Boys also have skills to take pictures. This is the most comprehensive style of shooting boys, and star photos rely on it


Summer is halfway through


Watching the girls around her shot Zhang Xia’s big blockbuster

Are the boys who want to take pictures?

But the anger is

I want to take a picture and don’t know what posture is on


What composition skills


I checked the Internet on the Internet.

The boys are so poor

Actually want to say


Taking photos is not just a patent for girls

Today, I took a look at the five secrets of the boy taking pictures

Make boys who don’t understand POSE can easily get started

recognize! real! Look! Okay!

(Good -looking boys photos =

Exquisite features 30+ height 20+ clothing with 30+ temperament 20.

So shooting boys, the face is not the most important thing,

The important thing is to shoot the relaxation, self -confidence and focus of boys,

Simply put, it is the temperament of boys! Intersection Intersection )


The side face of light and shadow is the most Feel

Highlighting advantages and covering the disadvantages are the secrets of taking pictures of boys photos

Friends who have learned to paint should all know

The best painting portrait is 3/4 side face


How to draw this angle is good -looking

The same is true of photography


Most boys’ noses look good

You can try multiple shooting sides, 3/4 side face+light and shadow

Shooting can show more facial contour advantages of boys,

It’s handsome to shoot!

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The handsome face

Handsomely covering your face

Without the experience of posing POSE, you can get it simply to cover your face!

3 points


Five -pointer

© Zhong Hanliang

▽ “Back” more “divide”

The back is also a big killer of taking pictures

You can easily show your atmosphere

You must choose good -looking clothes in this trick

Turn around and put on a domineering Pose

There are countless photos in the photo instantly

(Remember to be positive, do not hump)


Can’t put Pose to see this! Intersection


▽ String forward

Hand fork pants bag domineering

Step forward, move towards the camera

You are shocked by your long legs like this

(If you do n’t have a long leg, you need to shoot like this, and instantly help you increase it for free)

9 yanru1994


▽ Someone called me

Walk around and pretend to look back,

Look at the person who “calls” you

© © © ©

▽ The sitting position can be handsome

sit on the chair



Stretching one of the legs

Find a glass of a glass and sit with a cross -legged sitting leg

Add glass reflection


This angle is cool, dazzling, handsome!

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Bonus small props

Girls like to use flowers, dolls, small items, etc. as props,


What about the boy?

Please recommend a few models for you …

Little props: hats, sunglasses, mobile phones, pets, cups, bags, keychains

▽ cup

Komaro Kotana

▽ hat

▽ sunglasses

▽ watch




Heavy composition method

Mobile portrait photography

The oblique composition method is to make the characters more obvious lines,

Arrange on a line.

Make the picture as a whole with a new visual experience

(As shown in Bai Jingting below)


▽ Vertical format+diagonal composition

At the same time in the shooting environment, use a large area of ​​bright colors

Make the picture picture bright, have youthful atmosphere


© Bai Jingting

▽ Wordscores+slash composition

Can avoid visual blank

Bring more vitality to the picture

Make the characters more energetic

The oblique composition method has the effect of stretching


Makes people look taller

Arrange the characters on diagonal line

Can extend the height of the character to the greatest extent


Light and shadow, “No face”, Pose, small props, composition

Do you have the five secrets above? In fact, when boys do something seriously, they are the most charming and most charming.

You can take a picture if you take a picture, but in the photos of multiple angles, pick the best photos

This is not easy.

In fact, there are some boys’ camera skills, because the length is limited, but not added.

If you want to come up with a boy taking pictures, please leave a message at the end of the article and tell a point (the number of people who want to see will be out of the sequel)


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