The manual of the ventilation cabinet that has to be seen


Recently, some customers asked me some questions about the ventilation cabinet on the Internet. I summarized it. In fact, most people are still asking how to use ventilation cabinets. The ventilation cabinet is used for laboratory emissions with toxic and harmful gases. It must be used to protect the safety of laboratory personnel. This is a general introduction to the laboratory ventilation cabinet.

1. When the ventilation cabinet is not opened, you cannot conduct experimental courses in the ventilation cabinet.


2. When doing experiments, we cannot put our heads into the ventilation cabinet for operation or inspection, otherwise it will have a great impact on ourselves.

3. Do not store or test flammable and explosive items in the ventilation cabinet.

4. Do not put the mobile wiring rack or wire into the ventilation cabinet, and must not perform hybrid experiments from organic matter and hyperchloride compounds prohibited by the state in the ventilation cabinet.

5. No safety measures are taken, and the experimental substance shall not be placed in the ventilation cabinet for experiments. Once chemicals are splashing, the power is needed immediately.

6. When we do not use the ventilation cabinet, we cannot store too many experimental equipment or chemicals on the ventilation cabinet table for a long time.

7. After using the ventilation cabinet, you should clean the interior of the ventilation cabinet in time

8. When the ventilation cabinet is used, open the window for 10 minutes every 2 hours. If the use time of the venting cabinet is more than 5 hours, open the window to avoid negative pressure in the room

9. When the laboratory does not use ventilation cabinets, it should also ventilate frequently to ensure the health of the laboratory personnel.

10. If the ventilator fails, please contact the after -sales staff to repair it in time.