Make your home no longer monotonous-multiple photo wall arrangement skills


Many people will really want to arrange a photo wall at home, but they are often unable to start. I don’t know how to place good -looking tastes. Here, Xiaobian collects the correct layout methods of a variety of photo walls for your reference.

1. Put the photos into a heart shape, which is very suitable for the bedside of the bedroom. Couples record your love in this way.


2. Is it like this to move the Christmas tree on the wall? LED lights on the periphery, Christmas every day.

3. Under the premise of a non -colored latex paint or wallpaper on the wall, the branches may be used to form a unique space with the leaf and form a unique space with the overall environment.

4. The abandoned and expired magazines can also be reused. Choose the favorite chapters to cut it down, and arrange a combination of the same frame photos to easily create your aesthetic small world.

5. The wall hanging of the stairs is not easy to hang? Try this method. The strong color contrast forms a visual impact, coupled with a matrix with a strong sense of arrangement, it really makes the corner a lot of points.

6. The horizontal line of the upper edge of the photo is flat, and the lower edge staircase is distributed.

7. The wall behind the sofa is relatively wide. If you want to make a dense photo wall effect, you can easily become the visual focus of the living room.


8. The most common method of the wall behind the bed is to put a large photo separately, but if you still feel that space hopes that the wall can be plump, you may wish to put two main pictures, and several small pictures fill the empty angle. It is neither concise and scattered.


9. The photo wall behind the cabinet, if there are no TVs, table lamps, vases, etc. on the cabinet, you can continue to form a shape that is slightly narrower than the width of the cabinet, one horizontal, one vertical and two main maps+secondary diagrams. Just accept it. But if there are other things on the cabinet, you must consider the visual effects caused by this thing.


Well, there is a method of layout of the photo wall, so basically, there is an indispensable tool, which is the tape. Why are you particularly reminded? If you use ordinary tape to paste it, it is easy to lose it, because ordinary tape is easy to residual rubber. When you want to change the arrangement method or replace the photos, the residual tape is easy to be on the wall or The other noodles are left with tape marks, which is troublesome to clean up, and it is easy to damage the wall, so you need to consider it carefully.


If you know and know a tape at this time, you can remove the tape, then you can have no worries. It can be removed because of its unique performance of its special glue. It can be removed for three years. It can be removed for three years.