What fabrics are used for sofa, how to maintain and clean the sofa set


The sofa is one of the important furniture of the family, and it is also indispensable for each family. For sofa cloth fabrics, people also pay more attention to and like the sofa cloth cloth of the environmentally friendly sofa. It is not that we think the good sofa cloth fabric is suitable for all sofas. Therefore, there are still many friends who are preparing to buy a sofa and are confused by this issue, so let Xiaobian take you to understand what fabrics are used to make the sofa.

What fabric is good to make sofas

1. All cotton sofa covering materials

The advantage of this type of sofa cloth cloth is that the feel is very good, and it is not easy to get the ball. Compared with some plush sofa cloth cloth fabrics, the price of all cotton sofa suits will be much cheaper. Features of sofa cloth cloth. And among the many sofa cloth fabrics, all cotton sofa cloth fabrics are also the most used, and the most widely used sofa cloth cloth.

2. Snowy sofa suits

What are the characteristics of the sofa cover of other materials than other materials? Generally, the fabric of the sofa in the sofa of the sofa will give us a relatively high -end and luxurious feeling. The fluffy surface of the sofa of the sofa of the sofa is relatively full, and it feels very comfortable. However, there are also bad sofa cloth cloths, that is, the price is more expensive, and the Shenier sofa suit fabric is not easy to take care and cleaning.

3. Plant fiber sofa covering material

While modern people pay more and more attention to health, environmental awareness has gradually increased. For sofa cloth fabrics, people also pay more attention to and like the sofa cloth of the environmentally friendly sofa. The emergence of plant fiber sofa covers largely meets people’s needs for the environmental protection of sofa cloth fabrics to a large extent. In addition, plant fiber sofa sleeve fabrics are very natural and environmentally friendly. Plant fiber sofa sleeve fabrics also have the characteristics of sweat absorption and breathability and affordable price. But sofa cloth fabrics like such plant fibers are more suitable for summer use.

4. Wool sofa suit cloth

Among the many sofa cloth fabrics, there are a type of sofa cloth material material, which has the advantages of low price costs and diverse styles of style, which has always been loved by consumers. And this type of sofa cloth fabric is diverse in style and style, so when choosing, you can match your own decoration style. This type of sofa is a plush sofa suit. And this type of sofa can be customized. It is one of the most popular fashion sofa suits on the market. This type of sofa suit material is more suitable for winter use.

5, linen sofa set material

In the sofa suit material, the linen sofa cloth cloth is also a more environmentally friendly sofa cloth. Compared with other materials of sofa cloth cloth, linen sofa cloth fabrics often give people a natural and simple feeling, and the natural color of the linen sofa suit is also very delicious, especially suitable for modern simple and Chinese -style decoration rooms. And this type of sofa suit is also used in summer.

How to maintain and clean the sofa set

1. Maintenance and cleaning method of velvet sofa

1. Wooden stick shooting: Move the sofa cushion to the outdoors, pat the velvet gently with a small wooden stick, some floating dust on the sofa will be shot and blown away with the wind, and the sofa is naturally clean.

2. Wipe the wet towel: If the fluffy sofa at home is not convenient to move, you can dip the towels to water, and then screw dry it. Wipe the surface sofa surface with the wet towel, and the dust is dipped off by a wet towel.

做沙发套用什么布料好 沙发套如何保养清洗

3. Paste the tape: Use transparent wide tape, stick to the velvet sofa with dust, gently unveil the tape, and the dust will stick to the tape. Of course Two methods are slightly troublesome.

2. Maintenance and cleaning method of fabric sofa

1. Spray pollutants: When the fabric sofa replaces a new fabric seat cover, you can spray a layer of fabric pollutants on the surface of the cloth cover, which can reduce the fabric sofa infection.

2. Put a sofa towel: Lay a sofa towel in a place where the sofa is easier to dirt, such as cushions, armrests, heads; when the above places are dirty, you only need to clean the sofa towel.

做沙发套用什么布料好 沙发套如何保养清洗

3. The vacuum cleaner method: regularly clean the fabric sofa with a vacuum cleaner, which can effectively clean the sofa.

4. Cleaning method: The sofa cover of the fabric sofa can be cleaned, but do not frequently clean it. The method of the fabric coloring, shrinkage, deformation, etc. Try to clean it once a year as long as possible to thoroughly clean.

Third, the maintenance and cleaning method of leather sofa

1. Wipe method of dry cloth: If the surface of the leather sofa is covered with floating dust, just use a clean towel to gently wipe the surface and wipe off the dust.

做沙发套用什么布料好 沙发套如何保养清洗

2. Leather on the leather: The leather sofa will have a kind of surface hair when used for a long time. You can wipe the sofa with a clean and soft towel dipped in water. The sofa surface is as bright as new.

做沙发套用什么布料好 沙发套如何保养清洗

After reading this article about how to make the sofa, how to maintain and clean the sofa set, I hope to bring some help to your work and learning.