Good physical strength naturally back -the last line of small city official ape backpack EDC


Author: Tang Haoran 124


There are not many EDCs recently, I will cheat some gold coins by the way

That’s right, I just carry so many things to work, and most of the time I have a backpack. My wife often asked me: What are you in your bag and why?

I exercise every day, can I still feel sinking with such a little thing? Good physical strength is so wayward -you can bring everything you need. Okay, turn around today and see what I have in my bag.

The first is a computer. Why should I bring a computer at work? The official apes know that now Xi Da has a strict work discipline. The office computer dare not use it to see Aunt Zhang, and it has nothing to do with work. One stolen is more insurance.

The computer was MacBook Air, which was bought in 2011. At that time, there were more than 8,000 Hong Kong banks, 128G, i5 processor, no dual system, basically only used for online, watching movies, sorting photos, thin, thin, thin, thin, thin, thin, thin, thin, thin, thin, thin, thin, thin, thin, thin, thin, thin, thin Flowing, I haven’t felt stutter for so many years, don’t use anti -virus or something, don’t shut down, it feels very comfortable and enough.


The mobile phone is 6S Plus 64G Silver State Bank (no picture, everyone sees too much). Last year, the previous generation gold Plus 64G was sold to friends, adding less than 2400 yuan (total price 6388) in the local entity. I bought a new model in the store, and I felt that the silver was more suitable for me. The golden iPhone and the unit had a bunch of little girls and old ladies. The silver Plus I found that the people around me were just me, waiting for 7plus to go out and sell 6S Plus for second -hand second -hand. For new, one new machine is eliminated in three years, and one price is almost the same. This is my small abacus.


Apple iPhone 6s Plus 64GB Silver Mobile Unicom 4G mobile phone

The first generation of Kindle Paperwhite, when I first went out to buy (Japan), 700 yuan, the refresh speed was slower, but it did not have much impact on reading, and the resolution was enough for me. There is no desire to upgrade for the time being.


The horse’s short money clip, purchased in Taobao the year before, is not a brand. I did n’t connect it. At that time, I read a few articles that played the skin, saying that the hip hip skin was better. Around 500, I don’t know if it is a real horse hip skin.

After buying, I did not buy the maintenance of this oil. There were some mesh, and there were a lot of scratches on the edge of the edge. There were a few scratches. I was washed a few times. The horsepower skin is still good. Although it is a bit delicate, it is still oily, that is, it is difficult to pull out the wallet after inserting the card position, and it is thicker.


I bought it in Taobao. A personal handmade leather workshop is not very famous, but the workmanship is OK. The skin is very stiff. There is a compartment in the middle. Two pen pens are well protected.

The pen has been carried with long swords (NMF tip) with you, has been 100 heroes, long knife research is used to practice characters, hero 100 notes, conference records, long knives are eel black, hero 100 is Bachery 4001 pine stone green, copying The notes are all green, more special


The following is the first original I wrote. At that time, I started the long -handed list of Changdao Research.

Finally start with Sailor Write Le Changdao Research 11-2524-320 Pen Pen


The driver’s license book, Jinli, who sent it from relatives, I don’t know how much money, the brand is not good, but the quality is not bad.

TUMI key bag, my wife brought back, forgot a few hundred, give a dog east, the skin is relatively soft, the logo drops the ground and paint


TUMI Tuming flagship store 018662D cowhide vertical three -fold key bag domestic spot for domestic spot …

In addition to the key, a USB flash drive is also tied, Sandisk 32G, 49 yuan purchased in Dogong, the speed is okay, the key is cheap.


Sandisk Supreme High Speed ​​(CZ48) 32GB USB3.0 U disk reads 100MB/s to write 40MB/s …

The glasses are Raypeng 3026 polarized version. It was purchased in a local physical store around 1300. At that time, she did not know Aunt Zhang and spent a lot of money.

Ray-Ban Raypeng RB3026 L2846 62mm Classic Retro Toad Sun Sunglasses Green Film …


Gunner’s eyes, Aunt Zhang recommended, facing the computer and mobile phone all day, followed by the trend. At that time, I bought it with a roll 179. There was no box. However, there are indeed a bit of my head. I wanted to return the goods. Later, when I thought, the chip was also good. The pain was painful just to remind myself to pick glasses for a while.

