Clothing version 86 clothing version common questions.


1. Commonly used version related coefficient calculation methods:

Answer: Knowing the collar, 1/2 neck width according to the collar 1/5-0.5cm, the collar depth is calculated according to the collar 1/5+0.5cm. Note: This calculation method does not include a round neck shirt and a lapel shirt

2. How to deal with the shoulders of the front and rear slices during the version of the fashion top?

Answer: The front and rear pieces should be separated, including the shoulder obliqueness. Generally, the shoulder obliqueness is 1cm deep than the back of the back, and the front shoulder is 0.3cm down, the back shoulder is 0.5cm upwards, the length of the small shoulder shoulder, the length of the small shoulder Must be consistent

3. There is a fashion top with shoulder pads. How much is the length of the sleeve slope line longer than the actual sleeve cage?

Answer: The length of the sleeve mountain breaking line is 3-3.5cm longer than the actual sleeve cage. The purpose is to make the finished product have a fluffy effect on the head of the sleeve mountain.

4. The front placket has the style of the zipper, how wide the placket is stopped, how wide it is, why?

Answer: Generally, when we are playing on the board, we are to play the board by 1/4 of the bust, which contains the zipper, so the size of the zipper to remove the zipper tooth and zipper cloth generally expose 1.5cm, so there is a cover zipper, so there is a cover zipper. The stoppage exposure is 1.75cm, and the stop exposure of the zipper is 0.25cm without covering the zipper. Those who have special requirements are also calculated in the same clock method.

5. How to calculate the proportion of the hem and bust when you lay a tattoos and eggplants without wrinkles.

Answer: The size of the hem is referenced by 100/95 of the bust.

6. How to calculate the ratio of the eggplant with littering, the proportion of the hem and the bust?

Answer: Calculated with a tattoo of the tattoo at the hem of the tattoo, calculated by 0.84-0.85 times of the bust.

7. How to calculate the ratio of hem and bust?

Answer: The proportion of the hem of the messenger rubber towel and the bust is calculated based on the 0.7 times of the bust.

8. Tell you the size of the bust, how to calculate the deep size of the cage?

Answer: The conventional clothing is based on the bust*0.23 as a reference of the clip, but the tight top and loose jacket should be appropriately put and decreased on this basis. This method is flexible.

9. What is the difference between the shape of a lapel top and a round neck T -shirt. Why?

Answer: The tattoo or binding side of the round neck T -shirt is directly placed outside. The collar requires that the round is good to look good. The collar request on the lapel is fits the neck, so the shape of the front neckline should not be too arc.

10. How to calculate his length of the tattoo length of the round neck tattoo T -shirt?

Answer: The length of the rosa is calculated according to the 0.83 of the collar. If the elasticity of the rose is too small, it can be appropriately reduced. If it is the elastic bonus, it can be used as a reference according to the collar*0.85.

11. How to calculate the depth of the sleeve cage if it is a shoulder sleeve?

Answer: First of all, set a shoulder width point. The shoulder width point can be calculated according to 0.83 of the half -bust, and then calculate the depth of the cage according to the calculation method of the ordinary flat sleeve. Go to calculate its bottoming point.

12. There is no shoulder width of the shoulder sleeves. How to set its sleeve length?

Answer: The sleeves of the shoulder sleeves are medium-weight from the back, and the medium amount can be calculated according to the body height/2-4cm. You can also set a shoulder width size.

13. Knowing the size of the collar, I do n’t know the width of the hat and the hat, let the hat shape look good and wearing a fit, how to find their size?

Answer: The hat width can be calculated at about 1.45 times the cap of the cap, the hat height is about 1.45 times the cap.

14. When the girl’s top is hit, sometimes it is beautiful for the plate shape, and the waist is waist. How to calculate the waist section high?

Answer: Generally, the height of the waist section changes according to the change of the version.

5. When the shirt placket is set to lock the eye position, each spacing is the same long. Where should I do it?

Answer: The top of the shirt is rarely buckled and worn, and it cannot be too wide when it is open. Reserve 3-4cm and then wait.

16. When playing the shirt collar, there is the size of the upper collar, and the lower collar is more than that of the upper collar?

