New car | God car is here! The new Wuling Hongguang S sells for 54,65 million yuan, and the remote control key is standard


Text: Understand the original Chen Xuming of the Emperor Che

New Wuling Hongguang S Country Six Edition Configuration Adjustment

新车 | 神车来了!新款五菱宏光S售5.465万元起,标配遥控钥匙

[Understanding the original product of the Emperor Che Emperor] Recently, the Emperor Cheki learned from Wuling official that the new Wuling Hongguang S (National Six) models were launched and launched 4 models with a price range of 5.465-98,800 yuan. The new model has only adjusted the configuration, and the overall shape design and power have not changed.

Use side opening design

The new model is standard for the remote control key

新车 | 神车来了!新款五菱宏光S售5.465万元起,标配遥控钥匙

Specifically, in terms of wheels, the standard and comfortable types in the new models will standardize iron wheels+decorative parts. The optional aluminum alloy wheels can be equipped, the window sealing version and basic type remain unchanged, and the iron wheels are still equipped; the new model seal is sealed; Both the window version and the basic type are equipped with the remote control key to cancel the mechanical key equipped with the old models; in addition to the window sealing version, the new Wuling Hongguang S is a tire pressure monitoring function.

新车 | 神车来了!新款五菱宏光S售5.465万元起,标配遥控钥匙

Low -manded models are fabric seats

In terms of other configurations, the new Wuling Hongguang S will provide fabrics and leather seats (top). The entire system comes standard with ABS+EBD, electric help steering, driver’s side windows one -button drop, front door electric glass, USB interface+radio, etc. Functions and configurations, high -profile models will also be equipped with reversing radar, dual steam air conditioning, 8 -inch display and other configurations. The window sealing version provides 2 seats, and other models provide 5, 7, and 8 versions for users to choose from.

新车 | 神车来了!新款五菱宏光S售5.465万元起,标配遥控钥匙

Provide 5, 7 -seater, 8 -seater version for users to choose from

新车 | 神车来了!新款五菱宏光S售5.465万元起,标配遥控钥匙

In terms of power, the car continues to be equipped with a 1.5-liter naturally aspirated engine with a maximum power of 73 kW and a maximum torque of 140 N · m. The transmission system is matched with a 6-speed manual transmission. The comprehensive fuel consumption of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is 6.5-6.7 liters.

New car background, competing product analysis:

Changan Kaicheng Ouo S

Golden Cup Little Sea Lion X30

新车 | 神车来了!新款五菱宏光S售5.465万元起,标配遥控钥匙

Chang’an Star 9

新车 | 神车来了!新款五菱宏光S售5.465万元起,标配遥控钥匙

As the “housekeeping” model of Wuling Automobile brand, Wuling Hongguang’s popularity and status in the Chinese micro -surface market need not be repeated. The price of close people, the characteristics of the real and durable product, and a good space experience have widely recognized Wuling Hongguang series products. Of course, in the same price, Wuling Hongguang S also has no shortage of competitors, including Changan Kaicheng Ouo S (4.29-519 million yuan), the Golden Cup Lion Lion X30 (3.39-468 million yuan), Changan Star 9 (5.18-5.488 10,000 yuan) and other models.