It is said that there is no market for carpets? That’s it that you will not choose, know the following points, choose the carpet really fragrant


If you choose a home item to add it, you can quickly change the family atmosphere, which should be a carpet. The carpet is the theme mode of the home. It enhances the atmosphere and can also reduce noise.

As one of the ground decorative materials, the historical process of its development is very long and can be traced back to the ancient Egyptian period. Carpet is a high -grade ground decorative material. It not only heats up, insulation, insulation, sound absorption, and good elasticity. After laying, it also adds depth and color to the room, providing a more avant -garde style for the boring room layout.

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Classification of carpets

1. Pure hair carpet:

The cost of pure hair carpet is still so popular, and naturally has its unique advantages. Pure hair carpet has good anti -static resistance, moisturizing is not easy to aging, wear and fades, but the moisture resistance of pure hair carpets is poor, cleaning and maintenance must be very concerned, and naturally material -made carpets are prone to breed bacteria and mildew.

2. Blending carpet:


Blending carpets are usually made of wool and synthetic fibers. The carpet of this material has the advantages of some pure hair carpets, which overcome the shortcomings of pure hair carpets to resist insects, and at the same time improve wear resistance, sound absorption, moisturizing, good elasticity, and good foot feel.

If you prefer the texture of pure wool carpet but unable to maintain it, then the blending carpet is a choice of folding.

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3. Chemical fiber carpet:

Common fibrous fiber materials such as pallonium fiber, polypropylene chemical fiber, nylon, etc. Chemical fiber carpets are cheap, economical, and have the characteristics of anti -combustion and insect -proof. It is convenient to clean and maintain, and the quality is light. The disadvantage is that it does not have the elasticity and anti -static resistance of wool, and it is slightly worse.

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4. Plastic carpet:

Although the plastic carpet feels hard, it can withstand your willful toss! It is suitable for being placed in the porch and exerting its characteristics of wear -resistant and easy cleaning. It can also be placed in the bathroom to use its advantages of water resistance and non -slip.

What is the effect of carpets?

1. sound insulation noise reduction


The carpet has a good sound absorption effect, which can make the house quiet.

2. Keep warm


The blanket surface of the carpet has a dense head structure that can bond the dust in the air. Compared with the hard ground, it can reduce the dust content in the air. In winter, it can block air -conditioning from the outside, saving energy and keeping warm. Moreover, the carpet can increase the touch, and it is more comfortable walking and rolling.



The carpet design has stood out from a single graphic printing and dyeing, closely combined with environmental art, space shape, and coordinating the indoor style with furniture and other decorative utensils. It can make simple houses fashionable instantly.

4. Insulation

Most of the carpets are woven from fiber with good thermal insulation performance. Laying carpets in large areas can reduce the indoor calories through ground loss, block the invasion of the ground cold, and make people feel warm and comfortable.

The gap between the fiber between the carpet fabrics can adjust the humidity of the air. When the indoor humidity is high, it can absorb water. When the indoor is dry, the water in the gap will be released again, so that the interior humidity can be balanced and balanced.

How to lay the carpet?

Restaurant carpet layout

Living room carpet layout

Bedroom carpet layout

Fourth, carpet matching skills

1. Select the carpet according to the main color


Select the carpet color according to the main color of the living room and the color of large soft outfits (such as the sofa TV wall). If the overall color of the room is black and white and gray, the carpet can echo the color of the cushion and decorative painting. If the main color of the room is a simple style of beige and gray, the carpet can also choose to have gray or beige, and the striped carpet is very extra points.


2. Select the carpet according to the decoration style

Simple style, emphasize the unity, order, and harmony of color, generally can be matched with geometric and monochrome carpets.

Choose a plain carpet to make the finishing touch with geometric color cushions, or shrimps with a small round stool in a small round stool in a unified overall color. Conversely, it is also established, embellished with color geometric carpets, and other colors are similar.


Carpet cleaning method

After the carpet is cleaned, it should be dry and air -dried as soon as possible.

Avoid exposure for a long time in the sun

Essence Considering the problems of cleaner volatilization, dust/fiber raising, pay attention to keeping ventilation when cleaning.

Whether it is brushing or vacuum, it is recommended

Clean up and forth in the same direction (Shun/inverse hair)

Essence If the carpet is wet, be sure to blow dry with a hair dryer or open windows to ventilate. Wet carpets are prone to more bacteria.

The large area of ​​people takes at least twice a week of vacuum

This kind of daily maintenance is the most effective reduction in the hidden dirt of the carpet.

1. Look at the appearance quality

First of all, to watch the shape of the carpet, this is the first detection method. The specific method is to carefully check its surface. On the one hand, check the flatness, whether the fluff will be uneven, and on the other hand, whether there is any inconsistent color difference in the color. In addition, it is best to carefully check whether there are off -line or seepage problems to avoid sticky and greasy and greasy.

2. The velvet density of the carpet

I believe that when most people ask the carpet’s purchase skills, one of the main purpose is to hope that it can help a certain sound insulation and anti -slip effect, and the density of the velvet is the key factors that affect these two points. Essence

Generally speaking, the more high -quality carpets, the better its head quality, and the density will naturally be fuller. Not only is it very resistant to abrasion and pressure resistance, but also usually has very good sound insulation skills. But one thing to pay attention to here is that do not mistakenly think that the long plush material on the surface of the surface is a good carpet. On the contrary, as long as this material is trampled a few times, it will become “beyond recognition”, so it is recommended


Try to buy a tight and thick carpet with your hands as much as possible




3. Color fastness

A friend often complained to the merchant that after the carpet purchased home, the color faded was severe, and the floor was dyed. Therefore, remind you who prefer color carpets to make a purchase process, you may wish to consider it

Use solid -color rags to rub back and forth on it to detect the color fastness of the carpet


If a dyeing problem occurs on the rag, it can be basically determined that the quality of the product is poor, and it is best not to buy it.

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