What is the difference between Citic Tieguanyin and strong aroma Tieguanyin? Which is more appetite for you?


Tieguanyin, semi -fermented, is an important category of oolong tea. It is native to Anxi County, Quanzhou City, Fujian.

Because of its natural orchid fragrance, unique “

Guanyin Yun

“It is welcomed by the north -south tea friends, and there are many enthusiasts in Suzhou.


Tieguanyin has two categories, each with its own charm.

Tieguanyin is made from traditional Tieguanyin craftsmanship.

Honesty, high aroma


In the mid -1990s, Fujian introduced the technical concept of absorbing Taiwan’s oolong tea, which was improved in the traditional Tieguanyin production process.

The taste is light, the aroma is rich

Different crafts

There is a misunderstanding that the fragrance -type Tieguanyin is a hair tea, semi -finished product, and the fragrant Tieguanyin is finished tea. The fragrance -type Tieguanyin can be made into a strong Tieguanyin after baking.

In fact, the tea we bought is finished tea.

The difference between the two is not in the process, but in the process

The main difference is on the green and roasting fire.


Make green:

Clear Tieguanyin, shake light, thin stalls, long drying,

The degree of fermentation is lower

The strong aromatherapy Tieguanyin, shaking, thick stalls, short drying, belonging to the traditional

Moderate fermentation

Baking fire:

Clear Tieguanyin,

Slowly baking

, Using low temperature roasting at 50 ~ 70 ° C.


Tieguanyin, 90 ~ 120 ℃


Medium and high temperature roasting

Different color and fragrance


Different craftsmanship causes different color and fragrance.

The fragrance -type Tieguanyin has a light degree of fermentation.


Tea is green and green, there is similar to green tea “

Dry tea green, soup color green, leaf bottom green

“Three green features.

Tea soup is very similar to green tea, clear soup and green water, fresh and mellow, especially the aroma, very impact, this is also an important reason why the fragrant Tieguanyin can quickly become popular.

The strong aroma -type Tieguanyin is made with traditional craftsmanship. At the beginning of the freshness of the fragrant Tieguanyin, it is considered the “positive flavor” representing Tieguanyin.

The leaf bottom of the green leaf red border is its typical feature


The tea strip curls, which is a green belly dragonfly head, with darker colors and dark green; the soup is golden, clear and bright; the aroma is more abundant, and there is a fragrance of orchids.

Because the fermentation degree is more sufficient, the baking fire is heavier, making the Guanyin rhyme more obvious, the taste is more mellow and thick, and the aftertaste is long.

Market possession

The fragrance -type Tieguanyin occupies the market.

In the past few years of Qingxiang Tieguanyin, the controversy was great. Many tea people, tea merchants, and even tea experts were not optimistic. They believed that “bloodlines were not correct”, regarded it as aliens, and even more. In the year, he would withdraw from the market and destroy himself.

Around 2000, the fragrance -type Tieguanyin burst into fire and swept through the country.


Cultivated a large number of fragrant Tieguanyin tea friends

Although the agricultural residues around 2010 have exceeded the standard and the negative impact of counterfeiting, it has fallen quickly, but it still retains many consumers.

The market has a low amount in the market, but it is full of toughness.

Its tradition “positive taste” has attracted many loyal consumer groups

And with the change of taste, some people who drink fragrance -type Tieguanyin turned to the fragrance type.

Suitable for crowd and brewing suggestions

Suitable for tea friends with light taste

, Novices are highly friendly. Those who do not drink tea can start with fragrant Tieguanyin. It is recommended to produce soup quickly when drinking, and it is easy to get astringent for a long time.

The strong aroma -type Tieguanyin, there is a baked flavor, the taste is heavy,

Suitable for senior tea friends and new tea friends

Essence It is recommended to extend the time of brewing appropriately when drinking. The taste of tea soup will be more intense and more layered.

The specific brewing must vary from person to person and varies from tea.

Chen Xiang Tieguanyin

In addition to the fragrance and strong fragrance, there are also Chenxiang Tieguanyin.

Whether it is a fragrance -type Tieguanyin or a strong aroma -type Tieguanyin,

Store for more than five years, and during the period, after baking, charcoal roasting and other processes, repeated processing

It is Chenxiang Tieguanyin.


Chen Xiang -type Tieguanyin, also known as old tea and cooked tea, joked the old iron, there are Chen Xiang, the soup is red, the taste is mellow and strong, and it is sought after by some old tea ghosts.

Oolong tea national standard Tieguanyin part

Chenxiang Tieguanyin definition and sensory indicators







Clear Tieguanyin,