The violent disassembly of 39 yuan Xianke S10 wooden speakers, whether it is to make a big hair or lose!


Old rules, first go to the official picture

This publicity map is too domineering, 4D sound effects! What are you waiting for 4D sound effects? There are 4 horn called 4D sound effects? Don’t say so much, just post the box.


It looks very nice, 4 speakers! This USB power supply can actually be put on 4 speakers. How do you do it? Regardless of so many on -board tests.

On -board measurement

: No current sound, this praise! However, there is no treble and bass, and it feels like an ordinary all -frequency speaker is ringing. To verify my conjecture, take a look at it! I also want to see 4 speakers such a small sound.


Disassembled the panel with a screwdriver

What ghost!

The so -called 4 speakers turned out to be paper! Intersection Intersection No wonder there is no treble! In addition, this full -frequency horror seems to have known each other. I remembered!

Is this speaker exactly the same? Intersection In fact, it is a low -end full -frequency, almost no bass and treble! So the sound quality is really average. But this kind of fake pocket is really too much to make people overwhelming, and it is suspected of intentionally.


In the end, in the principle of not wasted, I replaced the so -called Camantan’s horn I bought before, and the sound quality was really different. The bass was more than a little bit.

Final summary


: The 39 yuan audio is better than no murmur, and the sound quality is too average. If you have the requirements for sound quality, you still have to go to the sound of 4 speakers. In addition, the audio below 100 can really only listen to it. Do n’t have too much hope for friends who have requested.

I have a limited level, and the shortcomings are welcome to point out!