This half entertainment circle is playing a Call’s toothpaste, a brush and white, stainted toromato, bad breath is gone


People who love to laugh

Luck will not be too bad

But the premise is that you have to have

A dazzling white good teeth

Many people do not pay attention to clean teeth,

Drink tea, smoke, love snacks and

Customs such as nightingale

Tooth yellow, tooth stains

What is the most deadly?

That is often the mouth of the teeth


The overall oral health is very poor


Usually accompanying

Unexpected tone

Full mouth stains, odor smoked days


Even the most intimate lover will also avoid far away

What’s more, ordinary friends, customer boss


A lot of love for your own career

For whitening teeth

Many people tried to wash their teeth, change the porcelain teeth …


But it is also very much side effects who don’t say the whole.


For example, Liu Tao sent Weibo with blood tears and tears.

Don’t think about it! Allow! tooth!


If the teeth are healthy

In fact, just master the correct brushing method


And choose a suitable good toothpaste

Can help the teeth make white

Brush your teeth method is good


But the good toothpaste is hard to find

Don’t worry, Xiaobian will take you.



The daily beauty cheats of the stars

Remember Zhang Hao “Want to Future”?


A bright tooth with big red lips, just smile and confused

Recently, Zhang Wei is also in Xiaohong Book.

Extraordinary fans

Sharing her beautiful teeth secret trick

Not only Zhang Wei


Sweet in the small red book, Baowen, Peng Yuxi, etc.

All the stars have played this CALL –



Daily brush, effectively go to yellow stain


Do to teeth

“Cleaning SPA”

Brighten the teeth effect super stick


Half NYSCPS toothpaste

There are several different series:

Xiaobian this recommended is a built-in cream

Two models

San Diego bird’s nest 璀 teeth cream

The outer box is like a playing card of the enlarged version.

After opening the package


Sense of skin care products

Light watching the value can capture the heart


It is simply the Chanel in the toothpaste.


Of course, the strength is not small ~

Add a bird’s nest.

Buddha, bird’s nest, carcard sauce extract


Super high-level formula


It can effectively hit exogenous pigments

For yellow teeth, coffee teeth

The tobacco teeth can be effectively cleaned


The tongue is also deeply cleaned

At the same time

Can also nourish the oral cavity like nursing skin

At the same time it also

Rich organicialirate

It is very beneficial to the oral soft tissue nutrition

Can promote the secretion of saliva, improve the appetite ~

The mouth is not a mint of ordinary toothpaste

It is a freshty that does not excite and very advanced.

After the brush, the super moist, there is no feeling of

Comfortable mess

York Garden Fir Fresh Dental Cream


The name of this toothpaste is super fresh ~

Mint green bottle girl is full

It is said that it

Can enhance the kissage rate ~

Add a fir fresh series

Caviar extract, European fir essential oil

Nourishing and cleaning effect is very good

At the same time, fir has the characteristics of anti-inflammatory antibacterial

Can let the mouth get the mouth

Efficient and deep cleaning

Its unique plant aroma will also be filled

Each corner of the mouth

Ultraverepressiveness of essential oil fine molecule

Can take your mouth quickly

Do not let go of every teeth clearance,

Give the mouth full “cleaning”

Then, the caviar is again nourishing

It can improve the immunity of the mouth and strengthen the metabolism of waste

Mildness and no stimulating improved tooth sensitive


Image originated from the network, intrusion

Brush the teeth slide

The freshness in the mouth is lasting,


I want to kiss

For people who often smoke or have tone


Absolutely the existence of savings

In addition, there is Australian Sweet Orange Child Protection.

Child protection frost fit a fragile child

Additionally added

Food grade Australian Sweet Orange Extract

Sweet, small potters will definitely fall in love with brushing teeth


Pregnant women can use peace of mind

Traditional toothpaste

In order to pursue the effect

Chemical components such as bleach, bubble agent

Tooth is white, but it has greatly harmed the enamel.

Leading you cold, hard, sweetness, sensitive

It’s still not moving

Binan toothpaste is not traditional


Chemical glue as a bonding case

Eliminate industrial sweetener sodium sodium

100 times more than traditional toothpaste

Caviar essence

Skii fairy water


Pitera is also expensive to three times ingredients

Improve oral immunity, strengthen waste metabolism

Improve teeth sensitive, bleeding, etc.

Biting apples will never have blood

Hot and hot and sour, want to eat

The whole line products have passed the US food


Pharmaceutical Administration (FDA) certification

(Children need to use 6 years old)

Wan people praise, tooth yellow bad breath saver

Good things have witnessed

In addition to the stars

This toothpaste is also in the small red book.

Got a great review


Highlight a small step every day

The teeth will reach the whitening effect you can’t think of

When you go out


A small bottle is also convenient to carry

Even just finished hot pot, garlic, heavy taste

Arrive in the water, you can also become aquasted in seconds.


Instant first aid

Whitening big business

NYSCPS broth

Give your baby a whitening experience

Absolutely unique



Original price 108 yuan / bottle

Now a bottle of ginsen bird’s nest toothpaste is only 68 yuan


Fir and baby models only 58 yuan

A limited number, while stocks last!

Still suffering from cleaning tooth stains

Can you not hurt the toothpaste of the tooth gums?


A bottle meets all your needs

Hurry and hurry to plant grass!

Special price


Scanning after purchasing

Bird’s nest series ¥: 68 yuan

Fir series ¥: 58 yuan

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Pregnant women can use peace of mind