She will move this doll! Super cute girl was invited to the doll machine by the boss, and the children did not calm down after watching it


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Nowadays, whether they are young in love or parents with baby, they can’t hide the charm of the doll machine when they visit the mall.

If all types of doll dolls are sold on the counter, people may not be interested, but if they lie in a huge doll machine, you need to use luck or skills to capture, then this process is more interesting.

But no matter what kind of doll machine, most of the doll machines are plush toys, but have you seen a live toy in the doll machine?

Not long ago, in front of a doll machine in a video game city attracted a large number of children onlookers. The reason for the onlookers was that the beautiful dolls inside would move!

She will move this doll! The girl was invited to enter the doll machine by the boss because of her cute appearance, and the children did not calm down after watching it

In a home video game in Zhoukou, Henan, a doll machine was watched by many children.

Looking closely, this doll machine is indeed unlike other machines. Other doll machines are equipped with some fragmented dolls, and this doll machine has a large adult doll.

Because of the difference, the children who came here were attracted by this beautiful big doll.

Especially some girls, seeing the doll’s realistic face and beautiful dress, they are very interested, and some people are still thinking about how such dolls can be caught.

However, when everyone talked a lot, the surprising scene happened, and the beautiful doll inside suddenly made a cute face outside the glass window!

Look, the doll will move! At this time, the children were not calm, maybe because she was too realistic, so the children did not expect that it was indeed a real person.

The children started discussing, and some people boldly patted the glass window.

Through understanding, the girl who entered the doll machine was originally a general customer who was only a video game city.

Because she looks cute and very delicate, the owner of the video game city wants to ask her to help herself to make a publicity. The content is to let her enter the doll machine to attract customers.


The owner of the video game city gave the girl a certain pay. The girl felt very interesting, and considering that she could eat well at night, she agreed.

What made her unexpected was that the doll she played was so popular with children, and she was very happy about this.

The real people entering the doll machine, it seems novelty, but it is not without, but some people enter the doll machine is a business marketing strategy, and some people enter the doll machine to almost threaten life safety.

In a video game in Inner Mongolia, a little girl caught the doll in front of the doll machine, but after a few rounds of grabbing, the little girl began to worry.

After that, she bent down and climbed into the gift mouth of the doll machine, trying to enter the doll machine from there, and got the doll inside. However, after some operation, people went in It’s right.

The helpless little girl cried in the doll machine.

Her crying attracted a pair of father and son nearby. Seeing that there was a real girl in the doll machine, the father immediately realized the seriousness of the matter, and the little boy around him quickly ran to the staff.

After the staff arrived, they opened the doll with the key. At this time, the little girl finally got out of trouble.


Afterwards, many netizens teased that this was the real “catching doll”, and some people felt very scared about the “high -end operation” of the little girl.

It is difficult to imagine that if the staff does not come in time and the machine will temporarily occur, the girl’s life may be seriously threatened.

In the end, everyone aimed at the guardian of the girl, accusing the girls who accused the girls of not taking good care of their children in public.



“What is going on? Parents really regret death. When children go out, parents must not be careless. Every move must be in the vision of parents.”


“If there are bear children, there are bear parents. If there is a problem with the child, don’t blame the video game. It is completely parents who do not take care of it.”


“My daughter is 8 years old. When we go out, I still stare at her without blinking, especially in public. The child’s safety cannot be ignored.”

What should parents take care of their children with their baby?

① Ensure that your child is within his own sight

Many parents think that children can give their children some freedom after a little older, and they do not have to take care of them when they are young. In fact, the stronger the child’s behavior ability, the higher the safety risk they face.


Therefore, we recommend that parents take their children out, and we must ensure that their children are within their sight and ensure that the child’s behavior is controlled by parents.

② Do not give the child to strangers to take care of

Some parents think that they have established trust with each other in public in public in public. Therefore, when they go to the toilet, they will entrust strangers to help take care of their children when they buy something.

This approach is very dangerous. The stranger you can easily believe is likely to deliberately pretend to be close to the trafficker.

③ Do a good safety education for children

Playing naughty is the nature of children. Parents can be properly tolerated by this, but when they go out, the necessary safety education parents must do in place.


Parents should tell their children’s methods that may cause accidents and risks, which ways to avoid these accidents, and how to deal properly when accidents occur.

Mother’s message

For children, the world is novel and interesting, but in the eyes of parents, what we see should not be just like painting landscapes, and we should be alert to accidents that may occur at any time.

During the May Day holiday, I hope that the Bao Da Bao Mom, who take the baby to take the child to the first place, and spend a pleasant parent -child holiday.

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