Night reading Three women took 21 pounds of gold as a chest pad to be arrested in Japan. Boys drove on high -speed roads? After watching a cold sweat!



Three women took 21 pounds of gold as a chest pad to go to Japan and were arrested

Take a look at the news KNEWS news. According to Japanese media reports, three Taiwanese women carry 6 chest pads worth 50 million yen (about 300,000 yuan) to enter from Taiwan to Hakodate Airport, Japan to enter the country, trying to smuggle. Seized on the spot. Hokkaido police arrested three women and transferred to the Procuratorate with violation of the Customs Law.

On November 11, 2017, three women such as Qiu (47 years old) flew from Taoyuan Airport in Taiwan to Hakodate. When they entered the country, they carried 6 total 10.5 kg of gold blocks to try to break through.

夜读丨3名女子拿21斤黄金当胸垫 穿去日本被捕丨男童在高速路上开车?看完吓出一身冷汗!

Hokkaido Police announced on March 19 that the six gold blocks were specially made into chest pads, each with a diameter of about 11 cm and weighing about 1.75 kg, sewn into the underwear worn by the woman. According to these three women, the men they met in Taiwan entrusted them to bring a gold block to break through the barrier and designated them to give a Japanese man. After agreed, each person could get a remuneration of about RMB 4,000.


The 3 -year -old boy drives on the highway? After watching a cold sweat!

夜读丨3名女子拿21斤黄金当胸垫 穿去日本被捕丨男童在高速路上开车?看完吓出一身冷汗!

Jiangnan Metropolis News, everyone needs to hold the steering wheel tightly when driving. Everyone understands this principle. But the driver below is holding a 3 -year -old boy to drive,

As a result, he was fined 50 yuan and 2 points were punished.

夜读丨3名女子拿21斤黄金当胸垫 穿去日本被捕丨男童在高速路上开车?看完吓出一身冷汗!

Recently, the provincial high -speed traffic police saw on the Yongwu Highway that a man was holding a 3 -year -old boy to control the steering wheel, and the adults embraced him did not stop and drove on the fast lane.

The picture can be clearly seen in a small black car. The driver’s seat is a little boy, and he is holding the steering wheel “with a model” without a seat belt.

The traffic police reminded that the driver needs to hold the steering wheel tightly when driving a motor vehicle. Once a child is clamped in the middle, it will not only hinder the line of sight, but also affect the flexibility of controlling the steering wheel.

Once a traffic accident occurs, the child’s injury is increased.

Remind you: Drive to take your children out, do not commit the following mistakes!

夜读丨3名女子拿21斤黄金当胸垫 穿去日本被捕丨男童在高速路上开车?看完吓出一身冷汗!

Each one may be the killer to take the child’s life!

1. Parents hold their children to ride a car

According to authoritative monitoring, a collision occurs at 50 kilometers per hour. Under inertia, 30 times the impact of gravity acceleration will be generated. Taking a 10 kg child as an example, the impact is close to 300 kg! In this case, parents cannot hold their children at all! Don’t think that your response can be hugged quickly. If the child is sitting low, the head is just on the parent’s chest. If you have a violent collision,


The long breasts will naturally press down, violently pressing the child’s head and neck, causing great damage to the child.

夜读丨3名女子拿21斤黄金当胸垫 穿去日本被捕丨男童在高速路上开车?看完吓出一身冷汗!

2. Don’t give your child an adult seat belt

夜读丨3名女子拿21斤黄金当胸垫 穿去日本被捕丨男童在高速路上开车?看完吓出一身冷汗!

Generally speaking, car seats and seat belts are designed for adults and are not suitable for children’s body type

Essence If the child uses an adult’s seat belt, if it is tightly tied, there will be a chance to cause a fatal waist injury or compression of the neck and cheeks during a car accident. If it is too loose and the vehicle collision occurs, children may fly out of the air belt and seats.

3. Don’t let children sit on the co -driver

It is an unwise choice to let children sit in the co -pilot. Some cars have double gas sacs. Once the dangerous airbags occur, they are blocked between people and the car body, making people avoid harm.

However, because the child’s upper body is short, the position of the airbags is often above the child’s head. Instead of protecting the child, it will cause damage.

Therefore, children under the age of 12 must sit in the back row.

