Little breasts love underwear, excellent girls are even A!



Figure 1 inside and outside


It is a domestic brand inside and outside. Seeing that the spokesperson is a rhododendron, I started without thinking about it. The result was unexpected.

Figure 2. Auntie Auntie 10:30 bus ten o’clock

The overall style of the French retro wild beast faction will not be too sexy, the design style is very good, some small details are well -decorated and beautiful.

Figure 3 Peach John

This is a Japanese brand, which is more suitable for MM with big breasts. Its shoulder -shaped strap underwear is simply the welfare of all girls in summer!


Figure 4 cloth galgin Bragood

Domestic underwear, focusing on making small cups, paying attention to making small breasts comfortable and not empty cups, thin cotton cups, and no steel circle triangle cups ~

Figure 5 yse


The gospel of the little girl, all of this brand of brated cups are only A and B, and there is no filling of thick pads, silicone or thick sponge, it is a confidant of the poor girl ~

Figure 6 6IXTY8ight


This is a foreign underwear brand in Hong Kong. When it was launched

Figure 7 amphi


The underwear in this shop is simply a straight male killer. Japanese underwear is only more beautiful, not the most beautiful! This brand is the young series of Walgel, which is very delicate.


Figure 8 oysho

The underwear of this brand is very sexy and thin, and it is comfortable to wear themselves.


Figure 9 Aerie

America Eagle’s brand is basically thin cups, and the style is very simple, without spending artillery at all.