Why are Korean girls so good -looking? Organize 18 sets of street shooting demonstrations, wearing high -level foreign qi


In the autumn and winter seasons, it must be the most important item. Whether it is a girl in China, Japan and South Korea, or European and American girls, I like to wear coats in winter. In addition to the very versatile nature, the warmth of the coat is warm. The performance is also very strong. When we wear a coat, we can learn how Korean girls wear it. The height of the Chinese people is not much different from that of the Korean. Korean girls are so good -looking? Organize 18 sets of street shooting demonstrations to wear high -level foreign qi.

1. Choose the color that suits you


When choosing a coat, you must first choose the color that suits you. Different colors will interpret different matching styles. Generally speaking, the basic black coat is stable on the body, simple and versatile, and very thin at the same time. It is the most common choice when wearing a coat in autumn and winter.

However, the black coat is usually not very bright, which is also a relatively obvious disadvantage. Therefore, if you want to wear an eye -catching feeling, the effect of the black coat is not ideal.

If you want to wear a refreshing young girl, you can use a light -colored coat to present more gentleness. The light color is usually white, but the disadvantages are also obvious. For young ladies, light -colored coats are usually not very strong in thin and practical, so girls with fat figures are not suitable for wearing such light -colored coats.


Second, use high waist pants to wear a high sense

If you want to wear a high sense when wearing a coat, you can try to use the open dressing method with high -waisted trousers. On the one hand, the open dressing method can avoid the feeling of bloated and fat, on the other hand, on the other hand, on the other hand, on the other hand, on the other hand Simultaneously paired with high -waisted pants, you can wear the slender sense of the leg shape through the waistline.

Especially for small girls, when wearing a coat, be sure to avoid wearing the effect of lowering the height. If you want to wear a high sense, you must know how to use high -waist style trousers to raise the position of the waistline to raise the position of the waistline. In this way, when wearing a coat, you can avoid wearing a short and fat matching effect. At the same time, combining the way to open the coat, it is both good and long.


Third, use stacking to wear a sense of layering


If your body is relatively slender, you can try to use a stacked matching method when you wear a coat to present more layering, especially for girls with very sensible figures, because the figure is too sensible It is easy to support when wearing a coat. If you want to support it, you can use the matching method to make your body more upright and plump.

However, when using this kind of matching method, you need to pay attention to the harmony of the color matching. The color matching from the inside to the outside must be harmonious and layered. At the same time, you must pay attention to the color jumping. The matching method of the system shows sufficient sense of harmony, while combining different color saturation to show the layering of the ladder.


The heating performance of the itself of the coat itself is already very good. If you use this kind of matching method, the warmth performance will be stronger, but this kind of matching method usually has a very high requirements for the slim figure. If the body skeleton is relatively large, or if your body itself is very plump, this superimposed method is usually not easy to use.

4. Choose the length that suits you


Korean girls and Chinese girls are usually petite. When wearing coats, it is easy to show an unable to support the matching effect. However, Korean girls usually know how to choose the right length when wearing coats.


If you are tall, you can choose a medium -long or long coat to wear a high sense of high sense, but the petite girl must know how to use short coats to avoid wearing the effect of lowering the height.

If you do n’t know how to wear a coat with a high sense, you can learn Korean girls like this. It is delicate and very stylish. You do n’t have to worry about lowering your height.


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