Common screw knife models and specifications


2014-09-29 Hangjia Technology

The screwdriver can be divided into common types according to different head types, such as word, cross, rice characters, hexagonal heads, plums (also known as star type), 12 corners, square heads, Y shapes, and some very visible head shapes, such as double head shapes, such as double heads , Triangle, wrong cross, etc., one of which and the cross are the most commonly used. The installation and maintenance of conventional machinery and equipment must be used in this type.

Inner hexagonal screws were not widely used before. With the professionalization and miniaturization of machinery and equipment, there are more and more and more widely used occasions, but the most common is the inner hexagon wrench, not the screwdriver. In the interior of the aircraft structure, many of them are screws with inner hexagonal holes, which is convenient for multi -angle to tighten the force.

There are not many occasions that you may see star screws, but smaller star types are common in electronic products and electronic components.

In China, we are used to calling the screwdriver with less torque. The common kits are generally equipped with star T6, T8, cross pH0, pH00 and other sizes.

The following picture shows the head shape of the common screw knife and the corresponding Chinese name:

One word cross rice character in the hexagonal plum blossom 12 horns, the y -shaped double -headed double -headed triangle eccentric cross

The specification of the screw knife is described as: head shape*length

For example, the cross PH2X100, pH2 is the head shape, 100 is the length of the pole, and the unit is millimeter. The specific specifications of the screwdriver are described as English letters (often with 1 or 2 letters). The number of English letters represents the form of the English letter, which is related to the shape of the opening.

The corresponding English description of the most common head form is as follows:


Word slotted

Cross Phillips

Mi character pozi


Hexagonal hexgonal

Star Torx

Fangtou Square

In the above example, PH2, pH is the abbreviation of the head type Phillips, the top size of the two fingers. The common specifications of cross and plum head types are as follows:

Cross PH000 PH00 PH0 PH1 PH2 PH3 (the smaller the more advanced)

Plum Blossom T5 T6 T7 T8 T9 T9 T15 T15 T25 T27T30 T40 T45 T50

The above -mentioned models have international and national standards and measures that can be measured.

In addition, the cross screw and cross screw knife was invented by American Henry Philips in the 1930s, and was first used on the assembly line of the car. Therefore, cross screws and cross screw knives are usually called Philips screws and Philips screwdriver.