Ordinary T -shirts are bad streets. The most fashionable thing this summer is “sleeveless T -shirt”, cool, comfortable and thin


#What to wear today#



It is also necessary to choose some versatile basic items in the summer, so it is also necessary to choose some versatile basic items. You can easily wear the sense of fashion you want. There are many basic items that belong to summer, such as this year is particularly hot

Sleeveless T -shirt

It is one of them,

Cool leisure, it is all over

Essence So you love beauty, ordinary T -shirts are bad streets, the most fashionable this summer is “sleeveless T -shirt”,

Cool, comfortable and thin.

Features of sleeveless T -shirt

T -shirt without sleeve design is a sleeveless T -shirt,

It is characterized by coolness and comfort

, Wear a little bit

No sense of constraint

Essence It is one of the very common versatile items in summer. Its version or loose or slim design.

It can create a sense of change of style,

It is a casual item that many girls are particularly loved.

Precautions for dressless T -shirts

It is needless to say that the sleeveless T -shirt is comfortable. It is definitely a place for summer cooling. In terms of its combination, it is also extremely difficult to make mistakes.

If solid colors can be matched with solid color or printed subordinates

Essence If it is slim, then the fat girl should avoid it as much as possible when choosing. Whether a sleeveless T -shirt is worn alone or inward, it is okay.


The fashion style played in different clothing will also be different.

Sleeveless T -shirt single product recommendation


1. White sleeveless T -shirt

This white sleeveless T -shirt,

Visual fresh and charming

, Perfectly fit the small round neck of the neck,

Comfortable to wear

, And suitable for different face shapes. The hem is used to wear the jacket corner, which looks more concise and neat. The black loose shorts of the lower body, the configuration of the belt is quite out, with a pair of white short boots,

It looks fashionable and handsome.

2. Round neck sleeveless T -shirt

The classic round neck T -shirt is the most common basic model. This T -shirt is a sleeveless design.

Double the cool feeling to wear,


Especially suitable for hot summer. The loose body is not restrained to the body,

So fat and thin girls can be worn

Essence The black straight trousers of the lower body look free and casual and full of casual atmosphere. This kind of dress is most suitable for you who like simple style.

3. Loose sleeveless T -shirt

Loose version of sleeveless T -shirt,

Fashionable, concise and generous

The upper body is full of comfort. This white sleeveless T -shirt has a large sleeve opening. In order to prevent the light in the light, you can wear the same color vest with a tube top.

Lightly drooping fabric,

The breathability is super praised, the lower body is paired with high -waisted jeans,

Wear a tall figure.

4. Print sleeveless T -shirt


The sleeveless T -shirt designed by this print is dark as the main background, and the visual is particularly thin, and the yellow letter printing and pattern seem to look like


Extremely eye -catching

It is 100 points for wearing a sense of fashion. And the loose version also

All kinds of figure

The silver necklace is decorated between the neck, adding a lot of fashion, and with a watch, it shows a little bit

Intellectual and capable.

Sleeveless T -shirt Recommendation

1. Sleeveless T -shirt+casual pants

Black sleeveless T -shirt is particularly thin. The upper body is wearing its own eye -catching effect.

Tall and charming

Essence The python pattern on the lower body is worn, and the eyes are extremely eye -catching.


It’s still very brilliant

, With a pair of black high -heeled sandals,

The overall is simple and no reserved.

The fresh white combination single items are intertwined together. The refreshing feeling is 100 %. This sleeveless T -shirt with a bit of shoulder pad design on the shoulder,

It is very stylish to wear.

The loose version of the balance is full, with white shorts with the same tone,

Youth and sweet


These two kinds of basic items,

Easy to create a sense of leisure.

Jeans always give people a kind of

Handsome and neutral feeling

In fact, it also has this characteristic. The white sleeveless T -shirt is combined with it. Both girls and women can easily control it. The beading sandals on the feet follow the low -key overall.

Classic and simple.

