The tooling enhancement flag, Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau Dawan District, Quanshou Scarf, Style Contest, held in Hengqin


Southern News reporter Cheng Xiaomei correspondent Wang Yan Lan Juan Linjing Yuzi grace, pace, hook blossom, murderer The employee’s raise hand, show the elegance and charm of women … January 10,

The first Guangdong Hong Kong, Macau Dasan District Quanzi Towel Style Competition

In the Yingqin Yue Australia Cooperative District, it debuted. Participating in the 21st “Daxie District Quan Women”, from all walks of life, crossing different age groups, in their respective positions, in the respective posts, to explain the mission.

The competition site, Chinese traditional cheongsam clothing combines, collides, and the organizer.

Chen Weidong, the party group of the Guangdong University General Consultation, Zhang Weidong, the Provincial General Workers Party Group, Vice President Du Ling, the President of the Macao Trade Union, the Hong Kong Trade Union Federation Mainland Consultation Service Center, Director and Guangzhou Center Director Shao Jianbo, Zhuhai Huang Rui, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, Chairman of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, attended and watching the competition, Guangdong Provincial Wenmpia, Provincial Hong Kong and Macao Office, Provincial Auditor, Provincial Finance Department, etc.

工装变旗袍 粤港澳大湾区旗袍巾帼风采大赛决赛在横琴举行

Du Ling said in the opening speech that in recent years, the Guangdong Provincial Federation of Trade Unions and the Hong Kong Trade Union Association, the Macau Trade Union Association has worked together, actively serve, and cooperates to cooperate to carry out a series of qualified Guangdong-Hong Kong Macau Dawan District employee exchange activities. This competition is a serious implementation of the deep practice of the national strategy of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, from the Wanxian female employees to the yearning and the characteristics of the good life, focusing on improving the connotation and life quality of women’s employees in the Bay area, Fengfu Bay Area The cultural life of female employees, showing a good spirit of the female employee in the Bay area.

工装变旗袍 粤港澳大湾区旗袍巾帼风采大赛决赛在横琴举行

Many cheongsam show in the scene called the people in the memory of the people in memory, the organizers for the map.

The final scene, a group of beautiful “China Road sisters” dressed in fashionable improvement fashionable cheongsam, melted singing music, dynamic dance, cheongsam pace together “all the way to the Yanghua Flowers from Fragrance” to open. “Guangfu taste” rich “Yue Yun ∙ ∙ 华” “Flowers a good moon” “Guangfu Xin Yun” “Xiangshan Fenghua” “Xinghu Feng Ya Fu” and other cheongsam show, evoke the people in people’s memory.

In the “San Li Fangyuan Boyxiang Xiang” “The most beautiful auditor”, “the most beautiful auditor” “Four Seasons, the 100-year-old style”, “100 years, then start, the Bay Area is blooming in China” “琵琶 行” and other cheongsam show, medical care, teachers, audit, The girles of finance, customs, construction and other industries have changed the work to the cheongsam, and raise the hands of the exhibition.

工装变旗袍 粤港澳大湾区旗袍巾帼风采大赛决赛在横琴举行

Hong Kong, Macao, the competition, “Bay”, the organizer.

“Wan Ming Mingyue, how much is the silver river in this person, how much is the heart …” Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan joints holding red heart balloons, bringing the “Bay” to the motherland to express the devout son of the motherland, to the heart of the red heart . “I am honored to participate in this cheongsam contest, in the influence of the cheongsam culture, deeply experienced the profoundness of the Chinese traditional culture!” The participating team members said excitedly in Guangdong Hong Kong employee Zhang Li poetry, through the participating parquet contest, life Wear the cheongsam in a time, and under the guidance of a professional tutor, it will increase your own taste and temperament.

In addition, the Association from the Macau Tea Professional Association also specially made a video – “Tea and Cheongsam”, bringing cheongsam and visual feast with tea.

After fierce competition, the “Guangdong Radio and Television” Guangdong Range “,” Tao Li Fangyuan Bo Ya Xiang “selected by Guangdong Ranges, Fanghua, Guangdong Normal University, Guangdong Provincial Department of Finance Selected “Four Seasons Casting Centennial” won the first prize.

“Special thanks to the union let us have a chance to learn slow down and feel the elegant elegant, alleviating the highly tension of the work, can also exchange learning with all walks of life from the Dawan District.” From Zhuhai Qin Haili, the medical staff of the Municipal Health System Team, said that they have always been in the first line of the epidemic prevention and control, and there is no relaxation when working. Through this contest, they will repair the hearts of the soul, while relaxing while using The actual action shows the charm of Chinese traditional costumes and the style of female employees in the Bay area.

This contest was hosted by the Guangdong Provincial General Union, the Hong Kong Trade Union Federation, the Macau Trade Union General Meeting, the Guangdong Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, the Provincial Work Union Workshop, the Zhuhai City Federation of Trade Union, Guangdong Guangdong Guangdong Hong Kong and Macao cooperation promotion meeting culture Communication Board, Provincial Cheongsam Culture Promotion Association, Co-organized by the Guangdong Crafts University, China Bank Guangzhou Branch Support.