Cotton and linen striped long sleeve long dress. High collar buckle, loose version can be made for tea clothing


The vertical stripes of cotton and linen and hemp fabrics are very suitable


Before I share with you beautiful clothes, I want to give you some idle articles.

I just saw the article on the headline: The article on the 28 -year -old nurse’s life mourning operating table made me suddenly have a feeling of choosing the clothing industry. After having a child, I became a particularly life -saving guy. I think as long as the heart is rich, good health is enough. I really want to be beautiful, just make beautiful clothes. Resolutely lying on the operating table, it is not clear who is stupid. If you are not careful, the whole family follows sadness and is really distressed. Essence Essence

well, let’s get back to business. Speaking of clothes. Essence Essence


I do n’t use striped fabrics, but today ’s vertical stripes, I still feel good -looking.


Let’s take a look at the style pictures that I want to share with you today, elegant and atmospheric.

There is a feeling of the Republic of China.

Today I will share with you the tailoring of the L code

Drawing unit: centimeter

Calculation formula for cage deep calculation: B/4-0.5cm

Gao Li, H outline, loose version. The bust is about 15cm and placed about 15cm.


Green is a pink front and rear piece, and the neckline is on the right side. Side split high 20cm about 20cm


If you need other numbers, you can push the board with a variance of 4CM, 2.5cm sleeve length of 2.5cm sleeve length.

The L code is suitable for the body shape within 92cm of the body. If you want to do a little more, add less loose amount

Want to learn the principles and push boards of clothing production. You can click the circle card below to enter the circle, starting from the most basic learning.

Clothing sewing process and sewing process commentary

Selection of fabrics: cotton, cotton and linen can

The fabric should be shrunk before cutting, it can be done with drying and drying or drying water.

In accordance with the above cuts, combine your own body shape. After cutting and division, cutting according to different sewing processes plus different sewing edges for tailoring

The seam of the small standing collar can be increased appropriately. The small collar should be treated with hot lining and uses a clean print.

The edge of the partial placket must also be stuck and draws

Sewing process: 1 Sewing the side of the placket first, sewing before and rear shoulder sewing


2 Switching small collar, buckle the bottom of the collar. Switting small stand -up collar with stuffy sewing method


3 Switching front and rear sides. If the side seam needs to be pocket, you can use a side stitching bag at a position of about 4cm under the waist section. The size of the bag mouth is comfortable. Leave the height of the side split on the bottom, and the rolling edge 0.5cm bottoming edge 1-1.5cm can be

4 Switch on the bottom of the sleeve, the rolling of the mouth, the arc suture of the sleeve mountain and the sleeve cage

Okay, the whole clothes are completed

That’s it for today’s sharing

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