Spring and autumn square head flat heels, single shoes, small bow flat women’s shoes, large size boat shoes, soft soles shoes


Show yourself and blind the eyes of others! Not only do you need to attract the eye -catching clothes, but also a versatile shoes. Today I bring you a shoe: Fangtou Ping Heel Women’s Shoes

product name:

2017 Spring and Autumn Fang Fang Ping Hei Single Shoes Small Bow Flat Women’s Shoes Large -size Boat Shoes Soft soles scoop shoes


Product parameters:

The fastest shipment time: 2 (day)

suitable seasons: spring, summer, fall

Heel height: low heel (1-3cm)

Color: black, golden color

Toe shape: round head


Popular elements: bow


Applicable gender: female

Upper material: artificial PU

Style: Korean

Whether to invent: Yes

Choose reason:

1. Flat women’s shoes, reduce the impact of high heels on the ankle, avoid skeletal deformation, and at the same time, the soft bottom also reduces the stimulation of the soles of the foot, comfortable and healthy.

2. The style is versatile: the boat shoes are light and comfortable and versatile. The exposed instep can also play the role of stretching the leg lines visually, and the visual effect is better.

3. Element popularity: This style has made the original unparalleled shoes with vitality by increasing the popular elements of the bow, providing more choices for the little fairy.

Fashionable and versatile, healthy and fashionable, is definitely the absolute weapon for counterattack goddess!