Answer: It is completely correct to ensure that the collar collar is completely correct. The best half method is to first play the collar first, and then play a big piece. If you first play the big body, the lower collar will be 2cm larger than the whole circle.

17. When the shirt is collars, how much is it appropriate to reserve the width of the lower end?

Answer: Generally, the height reserved at the front end is 2.2cm, and the width is 1/2+0.3cm with a width of the placket.

18. When playing the pants version, the size of the small crotch and the big crotch should be calculated. What is the basis for the spleen circumference size to jump the crotch?

Answer: Generally, the small crotch can press the hips*0.045. identical

19. When playing the pants version, should the hips of the middle waist pants and the bottom pants be set up?

Answer: When playing pants, the hip position of the middle waist pants is divided into three parts according to the upper crotch to reduce the waist. If there is no concept of the size of the middle waist pants, you can move 3 inch on the line of horizontal stall for reference.

20 When playing the pants version, how should the knee circumference position be determined?

Answer: The position of the knee circumference is one -half from the flat line to the sitting line, and then move to 1.5cm up

21. When playing the outer pants version, sometimes there is only the size of the front waves and the inner length, but there is no trouser long size. How to play the version?

Answer: In this case, the length of the pants can be reduced by adding the front wave size and then reduced one centimeter. When the inner length and the front wave reaches the prescribed size, the trouser length will naturally come out.

22. When playing the pants version, is the front wave jumping and the back wave jumping the same? Why?

Answer: Generally, the front and rear waves of the order are basically the same. If the size is small, it will not reflect what changes in the pants but the size of the size. 0.25cm.

23. When the pants version, how should the height of the placket be determined? How to order the height of the placket height of mid -waist pants and low waist pants?

Answer: When playing the pants version, the placket is high for reference. Generally, the placket can be moved by 0.5cm as a reference.

24. What are the different matters different from the conventional version of the conventional version during the version of the waist pants?

Answer: When playing low waist pants, the first method of determining the position of the hip is different. The arc of the trouser waist varies greatly, and it must be a two -piece pants waist. refer to.

25. When jeans and water washing pants are used, where do you do for the pockets on the side?

Answer: If the size deviation of the waist and buttocks is too large, it will cause the upper end of the trouser side to be too large. When wearing it, it will be drumped and not close. In this way, the plate shape will be smoother, and then the bag mouth is pulled to the middle of 1 cm to achieve a three -dimensional effect, so that the version is beautiful .26. Children’s clothing and adult pants are in the process of version. What’s the difference, why?

Answer: In order to be comfortable to wear, the ordinary pants must have a stitching line, and the stitching of the rear film is the large crotch size of the large crotch determined on the basis of the previous film. The difference between the circumference is very large, and the large crotch will be very different, which will cause the size of the two sides of the stitching of the back film too much. The solution: the cross point of the horizontal crotch and the straight crotch of the front film moves back 0.5-1cm. Then, then, then

27. How much is the pants in the conventional version, how much is the forehead and the hip section of the back film?

Answer: The normal situation of the hip circumference is 2cm larger than the back film, and it is as large as the hip of the front and rear pieces.

28. When the water washed pants, the front and rear waves have a double -line style. Should the shrinkage rate shrink the same as the fabric? Why?

Answer: Different. If it is a style with more bone and bone seams, it must be made into a finished product deductive shrinkage rate, because the pressure line is basically double -layer material, plus the pressure line fixation, the retracting may be retracted, and the backbone may be retracted. Small nature, so the furniture shrinkage is unscientific.

29. What are the differences in the processing of knitted pants and shuttle pants?

Answer: Cover pants can be overlapped in front of the front and rear slices in front and rear slices, and basically the waist of the waist is basically loose. Do not overlap, the shape of the side of the trousers is large.

30. Is the length of the placket zipper in front of the top long as the paper version? why?


Answer: Different long. If it is a woven fabric, you will basically eat needles. When you are strict, you need to pass the side. If it is washing the style, you should pay more attention. Due to the reasons of Labo, the cutting film will be shortened. It is calculated according to the actual cardboard 0.97.

