LEVI’s co -producer let the flowers bloom on the denim, the chanel mini chain bag is exquisite and dreamy is a beautiful thing for Japan


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Chanel mini chain bag is exquisite and dreamy

Levi's 联名古着让花朵在牛仔上绽放,Chanel迷你链条包精致又梦幻丨是日美好事物

In the early spring vacation series, which has both punk and romantic Chanel 2021/22, there are also many treasure handbags hidden. Earlier, the interface fashion has recommended in this season and the classic and handsome large -capacity thick chain stray bag, and another small and exquisite chain handbag is also worth seeing.

This handbag is extremely small. The black version size is only 12.2 × 10 × 4.5cm. I am afraid that you can only install trivial small objects such as keys. However, the soft lambskin and the three -dimensional exquisite bag make the elegant temperament of this handbag overflowing. It is very suitable for the occasion that needs to show the dignified and elegant and fashionable taste. The size of the mini also brings some cuteness.

Levi's 联名古着让花朵在牛仔上绽放,Chanel迷你链条包精致又梦幻丨是日美好事物

The handbag provides two color matching to choose from, and the white version is more slender and elegant than the black version. Under the support of the metal frame, the soft sheepskin shows the square on the front, and the side is a delicate triangular three -dimensional design, which increases the capacity of this small handbag as much as possible.

Levi's 联名古着让花朵在牛仔上绽放,Chanel迷你链条包精致又梦幻丨是日美好事物

The small figure with the metal opening and closing design, adds the exquisiteness of the dinner bag. Both color matching uses a soft pink lining design to double the gentle and romantic handbags. Both handbags are now online brand official website, and interested friends can go to understand.

BENTGABLENITS × Levi’s joint name allows flowers to bloom on denim

Vintage is accepted by more young people. Open the social platform, the word “ancient/vintage” can always enter your field of vision frequently, and more and more bloggers are also playing various ancient shops. Anciently not only reflects the specific culture and retro style of its era, but also a new choice for environmental protection.

Gu focusing on the brand Bentgablenits is particularly good at integrating handicrafts into ancient costumes, bringing new works full of nostalgia. This spring, Levi’s has launched the “Bloom” ancient series with Bentgablenits, which allows the bright pink and red flowers to bloom on Levi’s classic 501® jeans and tannin jackets.

Levi's 联名古着让花朵在牛仔上绽放,Chanel迷你链条包精致又梦幻丨是日美好事物

Recently, the two parties have brought the second series, still based on 501® jeans and tannin jackets. This time, BENTGABLENITS still chose the combination of hand -sewed flowers with denim. The tender yellow or blue flowers brought warmth and vitality in the seasons of Xiao Se. As the fabric texture sewn the flowers, the retro sense is cleverly connected with the fashion modern, and each one is unique.

Levi's 联名古着让花朵在牛仔上绽放,Chanel迷你链条包精致又梦幻丨是日美好事物

This series has now officially launched the official website of Bentgablenits. Interested friends can go to understand.

Levi's 联名古着让花朵在牛仔上绽放,Chanel迷你链条包精致又梦幻丨是日美好事物

Billy’s × Vans’ new joint name adopts domineering “tiger skin” pattern

The Japanese tidal shoe collection store Billy’s recently joined hands with the familiar old partner Vans to bring the capsule series. This time, the two sides chose Vans’s classic shoe type “Authentic” and “Slip-on” as a blueprint.

The theme of “reversal” this season is the theme of “reversal”. The asymmetrical inverted animal fur pattern has become the most conspicuous existence on the shoes. The stripes between orange and black make people think of the rough and powerful tiger image at a glance. The fur texture can not help but think of warm and soft fur, which also makes this series combining domineering and playful temperament.

Levi's 联名古着让花朵在牛仔上绽放,Chanel迷你链条包精致又梦幻丨是日美好事物

It is worth mentioning that the joint clothing also launched the first clothing -a double -sided jacket that uses the same animal texture. You can choose to wear a short plush “tiger leather” on the outside, domineering side leakage, or you can choose to use the black as the main color of the coat to reveal a unique and personalized “tiger leather” neckline.

This series will be launched on December 19th. The shoes are priced at 13,200 yen (about RMB 736), and the jacket is priced at 17,600 yen (about 982 yuan). Interested friends can then be able to then Go to understand.