Colorless and tasteless dining table cushion, waterproof and oil -proof and anti -scalding, protecting the desktop is easy to clean, no need to change in 10 years


The dining table is one of the important furniture at home, as small as hundreds, as many as thousands of thousands. It is really heartbroken if accidentally colliding, scalding, and scraping. Some friends will spread the tablecloth to the dining table to protect the table while protecting the dining table. However, some friends will worry that ordinary dining table fabrics are not waterproof or oil -proof, and need more time to clean the tablecloth. In fact, you can consider choosing a PVC dining table cushion with the title of “soft glass”. The transparent material will not cover the dining table, nor will it affect the overall design effect of the home. The key is to prevent waterproof oil and hot and easy to clean.

For example, this PVC dining table cushion recommended for everyone is used to use environmentally friendly PVC raw materials, highly transparent, no odor, no matter what kind of decoration style in the house, such a dining table is versatile.

Food -grade PVC particles, environmentally friendly without formaldehyde, corners passing through corners, rounding does not have to worry about cutting hands. Whether it is a dining table, a desk, a coffee table or a dressing table, you can use it to protect the desktop to avoid accidentally scratching the desktop.

It has a good waterproof and oil -proof characteristics. It only needs to use a rag or a paper towel to easily remove it. High temperature resistance and anti -scalding effect are also very good. You don’t have to worry about high -temperature dishes that will burn the desktop. The service life of PVC is also very long. Generally, it is too cost -effective to not consider changing new in 10 years.

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Oasified soft glass Plastic PVC tablecloth waterproof anti -hot -proof cushion table cushion transparent coffee table Crystal board

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