31. What is the scope of the maximum tolerance allowed in international standards?

Answer: The maximum tolerance allowed in international standards in international standards is the range of 1.5/100, especially the external order. The size must be strictly controlled.

32. When doing doll collars and naval collars, how much does the overlap of the small shoulder be appropriate for the collar? Men’s and women’s plackets have the upper and lower clothes. What are the differences in covering?

Answer: The overlapping position of the small shoulder is the angle of the shoulder oblique. The reference angle is 20 degrees 37. Under normal circumstances, you can use the men’s left and women to play the board. It also requires that women’s clothing is the same as men’s clothing, especially the pants door door, especially the trousers door. Pay attention to it, the cutting films are easy to reverse.

33. When playing men’s shirts, what should I calculate the level of the front left pocket?

Answer: When playing men’s shirts, the front left pocket height can be used as a reference according to the direct quantity of the clip*0.22 times

34. When playing jeans or washing pants, the spleen is set to set the size. How should my door be set to set it and how to calculate the file adjustment?

Answer: The size of the spleen is pressed with the sum of the hip/2+crotch -1.5cm, the crotch jumping is based on the hips/2 crotch jumping

35. When playing the pants board, how much relaxation should be added to the spleen circumference. Where is the measurement site generally?

Answer: Generally, the relaxation amount is increased by one centimeter, and the measurement site is normal.

36. How to calculate the amount of cloth for knitted fabrics?

Answer: Use a single piece (square meter) to take the weight of grams = single part, and the amount is calculated in kilograms

37. How to calculate the amount of cloth for shuttle fabrics?

Answer: Use a single piece (square meter) to divide the width of the fabric = single item amount (meter) and then divide up with 0.9144

38. When the winter jacket has a hat with a hat, is Libn as big as the noodles? Why?

答:除了双面穿的棉袄以外,正常的帽里按棉的厚薄做相应的减少,当帽子平放时,帽里看起来也是平服的,减少起皱的多于部分,但是要注意,帽子The length of the surroundings should be consistent.

39. When there is a hat that is removed from the jacket, what is the distance between the zipper distance from the neckline?

Answer: Generally, 5.5-6cm is reserved

40. How wide is the normal hat chain cover, how much is it suitable for the zipper at both ends?

Answer: The normal hat chain is covered with 2cm width, and the two ends must be covered with zipper 1cm

41. How to determine the zipper model when ordering clothing accessories?

Answer: According to the actual width of the tooth width MM+1mm, the zipper model is equal to the zipper model.

42. How to add the waist of the washing pants to the tight belt?

Answer: Washing pants waist is tightly tightly set according to the elasticity of the loose band to set the scrubbing rate of water.

43. Without the washing fabric, it will shrink when it is hot.

Answer: Make a one -meter -to -see mark on the cloth. The whole hot platform cannot suck the wind. Use 150 degrees high temperature to light it. With the size of the size before scalding, the actual shrinkage is obtained.

44. When playing zipper shirts, in order to prevent the zipper protruding, where to do it

Answer: In order to prevent the zipper from protruding, the hem is upward at the front and middle parts 0.5cm50 sleeve cage with a cotton coat that can be worn as vest. How to calculate the length of the sleeve zipper, and what should you pay attention to when ordering the zipper? Answer: First of all, it is necessary to determine how wide the edge of the cage edge is. Draw a 1.5cm parallel line with the cage pressure line number. Opposite


45. When making a cotton jacket in winter, how should I cut the wool collar?

Answer: The hair collar cannot be cut with cutting knives. You can directly pick it up with a single layer of scissors on the back of the hair so that the fluff will not break

46. ​​How much is the length of the lilies and faces when playing bubble skirts? What is the measuring metering rate of wrinkles in the outer layer?

Answer: The length of the library and the fabric is 9-10cm.

47. When making the waist of the pants, how much need to be dew from the locking of the rubber towel?

Answer: Including the stoppage, the exposed length is 4cm56. When the trouser board is hit, there are rubber towels in the waist and toes, or there are tied bunches on the outer side. CM, 1cm of the foot, 2cm side of the trousers (this method can only be used for reference)

48. Some pants are opened with a lot of opening. What are the causes and how to adjust the plate shape to solve it?

Answer: There are two types of situations, one: The angle of the front and rear crotch is too large. Second: The waist is too tight, and it can be adjusted appropriately if necessary

49. When playing elastic tight pants, is the calculation method of the large and small gear is the same as the conventional? What is the difference between them?