4. Don’t let your child’s body part of the car out of the car

Once a sudden brake or sting, it is very likely that the child’s body part of the car will be harmed.

Some parents will let their children’s heads expose the sunroof. This is equally good. In the fast driving car, the child is standing in a standing posture. The center of gravity is unstable. This is extremely dangerous.

5. Don’t lock the children’s safety lock

夜读丨3名女子拿21斤黄金当胸垫 穿去日本被捕丨男童在高速路上开车?看完吓出一身冷汗!

The child’s nature is good, but he likes to touch everywhere. Children who are eight months old have enough strength to pull the door lock.

Nowadays, children’s safety locks are generally safe. Before the car starts, children must be locked off. Do not wait for automatic locks. Accidents often occur between milliseconds.

6. Do not pile decorations in the car

For the interior of the car, there must be no sharp and hard things, so as to ensure that children will not hurt because of the impact when accidents. In addition, some cases may not be harmful to adults, but they may hurt infants and young children.

If the perfume and decoration in front of the car, the small pets are not adhered. Once the tail of it is fierce, it will ejection inward, and the height is often the position of the child’s head.

After reading it, tell the family who is a child at home,

夜读丨3名女子拿21斤黄金当胸垫 穿去日本被捕丨男童在高速路上开车?看完吓出一身冷汗!

Accidents always happen between milliseconds!

【Chicken Soup】

Don’t let your life be destroyed on this word

Sijia is 21 years old. She said she was waiting for her 21 years of life.

夜读丨3名女子拿21斤黄金当胸垫 穿去日本被捕丨男童在高速路上开车?看完吓出一身冷汗!

In high school, her dream was to travel to Shangri -La, and the “closest place to heaven” has always been dreaming. However, she did not see her in the winter and summer vacation. Sijia always said, not in a hurry, wait for graduation trip again.

The summer vacation of the two or three months after the college entrance examination passed, Sijia still didn’t go. This time, Sijia said, because no one is accompanied, I don’t worry, I will go again in the future.

In this way, she missed a dream of romantic trip.

Subsequently, Sijia entered the university campus. She went to the city far away from home and was ready to start a new life. She told herself in her heart that she must be more active, took the initiative to attack, and showed a grand picture. However, when the community and the student union campaign minister, she secretly resigned for a long time.

夜读丨3名女子拿21斤黄金当胸垫 穿去日本被捕丨男童在高速路上开车?看完吓出一身冷汗!

She really wanted to be the minister, but she really did not dare to stand on that stage to speak. Sijia told himself in his heart, it doesn’t matter, wait, next time there are other events to participate in the campaign.

In this way, she missed a precious opportunity.

夜读丨3名女子拿21斤黄金当胸垫 穿去日本被捕丨男童在高速路上开车?看完吓出一身冷汗!

I have to admit that there are too many excuses and “waiting” in life. I haven’t passed the exam at the 4th and 6th grades, it doesn’t matter, wait for the next test again; if you want to see the Aurora, there is no money. It doesn’t matter. Wait for the next month’s salary to issue it. I want to lose weight and become beautiful. Start exercise again after meals; it doesn’t matter if you want to learn to drive a driver’s license.

So, next time, you will still appear in the examination room of level 4 and six; next time you see the video and pictures of Aurora on the Internet and mobile phones, you will still regret it; next time, you see you on the street When Xiaoman’s waist and vest line girl, you will still be ashamed; next time, you will sigh in the circle of friends to travel by your friends in the circle of friends …


Whether we love things or the people we like, they are going to go closer. The beautiful scenery on the road of life can not wait.

You know, it is better to forward 10,000 koi as much as you take the initiative to work hard for your dreams, even once.

In our lives, there will be too many waiting -wait for the bus, wait for the get out of class, wait for the subway, wait for the traffic lights, wait for the holidays, wait for the rain to stop … These can be waited, but dreams and wishes often can’t stand.

夜读丨3名女子拿21斤黄金当胸垫 穿去日本被捕丨男童在高速路上开车?看完吓出一身冷汗!

Those who always say “wait” often consume the light in the waiting until there is no chance to wait.

Having said that the goal you want to achieve, it is better to cultivate your own action from the moment, and apply every expectant flower to the most gorgeous colors. After looking back many years later, you have a smile to yourself and tell yourself that you have not disappointed these years.

After all, life is a train that never turns back, and no ticket to return.