Gunnar Intercept Agate Black Mirror Frame Amber Amber Photo E -sports radiation -proof glasses …

SONY SBH-70 Bluetooth headset, purchased in a third-party seller in the United States, is transferred to nearly 400 yuan, which is more valuable than a certain post. It is also mentioned in another post. Usually hiding under the collar of the clothes, I secretly listened when watching the NBA live broadcast with my mobile phone. It is low -key and it is not easy to be found (the reason you understand). Sometimes in the unit activity room, wearing fitness videos, running or jumping, you can ignore it, you can ignore it, you can ignore it. You can ignore it. You can ignore it. You can ignore it. You can ignore it. , Charging once, 1-2 hours a day, can be used for about 4-5 days, just charging on Monday. There is also no box, I bought a cheap glasses box and put it in a schoolbag.


Sony sbh70bk headphones

The other wired earplugs are DIY on Taobao. The 535 shell used, known as the original line, and the four units moving iron. It is mainly to wear noise when I sleep at noon. I prefer to listen to this storm and sleep. , I ca n’t say how to listen to the song, because I do n’t have time to listen to the song at the unit, and I use speakers or headphones at home. Anyway, more than 500 DIY workmanship is good.

Take a meal magic cup with you, the 2015 model, wide mouth and one -click opening, it is convenient to drive when driving. The indoor insulation effect is 6 or 7 hours.

Steel magician Thermos stainless steel vacuum insulation cup guarantee cup JNM-360ml office water cup white W …

When the gloves of the super technician, the aunt is the price when pushing. This season is just right to drive, that is, the index finger is relatively long and the touch is not very sensitive.

Mechanix super technician Original Touch touch iphone, ipad touch screen full finger glove men …

Xiaomi 5000 mAh charging treasure -59 yuan, cheap enough, quite thin. The iPhone, MacBook charger, and the little yellow people’s protective suite sent by Taobao shopping, entangled with cute ones.

The eye drops brought back from Japan from Japan, the aunt often pushes, the gold box is too cool, and the eyes can not open for a long time.

[Category 2 Medical Food] 医 ン テ FXV プ ラ ス 12ml: ド ラ ッ グ ス ト ア …


The gum bought by Watsons, the taste of mint sugar mints is too strong, or RIO is more delicious.


Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Card series 0.7300.T transparent red Swiss military knife life partner …

I bought the Swiss Army Knife Card for many years, the wallet card slot is too tight, throwing it directly, and it is really convenient to use it occasionally


The following small things are said together (because they are all watching things that are not like men, but I am really a straight man, really, it must be! Important things to say three times). Zhou Dafu sent, because I have a thick hair, and I still roll it. I often look like a grass after a nap or exercise. It must be sorted out. It is not easy to be accommodated. Wet towels and dental floss.


Io Shi (EOS) orange enthusiastic lip ball 7g (long -lasting non -greasy moisturizing lipstick) …

Finally, when I talk about bags, I bought 26 liters and 700+. Now there is no one. Find a similar link in Jingdong.

Osprey Mountains Outdoor Momentum momentum Men and Women’s City Daily Travel Business Backpack Graphite Black …


The little eagle’s bag design is good, the quality is also very good, it is not bad for several years on business trips, and the layers are reasonable and very practical.

The rear computer partition is a waterproof zipper, with a fixed helmet accessory in front.

Putting 13.3 inches MacBook Air is no problem, 15 -inch or even 17 -inch computers can be put down


There is an expansion zipper on the side


There are two small bags on the strap, a telescopic rope with a fixed key on the inside, and a mobile phone of the iPhone 4 on one side.


The backplane can play a good protective role in the computer, and provide a good support for the back. The two straps can receive the backplane in the back plate, holding a schoolbag with the handle on the side. It’s bright yellow.

When picking up the child, the schoolbag is thrown in the trunk. Sometimes it is sometimes comfortable to go to work when you do n’t send the child. It ’s very comfortable to carry this small bag. It is completely enough. The back bag of the back bag is also equipped with tender effects. Uncle must be necessary!