Spring and summer, wearing a sweater, just draw on these dazzling people’s wear, age-friendly and elegant


Hey, you are a little fairy, everyone!

The season of spring and summer, the temperature is not too cold, and there is no hot, but it is such a season. It has plagued a lot of little fairy, and they will worry about it before they go out every day, how to wear?

In fact, this season, wearing a sweater! ▼ ▼


For sweaters, Lily believes in the wardrobe of many girls? As one of the monopoly representatives of youth age, sweaters are welcome in the three seasons in Spring and Autumn Winter. So how to wear it in the spring and summer season?


Next, let’s follow the footsteps of Lily, go to see the related sweater wear of these Japanese people, drawing on their dressing, age or elegance. Come in and learn!

What kind of sweater style is selected?


◎ foundation pure color

If you want to say what kind of sweater style is good, Lily feels the best basic pure color, after all, such a style is very uncomfortable, and it is also a good style. The key is that the solid color basis sweater is better, and it can reduce the error rate.

◎ moderate model


Wearing the sweater for the right version, it is also very necessary. For the type of thin, Lily is not recommended to start the too loose sweater version, which is easy to wear obesity and feel. Generally, the width is like, whether it is a slight fat, or a thin body, it can be controlled.

◎ bright color with high saturation

In addition to the two of the above, it is very good, such as light blue, pale yellow, light purple, etc., although it is bright, but their saturation is not too high, so It is also relatively friendly for all skin tones.

Sweater which dressing style?

One: Retro leisure style

Do you like retro wind to wear? Many people will feel that the retro style is dressed up, in fact, that is, you are not paired! Look at this daisy man’s demonstration, clean white hooded sweater, match the prairing long pants, simple combination, not only built a level, but also improved fashion. The version of the sweater and trousers is loose, and the whole is very casual. If you think this kind of dress is good, then try it!

Second: Youth College

Sweater and jeans look, it is really forever to drop ~ No matter what style sweater and jeans, you can have a good match with a pair of CPs that don’t have a sense of violation. Blue-green hooded sweater, this color is very fresh and white, yellow black skin can also hold, proper body version, slim, not saying, it is also smoothes the shortcomings. Choose a dark blue stitching jeans, full of youth and vitality.

Red canvas shoes wearing at the foot, successfully lit up the whole shape, very eye-catching, right?

Three: Gentle and Essence

Have to say, sweater is really a very wild single product, which can be matched with a variety of clothes to create a variety of styles. The whole person will be equipped with a semi-skirt, and the whole person will be particularly gentle, full of temperament, light-color, bright and bright combination, not only the display, but also look very well.

Sweaters of Japanese sweater


Look1: White hooded sweater + suit jacket


In the wearing a day, the wearer’s wear is worth learning, like this set of white hooded sweaters with a combination of a suit jacket, two different styles of single items together, deductive A different style. Youth aged white sweater, with the unified suit, the overall style is cool and handsome.

Even if you are a girl who go to work, you can wear so, the jacket is added, and it is very good to balance the practice of the suit. It’s a black pants to look down.


LOOK2: Gray hooded sweater + pink nine suits


Spring and summer season, wearing a sweater, light gray hooded sweater, put on white bottoming shirt, wear it, superimposing Nine points of suit pants, adding a lot of colors to wear, some unusual suit trousers, with sweaters, shoes, age, leisure and comfortable.

Look3: light gray sweater + Tibetan blue suit pants

For the exemplary sweater wearer of the day, Lily feels really nice, simple wearing, very fashionable and unhappy. Light gray round neck sweater, single wear or superimposed T-shirt is quite good, the joining of blue suit pants, so that the shape is much more distorted and profile. The shoes of the shoes, sports shoes and canvas shoes are very good choices, comfortable and beautiful!



How about it? After reading the sharing of Lily above, what do you think? Spring and summer, wearing a sweater, just learn from these daily people’s wear, age or elegant!

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