You can tell the story to the toy to play with your children, handmade paper art, attach picture of paper templates


100% precise paper template, torrent dragon with a pinch when pinching the mouth + cute tug monkey (attached tutorial)

After several episodes of the production tutorial on paper molds,

Xiaobian has received many friends hope

Then provide them with more paper templates

So that they can print it out

At the same time, there are many friends

A variety of questions were issued

The most typical of these is

How big the paper is used for printing

Actually, your paper depends on how much paper mold you want to do

You can use A4 paper to print directly


Of course, if the effect is printed

Then you can also use the form of B5

No fixed size restrictions and requirements

Today, I bring you two more practical templates

Let’s look at the first one first

Tutorial one


Bite the Tyrannosaurus


First of all, let’s take a look at the basic shape of Tyrannosaurus

Tyrannosaurus is a three -dimensional paper art toy


When we squeeze down his three -dimensional body

He will open its red mouth

It seems like eating something

As for what he would eat?

We also prepared some food stickers for him

Of course there are blank templates, draw on my own

Next is the inspiring template

Many people ask what the role of these templates is?


Provide the main purpose of the template

No longer need to be made through your own hand -painted

The template given here

They are all accurate template cases

You don’t need to match the size anymore



There are two templates here

After you print it out

Cut off the blank area with scissors


Just leave the pattern model we need

Of course, I remind everyone like Xiaobian here

When making this Tyrannosaurus for the first time

You can use a softer printing paper

If there are relatively high requirements for finished products

Then it is more suitable to use a more hard paper



Production step

Tyrannosaurus has 15 production steps in total

All in the graphs are all in the order in order

How do you pass the template

Paste combination

The first step we have to do is to cut the Tyrannosaurus’s head

Then use white latex to stick them together

The next step is the stitching of Tyrannosaurus’s body part

The following steps are more complicated

Because it involves here

Tyrannosaurus’s shrinkage and expansion function

Everyone looks at the picture patiently


Follow the order in order

Is it a bit like making?

A frog to bounce

That’s right, this body is when we are pressing


It will swell upward


When we release our hands

It will shrink to the original three -dimensional part


The hardest part solves the hardest part

It is to stitch the head and feet

In order to make Tyrannosaurus look particularly horrible


We can put one in his mouth

The small stickers we prepare in advance

So when the Tyrannosaurus opened his mouth

The pattern of that small sticker will be displayed

Did you learn this Tyrannosaurus?

Tutorial two


Dudu monkey

Of course not all paper molds are so complicated

This beep monkey. Production is very simple


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Production step