Answer: Different, there is no relaxation when the tights are worn at all, and the large and small crotch can also be reduced accordingly.

50. When playing six hats, what is the angle of the upper end of the single hat board? Why?

Answer: The angle of the upper end of the single -piece hat board is 60 degrees, and the six pieces are just 360 degrees. There is no sharp corner after the finished product.

51. When the requirements are strict than the women’s clothing version, how much is the latter film shorter?

Answer: Knitted sweater is generally 0.7cm short, and the woven shirt is 1.2-1.5cm short. Note; this method does not include the style of the hem litter.

52. How much is the length of the trouser placket zipper than the actual placket?

Answer: The trousers placket zipper is 1cm shorter than the actual placket length

53. The length of the trousers that can be removed in the knee is above the above films or the following films or the following films? Should the direction of La Lian be determined?

Answer: The below section of the zipper length is subject to the disconnection, the pulling head is close to the inner side, the previous film is subject to the inside out.

54. How is the position of the mid -leg line when playing the pants board? What kind of pants can you do not need to hit the leg line?

Answer: The position of the mid -range line is one of the two points from the mouth mouth to the sideline.

55. When playing the pants version, how much is the back of the hip and mouth parts corresponding to the front film?

Answer: When playing trousers, single -piece hips are 2cm larger than the rear film, and the rear foot width is width than the mouth wide children’s clothing 3cm, large clothing 4cm


56. When playing on the beach shorts, the mouth of the foot cannot be tied.

Answer: Fall by about 2.5cm.


57. When making the rope length, what is the corresponding length of the rope exposure and the front rope of the hat of the trouser waist?

Answer: Under loosening, the trousers are exposed to 20cm per side, and 15cm exposed on each end of the hat rope.

58. When the cotton clothes board, how can there be a cotton jacket with a size or a sample?

Answer: When a cotton coat with a size and no clothes, the bust and dressing amount of the bust and the length of the clothes are determined according to the thickness of the cotton and the number of cotton lines. The field operation is clearly said; if it is still sample, the best way is to pull the amount of each part and compare with the physical object, then the relaxation amount will naturally come out.

59. When playing with a POLO shirt, is the actual length of the weaving collar be the same as the length of the collar?

Answer: When playing the POLO shirt, the length of the machinery is 1cm shorter than the actual collar siege

60. When a sweater is injected, how width should be played by the collar bar, what is the width of the finished product?

Answer: The backbag is 3cm in horizontal cutting, and the width of the finished product is 0.8cm

61. When climbing the clothes board, how to calculate the width of the pants and mouth in the length and width of the feet and feet?

Answer: The parts of the soles of the feet and the feet have nothing to do with the width of the foot mouth. The overlapping part of the foot on the soles of the feet plus the back end of the feet and the width of the foot. Foot

62. When playing the shirt version, the sleeve cage and the side bone are buried clamps. How should the sewing be added?

Answer: When playing the shirt version, the sleeve seams are 1.6cm, the rear seam is 1.2cm, the body sleeve cage and the front side are 0.7cm

63. Is the height of the back -to -drying height of orthodox shirts and casual shirts? What is the distinction between the gauze of the whole clothes?

Answer: The orthodox shirt is generally kept between 7-7.5cm, while the casual shirt is generally about 10cm, and the back drying is basically a double-layer horizontal yarn.

64. What is the difference between adult clothing size and children’s clothing?

Answer: The jump of the adult clothing size is basically calculated at 5cm height, and the children’s clothing is generally 10cm a gear difference, so the size jump of each part is basically half.

65. When playing the coat hat, if there is a hat ears at the hat mouth, how much is the length of the cap with the length of the hat?

Answer: The length of the cap is about 4cm longer than the actual collar.

66. In the process of big goods, how should the general part of relaxation be added? What should I pay attention to when weaving fabrics before the production of large goods?

