Four digital cameras listed in 2022: Canon, Panasonic, Leica, OM-1 in-depth analysis


Everyone knows that in 2021, Sony, Canon and Nikon have launched their own flagship micro -single models, such as Nikon’s Z9, Sony’s A1, and Canon’s R3, R5, etc. Compared with the top models of Nikon and Sony, there are still some gaps. At best, it can only be regarded as a quasi -flagship model. So, in 2022, what new changes are there in the field of digital cameras?

After entering 2022, major digital camera manufacturers in the world have launched a total of four new models, including Canon, Panasonic, and Leica each. The other is OM Digital Solutions that many people may not have heard of. Call it “the heart of the Ao”. This company acquired Olympus’s image business. In the future, Olympus brands have been replaced by his house, so “Olympic Heart” is the former Olympus, but now I changed one of one to one of the one. Just the vest.


So, what surprises will these four digital cameras have brought us in 2022?

First look at the first one:

Leica M11


This is a new Leica model released on January 13, 2022. From the perspective of the lunar calendar, the Leica M11 is a high -end camera with more than 60 million pixels, and this is a rangefinder camera. Leica M11 will provide two styles, each of which is full of retro style.

The quality of the Leica M11 is not to be said in detail. Its quality is not under any Japanese digital camera brand. People who know photography know this brand and know what it is. Shot the sample under the light.

So, what specific parameters do the new Leica M11 have? Let’s talk about it in detail below. You can see the following parameter list.

Seeing this, do you have a preliminary impression on this Leica M11 with legendary colors? Of course, if you want to understand the detailed performance of this machine, you can read the content of my digital camera special article, which contains very detailed parameter introduction and comparison.

After talking about Leica M11, let’s talk about the Canon EOS R5 C, which has attracted much attention.

Let’s look at the second paragraph:

Canon EOS R5 C


Everyone knows that the highest and most popular micro -single in 2021 is the Canon R5. The Canon R5 has become the pirate and sales champion of the past two years. It is mainly the comprehensive performance of the Canon R5. +Lens 8 -axis anti -shake performance, it is still very powerful full -pixel dual -core automatic focus performance, as well as ultra -high continuous shooting speed and super -sample 8K/30P video shooting performance. The Canon R5 is invincible at this price. It can be said that the Canon R5 So far, the most comprehensive performance in this price section has not been obviously not obvious in the Canon R5. The biggest shortcoming is the problem of overheating the fuselage.

The Canon R5 C is the variant of the Canon R5. The full name is the Canon EOS R5 C. It is an upgraded version of the Canon EOS R5 video performance. Canon EOS R5 C can shoot 8K videos up to 60P, and increase the active cooling system on the back of the camera. Solving the heating problem of continuous recording of Canon R5 high specifications, you can record unlimitedly. And in the video mode, the waveforms and vector displays are not included in the Canon R5.


However, the current video shooting performance of the Canon R5 is already excessive. For most users, including professional users, the Canon R5 C is actually not used at all, so it is better to choose the Canon R5 set to be more practical. Canon R5 kit is equipped with

Grade L 24-105 standard lens, you can take photos and videos with very good picture quality.


In addition, the Canon EOS R5 C does not have a built -in image stability system, while the Canon R5’s body+lens double anti -shake system is unparalleled. In this regard, the Canon EOS R5 C is far less than the Canon R5. Essence


Third new machine:


Seeing this brand, many friends will feel very unfamiliar. In fact, OM-1 is the former Olympus. Later, Olympus’s imaging business department was acquired by OM Digital Solutions. No need, it becomes OM-1 now the Austrian Heart OM-1.

This OM-1 is actually not a high-end model. It uses a three-quarter small film-stacked CMOS image sensor. It focuses on portable and video shooting. 60 FPS / 4K video (UHD or DCI) and a full HD (1080P) video up to 240 FPS. In addition, it has very good waterproof and dustproof performance. Generally speaking, the performance is not bad.


The positioning of OM-1 has formed a direct competition relationship with Panasonic and Foxida’s small film video shooting.

The last machine:

Panasonic Lumix DC-GH6

Many people know that Panasonic is the originator of Micro Single, the first company in the world to launch micro -single digital cameras, and the first manufacturer to launch 4K video recording performance. R & D strength.

The Panasonic GH6 is an upgraded product of Panasonic GH5. From the name, this is also a machine with the main video shooting. Panasonic GH6 is also a small film camera. It uses a new sensor and image processor, which can perform 10 -bit 4: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2 4K/60P recording without time limit. Very powerful.

However, Panasonic GH6 still cannot get rid of the picture quality and iOS performance of small negatives: Although the new small film sensor is used, the quality of the quality of the quality, the color saturation, and the noise in the dark light are obviously not as good as the full format. Cut the picture quality.

Finally, ask everyone a question: Which of these four digital cameras launched in 2022, which one do you think is the most worth starting?