I bought Ola’s 1620 MK women’s bag and deducted 36 yuan shipping. Is it worth it?


I bought Ola’s 1620 MK women’s bag and deducted 36 yuan shipping. Is it worth it? Essence Why do you have to have thousands of bags? Now people are too false, whoever goes out?

See what everyone says:

Haha, that’s it? Buying LV, Gucci and other Jimei must not laugh at big teeth!

Just, just like it. I bought a green Kochi, which was comfortable to be happy.

I am a woman. Anyway, I look at other women’s backpacks. It ’s good to look at the style or not, and I do n’t look at the brand. Other women have no money to have no money to me, haha.

The circle is different, and the consumption power is different. Ten pieces of clothes can also be covered, but is the clothes just to cover the body [crying can not be sobbed].


Indeed, my circle is not a circle of wealthy houses, but it doesn’t matter, I don’t have grape psychology [呲 呲].

People just do n’t buy a brand, how can they fall into the body? So what are you buying a brand and face?

Seriously, my circle has a lot of money. The key is that others have a LV, and I don’t know [cover your face] with a brand of Gucci, and I don’t know various luxury goods. I don’t know cosmetics. I don’t pay much attention to dressing in that way. What others care about are the feelings of people in the same circle. What do you see if you don’t care about it, nor is it for you.

If you have the ability to be a circle, there is no joke with a bag with 10 yuan, and other people who are unable to carry Hermes are also fakes. You must be strong enough to find one suitable for you.


When there is a certain circle, you have requirements for yourself. Not only are you self -dressing, but also your career requirements, because 10 yuan of bags are really not suitable for some occasions, such as some negotiations and certain meetings. The body is ancient, and it is still for matching. It looks good. Just like eating, you used to be hungry before, and now you have to pay attention to nutrition and match.

Is the thousands of bags be expensive? It’s just a normal.

Thousands of bags are normal. How can I think of it too virtual?

Thousands of pieces of bags carrying it is normal. It is not necessary to buy it. One, two thousand bags are more practical. The income determines the consumption power. If you feel virtual, your income will not be over 10,000!

I carried 50 and after using the Taobao red envelope, as long as there were more than seven [呲 呲] [呲 我] [呲 我].

How can you let Grandma’s human being! [Cover your face] [Cover your face] [Cover your face].

It is difficult to understand this idea. Why can’t I buy such a consumption power? My cheapest is MCM’s more than 6,000 points.

[Cover your face] Ask weakly: Where is Ole?

It is a brand discount mall! Like normal malls, there are more discount money!

Is this kind of bag focusing on? I can’t put much things.

Other people gave me a MK bag, which was not too fragrant at all, and it was a good back of Taobao’s 5O block.

Haha, I bought three MKs, and currently have not been unpacked (one or two years, 1 and 2 months). In 2021, I took the phone and went out for most of the time. Occasionally I memorized another MK. I can be considered a waste, will you balance it a bit [cover your face] [cover your face].

I bought a lot, the most expensive is a Gucci, close to 20,000, I haven’t been carrying it, but now I do n’t go to work, there is no business, there is no party. , Visit the vegetable market [cover your face].

Package is okay. The domestic Ole is almost the price. I have only bought it at the counter before. I went to Ole for the first time to see that the lower discount was too excited. I bought two packages at fifteen minutes. One of them regretted it after returning. No, I did n’t use it to my mother at a time. The United States is cheaper.

I bought it last year and you was almost 2,700 yuan. [Crying].

My MK rivet bag was bought in 19 years, 1160 yuan, and now I have always been a main bag. Although there are several other bags, they are not much used. More reasons: can be installed, versatile, lazy.

I did n’t regret buying things in the physical store. Online shopping was really dissatisfied, the cost of delivery also retired decisively, and timely stop loss.

To say something you don’t like to listen, this bag is imitation, the highest value is yield.

I have several MK, basically 3,000 are not expensive, usually buying vegetables is very good. In fact, it is also good to carry hundreds of dollars in EIIE. I just think that people do n’t need to wrong themselves for a few decades. I do n’t buy it, and the bags of thousands of yuan are not talked about whether it is bad or not.

Don’t tangle, look at and buy is fate. If economic conditions permit, it is necessary to properly with some inventory. I used to buy a lot of Belle shoes, and even some shoes have not been worn now. On the surface, it is wasted, but it is actually investing. Many of them are suitable for their own styles, it is difficult to buy now.

