not much radish one square meter, and it is more than one more than one. This is how it is still snapped up by the merchant. It is really expensive.

However, the friends in the north understand that there are really few radish markets. In winter, come out of the bathhouse and squeeze a crispy and juicy radish, let alone how much enjoyment is, instantly transparent!


Various changes




Fruit radish can be directly stabbed. Friends who are not used to it can also be mixed, stir -fry, make radish dumplings, radish balls, radish ribs soup, etc. With this fruit radish, you can support a table of dishes casually.

It’s better to see it at first sight, take it home to eat! Dig and send it, ship the goods within 48 hours after the order, the bad fruit package compensation, click the link below to place the order! (Tips: Peel and eat your mouth better

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Fresh Weixian fruit carrot

¥ 16