Let these unscrupulous apps teach you to name the product


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Open the App Store, tens of thousands of apps are among them. So many design teams started from the appearance and name, hoping to make their products stand out. Today, let ’s take a look at these four names without ethics and representative APPs. Hope to give you some inspiration.


First page

WeChat operators will not be unfamiliar with this H5 production software, but when the initial launch is just launched in the early days, many people have maintained their names.

Many people simply understand it as a gimmick, and the homophonic of the “first night”. So what does the name of the reverie in the reverie have to do with H5 production?

This is the explanation of micro -interacting Baidu’s “first page”:

“We hope that every page of your page is beautiful,” the explanation is still in line with the “first page” product. Compared with other H5 production apps, the “first page” template Enter small fresh and beautiful style:

微 For the convenience of display, micro -interaction uses the PC side to demonstrate ▵


If you look at the “first page” according to professionalism, it is probably “the starting tool for making the HTML5 webpage by primary users”. Compared with other HTML5 production platforms, the first page is indeed one of the easiest operation and technical foundation for users.

In this way, the first page uses the simple operation interface and the convenience of uploading photos synthetic works to make itself into a community that uses HTML5 to make icons for communication.


Compared to other production platforms that are still on production and display, the “first page” has successfully transformed into a social production software based on its professional limitations, which is related to its name and its own shortcomings.

The reason why the “first page” is loved by Xiaobai and some friends who like photography lies in the operation of the primary.


Reading world

At first glance, it is the cross -border. You see that the effect of using homophonic can quickly remember the effect of the product!

The Reading Realm was only launched in early August this year. The reading industry was related to reading from the name, but he reinterpreted the reading in a more “exciting” way.

It does not take a small fresh and literary route like one (one). It is more like a fashion lunatic that has retro feelings, high -force, quality, and diversified.

This is the first interface after entering the screen and welcome animation, which is today’s theme-convenience store:

After clicking in the theme, you will enter a magazine -style reading interface:

If you slide down, you can see that this whole article is actually a directory. It is a different story that is derived from the theme of “convenience stores”. Then, if you slide down the interface, you will see the music player. Click on the interface after the playback:

View the previous way, there is a way to display the video:

The barrage comments, magazine -style reading methods, music playback without jumping, and videos watching with the screen, so that through the form of reading, it exists in the same interface without violation.

This fun software is both open and high, but also highly aggressive. Oh, by the way, his slogan is the reading world-to those crazy guys!



In the App Store, you enter the contract, and most of the artifacts come out, solemnly declare that this Yuemo made an appointment to the door massage.

Many cities now have O2O on -site services, which are more kung fu and pushing bear. But there is no more recognition.


[In order to avoid the suspicion of advertising, let’s not put the screenshot of “Yue Mo”]


Although “Yuemo” is easily confused with “about”, when you recommend massage software to your friends, you will not hang on your mouth, but you can’t remember the name.

It can be seen in writing what the characteristics of this product are. The actual role of the name “Joomo” is far greater than “Kung Fu Bear” and “Pushing Bear”.

Call a duck

“Call a duck” is really called a duck that has been done as take -out.


Because “calling a duck” will be joked as a “duck”, so “calling a duck” is so deep that even slogan is so deep.


However, if you are just thinking of vulgarity and thinking, “call a duck” will not be so famous.

“Calling a duck” has been established since its establishment, and has strict requirements for their own food packaging design and catering service staff. For a moment, he was famous, and he learned more about a chicken.

However, this thing is always the first creator to be popular.

How to make your public account or product name make people forget, properly avoid the vulgar and remember. In fact, there are many such products. For example, everyone is familiar with “looking for your sister”. Although the name is grounded, “looking for your sister” seems to be vulgar, but it is very fit with the gameplay.

It is recommended that when you encounter the same scene, you can discuss this issue with people of different positions, and say the name of the product with the product of this product. They will not have misunderstandings and know what your product is. almost.

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