“Spicy Mom Welfare” female baby tide shop recommendation, the little male lifts enters ~


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The happiness of raising daughter,

It will really be much higher than the son



Because there are many beautiful clothes for girls,

Various hats/sweaters/trench coats/sweaters/sweater/base pants/bottom socks/skirts/shoes/vest/shawl/scarf …


Seeing people dazzling and at a loss.


Last saying,

The little princess who gave birth to Guan Guan himself


Today, I am honored to share with you a few girls’ clothes shops,

The cost -effective clothes are high,

The baby becomes a fashionable baby instantly ~


>>> 01. Candy Grandpa Girl Shop <<<


This shop’s clothes are partially windy,

Love beige,


Especially the baby’s temperament.


1. Soft and cute little white rabbit shape


2. Japanese warm jacket

3. Mao ball with hat cotton clothing

4. Ultra -thick beige color full cotton clothing


5. Celebrit


6. Little Witch’s overall shape jacket

I like each one, I like it.

Stir -fried chicken atmosphere, thick, and warm.


The workmanship, version, and color are really impeccable.


100 points in cuteness,

Wall crack recommendation ~

Just give you a few models, there are too many beautiful models


Store link:


[Candy Grandpa Girls Winter New Rabbit Ear Velvet Cotton Clothing Children’s Children’s warm and velvet thick jacket Korean] http://m.osvav.top/h.384udnq click the link, and then select the browser 咑閞; ¥ KC9BBSZVipo ¥ after ¥ ¥ 淘 ♂ ♂ ♀ [Share from Super Member]


02. Shop Name: Qi Chu Cang Trend BABY

The clothes of this shop,


Leisure wind,

Suitable for a bigger girl,


Guling and weird,


Will put on pose,

It will be concave -shaped.

My baby,

If you wear it like this, take it out,

Definitely the return rate is super high,

Hey ~


[Qi Tongcang 2018 winter new lazy wind -style high -necked sweater Korean version of twist sweater tide] http://m.dymkd.top/h.38q3jgh click the link, then select browser 咑閞; Description ¥ RBXHBSZ4N8W ¥ Naota treasure ♀ [Share from Super Member]

3. Store name: Tu Tu Shop

This shop,

The style is relatively approachable,

Any style of female baby can control,

Don’t pick people,


How to wear how to look good.


It’s relatively simple,

But it does not affect the sense of fashion ~

Recommend to lazy mother!

[Winter new girl baby, small and young children, fox, foxing collar plus velvet thickened denim jacket children’s foreign outer outer partarium] http://m.osvav.top/h.3845w1w click the link, then choose browser 咑閞; Description ¥ YRRPBSZ4R0C ¥ Naobao ♀ [Share from Super Member]


4. Store name: Starlight Beibei Children’s Fress


Guan Guan bought a lot of baby clothes in this shop,

The quality is pretty good,

The key is that the baby is only 10 months old,

Can’t wear it.

It is recommended to buy a big girl,

At least I will walk,

The feeling of being cute ~

Leisure and playful,

How to wear it,

How to get foreign ~

[Korean version of girls’ autumn, baby long-sleeved T-shirt girl bottoming shirt, Child Child Children’s Children’s Children’s Children 1-2-3-4 years old] http://m.osvav.top/h.38nrjqx Click the link, then choose the browser 咑閞 咑閞 咑閞;

5. Store name: 咿 咿 咿 Korean custom children’s clothing

Baby’s clothes,

Most of them are still comfortable.

Is it spicy,

This shop,

Fully meet your requirements.

Leisure wind/celebrity wind/temperament should be everything.


There is always one move you.

[Friendly reminder: remember to match the hat ~]

Guan Guan bought the first pink lining denim jacket, fried chicken and fried chicken.

The temperament of the little model is good ~

[2018 new autumn girl suit, a knitted sweater, children’s foreign skirt, baby skirt, two -piece skirt] http://m.gkqmj.top/h.38nrjbu click the link, then select browser 咑閞; Description ¥ 5GR9BSZ4K1M ¥ Naoto ¥ [Share from Super Member]

The above 5 shops,

But the private collection of the shopping cart.

Before changing the season,

Can visit it,


Buy a few pieces for my little father.

It depends on what style you like!


If you also have similar shops,

Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

Store link:

Store link:

Store link:

Store link:


The quality is pretty good,