Will Deye underwear really spontaneously heated? You can score clearly these merchant gimmicks


The temperature in the south seemed to fall from more than 20 degrees to a single digit, which made us fall into the winter and fell into the winter directly. Before the “autumn clothes bought during the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Periods”, we had to put on the autumn clothes and autumn pants in a hurry. This year’s winter is a bit too early!

Many people’s hearts are actually refused to “autumn clothes and autumn pants”, because it seems to be synonymous with ugly, old soil, and bloated.

But it’s time for you to let go of their prejudices, after all, the autumn clothes are more fashionable.

With the development of science and technology, autumn clothes not only become lighter and more fashionable, you will also find that the materials are also diverse. Cotton, cotton, and Modal seem to be the past.

The popular “spontaneous thermal velvet” of the entire network suddenly emerged, and it has already become a trend of underwear.


Then the question is:

1. What is the virtue?

2. Is the virtue really spontaneously hot or marketing gimmick?

Let’s talk together today.


What is the virtue?

Now 10 of the 10 of the underwear selling underwear said that they sell the virtue,


But in fact, most of them are the popularity of the keyword “German”.


Germany is actually a kind of fabric developed by Bayer, Germany.

It has a small layer of fluff on the surface, which is very skin -friendly and very suitable for dying.

So, if you buy the German velvet underwear:

Heating fiber or polyester fiber, congratulations, you bought pseudo -virtue.


But not all acrylic fabrics can be called virtue. Because this is the technology of Bayer in Germany, it must

The acrylic certified by Bayer in Germany is the real virtue. Unclear? It depends on whether there is a small yellow card on the clothes, and it is definitely impossible to recognize the “ID card”.

Does Delo really spontaneously heat up?

The current “deer” seems to be inseparable from “spontaneous heat”,

This listening to the warm fabric is “black technology” or a marketing gimmick.

In fact, it is not entirely correct to say that the virtue fabric will be spontaneous. The unique structure of acrylic and the relatively high fluffyness can lock more static air, as well as blocking the entry of external cold air, forming an air layer, and avoiding it better to avoid it. Human body heat distribution.

At the same time, Germany will lock the heat emitted in the body, and absorb some of the water vapor on our body and convert it into heat energy. Although German velvet is a good warm fabric,

Spontaneous heating is a gimmick for merchants.

Why is the price gap in German underwear so large?


Dellao is frying hot now, and the price of the same product is not a little bit a little bit. In fact, this

It depends on the material with the German velvet.


Some choose to blend with cheap cheap chemical fiber, some choose ordinary cotton and Modal blended, and some are blended with high -end mulberry silk, cashmere and other materials.

So do n’t just look at the name of the product, and learn to see the ingredients.

The difference between the quality of blending:

Can it be effective

Due to the low temperature and humidity in winter, the load generated by friction cannot be exported, which is more likely to cause static electricity.

If you blend it with low chemical fiber, it is easier to cause static electricity, and the blend of more fabrics with virtue and cotton and cotton and quality will reduce the effectiveness of friction and prevent static electricity. Mao’s rabbit.

The degree of softness and lightness is different

Many people say that it has tried the new door to open the world of autumn pants, which is like cashmere.

However, if German and higher -quality fabric blend, the fluffy fabric will be higher than other cheap fabrics.

It feels softer and light when wearing it.

Secondly, the light and lightness of German fabrics is better than ordinary wool sweater. The weight of ordinary sweater is twice as many as it, so compared to ordinary wool sweater,

The virtue is doubled on the body without a sense of comfort, which will make us avoid bloated and not feel cold.

Jianyun’s Latto is very good

I have been looking for cost -effective German velvet autumn trousers for everyone,

In contrast, I found that Jianyun’s family is really good.

1. Germany+mulberry silk+cashmere protein blend

In the above popular science we know the importance of materials, this autumn trousers from Jianyun’s family are high -quality materials blended.

Not only are silk and cashmere protein, but also German moral fabrics are added.

The silk and cashmere protein in the fabric are rich in nourishing the skin with beneficial amino acids that are beneficial to the skin, making the skin more delicate and smooth. Those who have dry skin in autumn and winter should start decisively.

The addition of German fabrics is even more icing on the cake, making the clothes more warm and warm.

Light and lightless design


In the bloated autumn and winter, it is important whether the personal underwear is light and no trace. It will directly affect the effect of our dressing shape.


Even if this light -free design is used directly to make a coat, it is exposed to the outside.

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Jianyun Latto Wellsless Warm Burnal Men’s Thin Men and Velvet Pants Hot Autumn Pants Women’s Set Winter

¥ 119


Xiaobian’s words:

This is a good thing for everyone to be intimate. It not only uses good quality, but also

The number of codes is very complete, from M to XXL,

Both couples and parents can take care of them intimately.

Now the receipt of the bill is reduced by 60 yuan, the price is 59 yuan/set, and the price is very high. Take advantage of the event.

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