There are a few decent bags at this age. I think it is not expensive. I bought a bag of more than 5,000 a few days ago. I just like it.

I also have a similar color MK. My friend made a French purchasing agent, more than 1600, saying that I did n’t make my money. Now in the closet, I have n’t used it for two years. I thought this color was suitable for summer. I don’t think it is suitable.

This price is okay, but not one or 20,000 [呲 这个] multiple packages multiple options. The old mother went to the United States and bought a MK white shoulder bag for me. It was equipped with a fiber clip. To be honest, after 6 years, I had memorized it a few times. It’s really a waste, I memorize it every day, but dozens of yuan of backpacks. The bag must be comfortable, applicable, and likes it!

I bought a big handbag of 2600, thinking that I could install a large file. I put it at home once, my arms pain, my shoulder pain, it is not as good as 30 pieces of cloth bags [I want to be quiet].


It’s pretty, the color is versatile. I bought three luxury bags this month. In fact, I was a housewife, and I went out of the house.

It may be expensive and expensive. I originally planned to buy a bag from Douyin. It’s really good to watch the live broadcast. The price is not expensive. Until one day I saw someone carrying the same bag, and I bought it online. I didn’t want to buy it in an instant. I still go to the store to Amoy Bao. I don’t need to be too expensive.

Nothing, not how expensive, but not throwing it in a few days. When you reward yourself. When you go out, you will be in a good mood.

I was two MKs, one shoulder, and one shoulder in 17 years of Christmas in Canada. Two bags plus the courier fee, the total price does not exceed 3,000. The model is the European and American version, which is equivalent to the domestic 2Plus, which is more able to install things. From New Year’s Day in 18th to the present, I have been backpack on my back. Visual inspection can be memorized for a few years. I have never memorized the shoulder bag [Tears Ben].

I bought this bag, you and I saw it, I almost bought two, and I bought this one later.


The best uses when your economic conditions allow! This is what my husband said to me. Therefore, my clothes, shoes, bags, and bags were all undertaken by him. Cong’s original Kochi Bao to Tang Libaiqi was selected by him, but all of them bought classic models. Personality preference! I just bought two MKs on Ola on New Year’s Day. It was a bit different from you. It was a bit different from the style. I also went to Ole this morning. At that time, I was disinfected in MK and let for a while to enter. I did not visit.

This bag is pretty, you must match your clothes, it is particularly soil with improper match!

I bought a few luxury bags, LV17200, more than 5,000 GUCCI (forgotten how much), TB 2780, MCM 3000, and 3100 Gucci German training shoes, buy it if you buy it, don’t distinguish it, the woman is right, the woman will be right. Hello, our family is not rich, otherwise I will buy more.


Just like it, just buy it, and spend your own money to buy it. Why listen to others nonsense [Rose] [Rose].

My back is MK, the chain, white with pattern, as you said, I bought it twice when I bought it. I was used to going out when I was casual. Don’t lose.

When you work, you buy a thousand for the first time, and you can count the bags attending the occasion. I think you are pretty good.

There are many main parallel imports, and many people on the street are back, and it feels bad instantly [laughing].

My niece Hermes is part -time. On the first day of work, I ’m working on a suit. With Hermes generous silk scarf new, handmade cross -body sheepskin bag Hermes non -selling funds.

I am a mother. I bought the most expensive bag to buy the burden backpack in the GOTYASATCH spine that I bought for my children. At 1199 yuan, my own bag did not exceed 500 yuan. It was not necessary to buy luxury bags.

Those who are pursuing quality are necessary to go out and carry a better bag. We wear confidence, memorize fashion, and follow the pace of the previous era to live wonderful.

Shopping Ola still need freight?

With sinking, my cervical spine is not good and uncomfortable. I have several MK at home. I do n’t carry COACH. I change the canvas bag and throw it casually.


In order not to regret, I rarely go shopping now. Because you always have to buy something when you are shopping.

The bag is very beautiful. Say that Qianjin is hard to buy, women’s good years are just a few years, and they should dress up when they should dress up. At that time, the old lady dresses who to see [呲 呲].

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Nothing, not how expensive, but not throwing it in a few days. When you reward yourself. When you go out, you will be in a good mood.