Many people choose to buy Wuling Light, but the reason is nothing more than these points


There are rivers and lakes where there are people, and there is a routine where there is a car ~ friends who want to buy a car now can easily be fooled by some media articles, because your human articles are always too strong. And I, Uncle AI, will evaluate Wuling’s light in a “uninhabited” manner, speak with big data and facts, and provide a reference for consumers with car purchase!

Wuling Light has been sought after by many people since its listing, and has won the favor of many consumers with its excellent appearance and configuration. But is the light of Wuling performed perfectly in all aspects? Is there anything worth talking about? Let me talk about it in detail.

In terms of specific models, Uncle Che carefully selected Wuling Zhiguang 2015 1.2L Si standard LSI with an official guidance price of 34,900 as the evaluation style.


Wuling Light body size: 3890mm/1580mm/1822mm, wheelbase: 2500mm. At the same time, Wuling’s light wheel hub uses 165/70 R13.

很多人选择购买五菱之光 其实原因无非这几点

很多人选择购买五菱之光 其实原因无非这几点


Light of Wuling

Long (mm)


Width (mm)


High (mm)


Wheelbar (mm)


Wheel (inch)


In terms of headlights, Wuling Light uses halogen headlights.

很多人选择购买五菱之光 其实原因无非这几点


The interior layout of Wuling Light is simple and generous, and the design is also in line with the aesthetics of young people. The position of the central control button is reasonable and convenient, but the plastic sense is strong. In the center console, Wuling Light is equipped with a color screen with multimedia. In summary, Wuling Light is more configured with similar cars and has a stronger sense of technology.

Wuling Light uses a conventional steering wheel.

Wuling Light uses a mechanical instrument, showing clear effect and solid workmanship.

Power: 76.60%praise

Power configuration




5 block manual

Maximum power (horsepower)


Peak torque (Nowm)


Fuel supply

Multi -spot

Fuel label


Wuling Light is equipped with a 1.2 -liter naturally aspirated engine with a maximum power of 82 horsepower and a maximum torque of 115.0N · m. The transmission system matches the 5 -speed manual transmission. The comprehensive fuel consumption of 100 kilometers is 5.9L.

很多人选择购买五菱之光 其实原因无非这几点

In the actual power experience, Wuling’s light maintains the consistent driving characteristics of the family. The power output is not fierce, but it is mainly smooth. It is very brisk driving. Performance, there is no problem with daily driving.

Big Data

Big data reflects that the three most favorite of Wuling Light’s owners are: supermarkets, KTV and restaurants.

By analyzing the reputation of the owner, the uncle discovered that Wuling’s light was most configured by the owner, and the space was praised by many car owners.

The concentration of users’ comments is reflected in large space, ABS anti -death and fuel consumption, and the comments from some users are as follows:

Owner 1 said: “The space is really satisfied, better than the space of other brands of the same price.”

Owner 2 said: “The entire car seat is equipped with headrests, the second row of independent seats, ABS, and a small engine speed list, electronic throttle with few vans,”

Owner 3 said: “Because this speed segment is the best speed of the engine and the most fuel -efficient speed,”

After reading the introduction of Uncle Che to Wuling, are you satisfied? If Wuling Light cannot meet the needs of the officials, you can also consider Wuling Rongguang, Dongfeng well-off K07s, Changan Star 5, Dongfeng Xiaokang K05s, the prices are also about 30,000 to 30,000. There are expertise in space, comfort, and configuration. They are all practical helpers at home!






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很多人选择购买五菱之光 其实原因无非这几点

很多人选择购买五菱之光 其实原因无非这几点

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