The small pool becomes a “punch -in” mini “Sky Mirror” beautifully


The anchor team recommends live food live broadcast on Longmen Hao Old Street.

Standing next to a small pool in the Central Business District of Jiangbei Tong to see the beautiful scenery of Yuzhong. Upstream News · Chongqing Morning News reporter Bi Keqin Photo

“Chongqing is really a magical place, a small pool can also shoot a dreamy beautiful scene!” Standing next to a small pool in the central business district of Jiangbeitui, Mr. Chen, a foreign tourist, lamented. The location of his place is a small pool at the entrance of the new office building of the Chongqing Branch of the Chongqing Branch of the Chongqing Branch of the Qianxiangmen Bridge. Because it can be reflected out of the prosperity of the liberated monument on the other side of the river, it presents the beautiful scenery of the water and sky. “Chongqing version of Sky Mirror”. The weather has been fine recently, and this mini version of the “Sky Mirror” has become hot again, becoming a “punch card” place to attract foreign tourists.

Under the Shizhao Tianmen Bridge on the South Bank, there are several old houses not far from Nanbin Road. Now, the old house has just changed its appearance and became a digital marketing base in Chongqing. More than ten cultural projects such as Sichuan Shu embroidery, Rongchang Xia Bu, and Rongchang pottery have settled in. The unique old house beam structure, coupled with cultural creativity, has made the old house a new fan.

There are different beautiful scenery throughout the year


Why can this area of ​​only tens of square meters be a “net red” attraction? It turned out that it was located on the opposite side of the Yuzhong Peninsula. Within the background of the pool, when there was no wind, it showed a mirror -like symmetrical beauty. When there was wind, it was sparkling and showed another scene. Throughout the year, there are different beautiful scenery in four o’clock a day.

According to the staff of the Agricultural Bank of China, since more than a year ago, this landscape pool was filled with water, and some photography enthusiasts found that after the effect of mirroring can be photographed by the pool, many people have attracted many people every day, especially in the evening, especially in the evening, especially in the evening, especially in the evening, especially in the evening. Raise long guns and short guns, take your favorite photos. The reputation of the small pool is getting bigger and bigger, and tourists from other places are coming, and newcomers choose to take wedding photos in front of the pool. The bank expressed his welcome to come to civilized shooting, and the bank security also held the task of maintaining order, reminding everyone to pay attention to safety when taking pictures.

Chongqing photography enthusiast Wei Min has been waiting here for more than an hour to shoot delayed works. He said that it was only a small and famous shooting point in the photography industry before. Now with the self -media promotion, more and more foreign tourists come to “check in” and use it as a new “attraction” for You Chongqing.

“Take a shot at hand is the urban promotional video! It is very characteristic!” Mr. Chen from Nanjing made a special trip to take pictures here. He believes that although the pool is small, it can represent the characteristics of the combination of Chongqing landscape, and this position is at the Rail Transit Grand Theater Station Station. At the exit of No. 4, the traffic is convenient, and it is still worth “checking in”. “I think it is more beautiful than some attractions that receive tickets!” Xiamen tourists Xie Nanjiang laughed. This may be the smallest “sky mirror” in the country, but the pond water reflects a mountain city, a blue sky, and falling off the entire beauty. “The high -rise buildings in the pond are lined up in a row, and it is even more glorious at night. I will recommend it to all friends who come to Chongqing!”

Drink tea at digital marketing bases

On the 8th, the reporter walked into the Chongqing Digital Marketing Base. I saw a western -style court lantern hanging next to the traditional wooden beams, and a industrial toilet chair was placed at the leisurely lawn. The base retains the structure of the house, but only reinforced and refurbished it. “Let’s place some products that have novelty objects and bases that are traveled around the country.” It can also collide with unique creative space.

The beautiful Chongqing digital marketing base is always unable to help sitting there to drink tea there, watching the passing vehicles and subways on the Tianmen Bridge.

In the base, a building is still reinforcement. “This building is a live broadcast center. We will build more than 20 professional live broadcast rooms for the anchors to sell online.” Xie Meiling said. In the future, it will become “Internet celebrities with goods gathering”.

At that time, this is not only an attraction of elegant environment, but also a punch point for popular anchors, but also the main place for online sales.

Peng Hongqi is a veteran who is loved by the audience in Chongqing Digital Marketing Base and became an anchor with a cargo in Chongqing Digital Marketing Base. During the May Day, Peng Hongqi and Longmen Hao Street made a live broadcast. 4 hours live, attracting a total of 17,000 people to watch.


Chongqing Digital Marketing Base is also a characteristic innovation and entrepreneurial service platform introduced by the Nanbin Road Management Committee. It provides all kinds of work space, network space, training and exchange space, and resource sharing space for innovative entrepreneurs such as independent makers and entrepreneurial teams Place of entrepreneurship.

Chongqing Morning Post · Upstream journalist Ji Wenling Song Jian Correspondent Li Shiyun Guo Xu