Black sleeveless T -shirt and blue denim shorts, be careful of the jacket corner of the jacket,

I wore a sense of fashion as soon as I didn’t pay attention

Essence Black is the most classic and calm. There will be no feeling of breaking away. At the same time, with dark blue denim shorts, it will not feel conflict. Teachers’ black Martin boots and black handbags on their hands.

Put out a differently -like style.

White T -shirt and light blue denim trousers, this is also a combination of no mind, simple items,

Come out of fashionable charm

Essence The tailoring of the clothes high waist, but the point that was slightly exposed into the trousers,

Simple and elegant,

The rose red sandals modified by diamonds and leaves are matched with the whole body,

But there is no sense of disobedience.

This white sleeveless T -shirt, the design of the shoulder,


Special three -dimensional and styles


, Create a visual sense of the upper width and narrow upper body,

With a little alternative fashion

The girls who don’t like them can also bypass such a way to wear. Take a pair of floral casual trousers and high waist design,

It is very tall to wear


, Yellow flat single shoes, with red bags, it is simple and versatile.

The combination of black -body black will bring a little dull feeling in summer, so it is OK to make an article on other items. This black sleeveless T -shirt is appropriate to wear a cool feeling. The width -leg pants on the lower body use the silhouette design of the trousers.

You can also easily control the workplace.

The minimalist in summer is still very popular with the girls, and the black and white match like this is sought after in the fashion circle, but it is popular every year. White sleeveless shirt with black wide -leg shorts,


, Obviously a simple match,

But there is another different charm.

White sleeveless T -shirt knotted, the fashion sense appeared, and the personality of a full personality was modified in front of you.

Playful vitality and youthful breath is enough

Essence If you want to match the unusual match, put a pair of black and white tight trousers in the lower body, shape the leg shape well, and finally put on a pair of black sandals,

More suitable for daily styling.

Black sleeveless T -shirt is matched with cycling shorts stitching, with a full

Sports vitality, a sense of vitality,

The tight pants body design, set off the straight leg shape


More slender

Essence However, the shoes choose high -heeled high -heeled shoes. It seems that it is not tone with casual costumes, but the upper body is still very interesting. The rose red handbag and the shoes on the feet have a good response,


Easily brighten the overall shape.


The white printed sleeveless T -shirt is matched with the tight trousers of printed printed.

Looks more everyday

, The white casual sports shoes on the feet create a comfortable and comfortable gait. These simple dressing together,


It is also very fashionable.

This dress is often favored by mature women. The golden necklace is decorated between the neck.

Fashionable and foreign

Essence White sleeveless T -shirt,


Fashionable and simple to wear

, Milk white suit trousers,

It also shows the dignified feeling

, Such a combination of combination, the workplace can be perfectly dealt with daily.

2. Sleeveless T -shirt+skirt

Purple sleeveless T -shirt, matched with purple sunglasses,

Special coordination and good -looking

Essence The modification of the pearl necklace exudes a gentle smell like water,

Show ladylike style

, The dark print embellishment of the hem,

Fashionable and beautiful.

Under a short black skirt, the skirt body is pinched and modified, which can cover the thick legs well. Black boots and black handbags on your feet,

Also add points to the overall shape.

, The handling of the shoulder is very new, the design of the clothes waist,


Fashionable and full of personality

, Show a little waist and limb skin. And the red skirt of the lower body, the contrasting lotus leaf edge on the skirt, exudes the gentleness of the little woman, with brown boots,

Fashion and temperament.

A middle -aged woman with thick arm and fat, quickly collect “sleeveless T -shirts thin”,

Give you good -looking


Essence As a summer versatile sleeveless T -shirt,


It highlights a simple and casual taste. In terms of its matching, it is also extremely diversified. It is combined with different clothing, and the sense of fashion shows is also different. If you like girls, see which one you like, then try it.

This white sleeveless T -shirt,

Fashionable, concise and generous

Fashionable, concise and generous