Answer: Under normal circumstances, the full circle of the bust is 1cm, 1.5cm in length, 1.5cm in length, and 1cm with the hip circle. Note: This placement method does not include the litto mouth and the tight band style.

67. What is the difference between knitted clothing and shuttle clothing paper seams?

Answer: The normal sewing of knitted clothing is 0.8cm, and the normal sewing of the woven clothing is 1cm

68. During the version of the version, when encountering more pleats or deformation treatment, how to do it in order to do it?

Answer: The best way is to make a molding version to modify the cutting of the forming to achieve the effect of non -deformation.

69 When the single or single trousers in the set, how much should the length of Libn be added?

Answer: When the single or single pants in the set, the blooming volume is 1cm in the pressure line of the hem as the reference

70. When the waist of the waist is broken, is the waist width of the trousers tight bandwidth? Why?

Answer: No, you must press the loosening width*2 to add 0.3cm to relax

71. How do I set it up?

Answer: Generally, it is set to double shrinkage. If there is a physical reference, the real -time material pulls.

72. When the cotton clothes board, how to set up the weight of the cotton, sleeves, and hat cotton?

Answer: If the lily is consistent, the cotton and hat cotton press the thickness of the cotton corresponding to 400-600mg.

73. What is the amount of wrinkles that are generally adjusted in the waist of loose pants?

Answer: References at 1.3 times after wrinkles and wrinkles.

74. The sleeve cage is the vest of the tattoo. Where do the tattoo head do when the sleeve cage is tattooed? How is the length of the Robe?


Answer: When the sleeve cage is the vest of the lit tattoo, it is best to play it together in connected with the littering, and then directly cut the width of the tattoo from the sleeve cage. Determine from the angle of the side and bottoming.

75. How to set the proportion of the litter and the body of the hem of the knitted pulp or fish scale cloth?

Answer: The hem size can be made by the chest*0.84 for reference.

76. How to add the tightness of the waist of water washing pants?

Answer: The shrinkage rate of the tightness of the waist is calculated at the shrinkage rate of 10/100. Except for the special type of loose belt.

77. When the sweater is injected, the lower swing is afraid of being widen by the trail. Where should I do it?

Answer: 0.5cm inward on both sides of the hem can solve this problem.

78. How many times are the sizes of the lower jub in the small skirt without size? What is the difference between jumping crotch and chest position on the hem?

Answer: The hem can be calculated at 1.4 times the bust, and the jump of the hem width can be pressed to the value of the bust and then take it by the bust.

79. When playing women’s pants, the waist is arc. If you want to make your waist and the big body flat, what do you have to do when you play?

Answer: When playing on the board, even the waist can be played together, then cut the waist and cut off the waist, and then connect the front and back waist. After the pants are done, the whole body is flat.

80. When playing the pants version, in order to wear or look good on the pants, which pants need to be stitched, which do not have to be?

Answer: Generally, there must be a stitched stitching line when playing on the board with hot stitching. , To achieve the effect of good appearance

81. What is the bottom end of the front end of the collar? What is the angle of the finished product to match the neck?

Answer: The height of the front end is 2.5cm, and the starting point of the lower end arc is 15cm. The angle of the finished product is 8-9 degrees, which is in line with the neck.

82. How does the hanging led width be determined when the suspender board is?

Answer: The width of the suspender is determined according to the center of the small shoulder of the conventional clothing

83. How to determine the clamping ring of the camisole?

Answer: Calculate 0.27 times the whole circle of busts from the upper flat line to calculate the depth of the cage and draw a horizontal line, so that you can find the bottom point

84. When the collar is stood up, what is the wide reference size of the collar?

Answer: The reference height is 4.5cm

85. There are large -scale zipper shirts with large -scale patterns in front of the chest. For the sake of the patterns on both sides of the big goods, how to solve this matter when playing board?

Answer: When the board is hit, a sewing is reversed and stitched at the placket of the film. It cannot be cut off when cutting.

86. What is the difference between children’s clothing and large clothes when playing women’s waist and waist tops. What are the differences between the hem treatment?

Answer: The proportion of the waist joints of children and adults is very different from the ratio of hips. The version treatment and children’s clothing are slightly changed. Adults need to be slightly closed from the waist joint to the hip lines.