Fairy 6 must -have incense shower gel. Wash and leave the fragrance is really fragrant. It is really better than perfume.


The current shower gel is divided into four categories, unlimited repurchase, occasional repurchase, repurchase, non -repurchase. From the perspective of money on the blade, the money of unlimited repurchase must be more worthy of our attention. Those repurchase or occasional repurchase can be used as our usual seasonings. As for those who do not repurchase, please do a good job of lightning protection.

1. The mystery MVMV Geranium shower gel

The aroma of this shower gel is very comfortable. The front adjustment is geranium, the middle is wooden aroma, and the rear adjustment is a faint female chrysanthemum fragrance. It is very comfortable. Pure natural precious plant essence of the root of the tiger stick. Fragrant Granary essential oil can balance the secretion of skin water and oil and relieve psychological pressure. Clampstrokes supplement skin collagen, acne removing acne marks, anti -inflammatory repair, and antioxidant skin care effects.

2. Beidya green tea shower gel

Green tea tastes can sterilize and anti -inflammatory acne. The effect is not so fast. It’s almost a month. You can feel that there is no kind of dense small pimple behind you feel behind it, it is much slippery. The taste is also good, just the feeling of green tea drink, sweet and sour.


3. L’Occitane cherry blossom shower gel

The value of this shower gel is very high. The transparent bottle is engraved with cherry blossom reliefs. It is exquisite and elegant. It can set off the glass bottle with a glass texture. It is a gel texture, rubbing gently, the foam is rich and delicate, and it is easy to rinse. It contains cherry blossom essence, gentle and clean, moisturizing the skin. After washing, the sweetness of cherry blossoms exuding cherry blossoms gives people a very sweet feeling, but it is only fragrant


Time should be slightly weaker and can stay for about one night.

4. Jiao Lien cherry blossom perfume shower gel


This is the same fragrance as Chanel. As soon as the bottle cap is opened, it will be attracted by this atmosphere. It has a sweet taste like grapefruit. The combination of fruit aroma and floral fragrance will interpret a unique aroma. After bathing, the fragrance will not be widwed. Until the next morning, the clothes will be left with this fragrance, and the formula of the plant is not stimulated.


5. On the body black rose scrub sea salt shower gel


Haiyan’s shower gel will contain small particles of frosted. Their effect is to remove the old stratum corneum that remains on the body and massage the body while bathing. This is the most comfortable way to relax. Stimulating, after washing, the touch is particularly good. After a long time, I can’t touch the uneven acne marks at all. The melanin is swept away and plays a role in whitening. Will be pleasant.

6. JohnMasters Organics Blood Orange Vanilla shower gel


JMO’s shower gel belongs to the amino acid series; the amino acid components are mild, and they will not excessively peel off the keratin of the body’s skin, and it will not cause the skin to be excessively dry. This is why it is advocated by the use of amino acids in the cleansing products. In addition, a lot of moisturizing and moisturizing ingredients are added, which must not be as good as the moisturizing effect of bath oil, but the skin will not feel dry when cleaning.