The 200,000 people have left, and they will be retired, and the era is over.


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After a week, all the teachers of all primary and secondary schools were separated, about 20,000 people.

At 10 o’clock on December 22, a good future and thought of a line of bid, over 20,000 employees participated.

According to media reports, they will officially shut down the discipline training services in the compulsory education stage on December 31, and this bideline will be held in the primary and secondary school teaching teachers who have to leave.

Xi Si Chuangbang Zhang Bangxin said: “Thank you every partner who persists to the last, even though we have already known the ending, but it is still very good at every lesson.”


Since its establishment in 2003, he learned to enter 129 cities across the country, more than 80,000 employees work here, and more than 25,000 employees insist on now.

Although this decided to decide, it has already been awarded more than a month, but this day is really coming, it is still awkward.

“When an organization retreats, the body is very important, the more difficult, the Yuecho is exhausted, the more it shows that an organization can really have something left.” Zhang Bangxin said to everyone.

At the meeting, more than 20,000 employees have reviewed the experience of video and pictures, and Zhang Bangxin reviewed himself from the current sonomate, and became a development course of learning.

Zhang Bangxin summed up the next 18 years:

In a great era, we have made an attempt.

“From the small workshop all the way, spend a small money to do something. Three shrinkage, the tide, people gathered, there is a retreat, there is a loss. 海 田, 18 years, we have no regrets!”


Of course, he also reflect on: As a listed education company, there is no need to focus on the layout of quality education, and did not have the general trend of the era.

“Although it is very painful, double mining is a good next 18-year-old adult gift, does not complain, does not lie flat, actively respond, pragmatically created.”

Finally, this saying farewell to the end of a poem: “People have joys and sorrows, the moon is cloudy, this is ancient times. I hope people will last forever.”

Zhang Bangxin bowed more than 20,000 employees in front of the camera and said: “Everyone will take care” and then leave.

The theme of this bidelifier is “grateful peers”, not just a good time than 40,000 departments in the future, a landmark end of the entire teaching industry.

Under the industry, the boss that can bid farewell to the body is indeed respectable.

At the same time, the whole network is full of emotions and touched sounds, there is a grateful, and there is also a little …

It can be seen that whether it is left, in-service employees, or students, parents, and their feelings are very deep.

After studying, it is just a microcosm of the teaching industry.

“Dear classmates … Today’s non-hospitality is for a better future.” This is a sentence to write a letter to the employee when the byte beat is educated.

On July 30th, the founder Chen Xiangdong released the internal letter of the founder, “We do so tough decisions, the core motivation is only one, that is, it is alive. We must change our operation mode, we must focus our Human, material resources and financial resources, we must prepare full ammunition and funds for future development. “

Xiong Crown, Associate Dean, the 21st Century Education, said: “When the school training institution is transformed, it must figure out a basic fact. The era of being a big education business has passed. If you still want to make a big institution through educational training, Listing, how can it transform will touch the wall. Continue to do education and training, you must adhere to education, then standing in educating for educators, providing differential education choices, or can be active. “

Perhaps the most wake-up people in front of the policy are the new Oriental Yu Minhong. He said: “Why can’t the new Oriental business can’t do it, the business can’t do? Why can’t we think about it? Why can’t we think? Don’t think about it, can we do anything? “

But for those who learn, they can do anything, but doing other things, they will kill their ideals in the year.



Zhang Bangxin said in the internal letter:

“Today’s good future is just a family education and a dream.”

Zhang Bangxin, a college period, in order to earn a student fee, and three of them are tutoring, and two are tutoring classes.

Because helping a student achieved remarkable improvement in mathematics, I have received many times in a row, Zhang Bangxin has received a good reputation in the parents, and more than 20 parents found Zhang Bangxin.

This allows Zhang Bangxin to see huge business opportunities. In 2003, he founded the “Olympian network” with his classmates, and at the same time opened math small classes. In 2005, the company officially changed its name.

In this way, thinking about the start of the Olympic Pope, from a 20-square-meter small training course, two years successful revenue exceeded 10 million. Zhang Bangxin also chose to drop from Peking University and concentrated on entrepreneurship.

In 2006, the New Oriental landed in the United States New Year, became the first educational institution in the Chinese mainland in the United States. Yu Minhong has also become the most money-rich English teacher.


Maybe I saw the guidelines of the Supreme of Peking University.

Zhang Bangxin, 30-year-old 2010, also went to the US, became the youngest tabs in the history of the New House.

I have learned the first small and medium-sized education training institution in China. In 2013, the company officially renamed as a good future.

Perhaps it is 18 years old than Yu Minhong, but also caught up with the wave of the Internet. In the attitude towards technology and AI technology, Zhang Bangxin is more radical than Yu Minhong, and has been in front of the new Orient.

Relying on differentiation, a good future goes out of a new road.


The new Oriental caught up with the wave of study abroad, the main adult education, the future, the future, in order to make the primary and secondary school students, it is better to follow the parents of the Chinese parents to fight for the psychology.


On July 28, 2017, the future is later, the market value reached 12.743 billion US dollars, and the first time exceeded the New Oriental. During the 2020 epidemic, the future market value was a breakthrough of 50 billion US dollars.

There have been some people to evaluate: Zhang Bangxin has always held an educational initiative.

Just as the tide of the teaching training industry, the education company who has learned, homework, and 猿 counseling, etc. .

In my opinion, Internet companies have made online education, which is to waste the opportunity to transform the teaching training industry.

Due to the truth, Internet company’s online education model should be based on better online learning products, can be copied with low cost, gradually eating high-priced teaching space, so that all people can enjoy good education, let ordinary people’s children It is also possible to open life because of the network.

This is the meaning of education, giving a unfair person, changing the hope of fate.

As a result, offline education is expensive, online education is also expensive, and children who come to the end are still don’t work, I can’t help the job, this should not be the initiality of education.

This will appear sooner or later.

It seems to be the sentence: Sometimes, the higher the flying, the more miserable, the double reduction policy has a good future, far exceeds the new East.

On the day before the official disclosure of the double reduction policy, the future stock price dropped by 70.76%, and the market value has evaporated for more than $ 50 billion.



In fact, on July 27, Zhang Bangxin has confirmed the company’s destiny to his employees:

“Our agencies can’t afford our customers, our company also can’t afford our executives and cadres.”

Many teachers have long known that they will leave, but they still choose to hold, or even the last month, give students free of charge.

Some teachers said, “It is very uncomfortable, but the general trend has to face it, we can do the last shift.”

Under the weight of the policy, many of the teaching and businesses have been unable to support this year, and they have turned to the curtain.

For a few more time, Yu Minhong and New Oriental have also chosen a decentralization: 400,000 layoffs, finished the teacher’s salary, and also clear the students’ refund, and donated 80,000 sets of desk chairs.

Yu Minhong officially announced in a circle of friends: the teachings are over.

As Yu Minhong said: “Although the predicament and pain still will not expire, the realm of life will certainly improve, just like we boarded a higher hill, I will always see a more magnificent world. I have always believed, all Everything that happens is the best arrangement! “

The giant’s retreat is always inadvertently becoming the background of every turning point in history.

The transformation has begun, Yu Minhong’s new oriental chooses to highlight the agricultural products and highlights through live bands.

And Zhang Bangxin’s good future chose to continue to explore in the field of quality education, trying to find a way to let the company live.


Under the big changes, two people will open another another life.

Although it is difficult, but as long as you have the courage to re-route, you will be able to get through the cold winter, ushered in the dawn.