Hook needle a little baby babber, simple and cute, wild children’s clothing


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The universal method of adjusting the size of the fabrics is as follows:

1. If you are woven completely according to the diagram of the needle, you can

Replace the use of the wool model

EssenceUsing the thicker line in the diagram, the size of the finished product becomes larger, and the thin line in the diagram is reduced, and the size of the finished product is reduced.Note: While changing the thickness of the wool, you must also replace the supporting knit needle.

2. In the case where the thickness of the wool is unchanged, you can

Replace the weaving needle of No. 1 to 2 or Small 1 to 2


The use of lines will also increase or decrease by about 10%to 20%accordingly.Note: The replacement of the knitted needle is best between the 1st and 2nd, and the clothes will be loose. If you are too small, the clothes will be too tight and reduce flexibility.

3. If you want to change the size of the finished product, you can use it

Increase and reduce patterns


Methods, note: When adding or decreased patterns, the number of needles should be made according to the multiple of the “number of patterns” to make corresponding increases and decreases and reduced.