Look at it! Suitable for commuting MM dress!


Summer came quietly! Dress is definitely the first choice for MMs! For commuting MM, when choosing a dress, the factors that need to be considered are undoubtedly more. Not only do you need to consider whether the material is comfortable, but also whether it looks dignified and generous, and reflects his professional sense. Many commute MMs arrived in the early morning, but they were worried about their wardrobe. Why do I always feel that there is no suitable dress? do not worry! In this issue, I recommend two very fashionable and beautiful dresses for MM. The point is that it is especially suitable for commuting MM to work! MMs, come and take a look!


NO.1 Two -piece dress

This year, whether it is internal and external matching, or a split -style two -piece dress, it is at the forefront of fashion. The design of the two -piece set can increase the layering of clothes well. The most important thing is to modify the MM body. Small defects make MM more elegant and confident.

¥ 988.00

2016 New Spring and Summer Dress Korean Skirt Two -piece short -sleeved round neck mid -length fashion dress women’s skirt set

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A very beautiful dress is very suitable for hot summer. The style is very popular, and the fabric is even more soft -skinned. It can be said to be a must -have fashion suit for spring and summer! The version of the top design is very stingy. With the slightly wide skirt of the skirt, it highlights the uneven body of MM.


¥ 58.00


Summer women’s dresses in the skirt printed chiffon shirt short sleeve two -piece thin lace bag hip skirt skirt suit

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A very delicate dress with a printed chiffon top with a printed chiffon top. It is very foreign. The print pattern on the chest looks beautiful and very beautiful. The design of the sleeve is very chic, which makes people look back.


¥ 169.00

2016 summer new women’s sweet lady chiffon shirt lace skirt two -piece dress fashion suit skirt

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Do not want to be dull and feel commute? Try this dress, the matching of printed chiffon and high -end lace, instantly loves it, the design of the small flying sleeves of the top looks sweet and playful. The skirt uses a simple white skirt, which looks simple and clean. , Instant purity full score.


¥ 168.00


Summer short -sleeved small fresh slim wafer women’s short skirt Korean students sweet, thin fake fake two -piece dress

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A very literary and fresh dress, the design of the two -piece set, the thin effect is definitely self -evident. The drawstring of the waist drawing is well guaranteed to be perfectly displayed by MM. The fabric is very comfortable. You can know when you touch it. Good quality, classic white and linen ash, look very artistic.


¥ 258.00

Lace dress Korean women’s summer new tide 2016 thin fashion mid skirt skirt two -piece set of summer

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The most beautiful match in the workplace is black and white. There is no restriction on the MM of various figures. The effect of the upper body is definitely beautiful. The hollow effect is just right.

¥ 499.00

Spring New Women’s 2016 two -piece skirt lace long -sleeved Korean chiffon European station dress tide


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A very elegant dress, a unified color matching on the upper and lower dress, is well guaranteed to ensure the integrity and fashion of the clothes. The lace with chiffon, the sweetness is made to the end. The elegant temperament of MM, the lace hollow hook of the lower skirt guarantees the exquisiteness of the clothes.

NO.2 one -piece dress

In fact, the reason why many MM loves dresses is that it can be elegant step by step! Many MMs are actually afraid of the design of the two -piece set. I feel a little troublesome, which is not as good as a dress.

¥ 399.00

Song Huiqiao, the new sun in the spring of 2016, the same denim dress female long -sleeved long -sleeved long skirt Korean skirt

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With the popularity of “Descendants of the Sun”, shirt -style dress is very popular this year. This dress is very elegant and beautiful. Two color colors are very different from the temperament of MM. Highlighting the skin tone, the version is very simple but very good. The cuffs are turned, which is even more handsome and natural.

¥ 298.28

2016 Spring New Women’s Korean Fake two -piece lapel slim thin shirt casual fashion long -sleeved dress

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The design of the two fake two pieces can meet all the requirements of the commuting MM. The vertical stripe texture has a good effect. The small split design in the middle of the skirt is the reflection of this year. With the design of the shirt, it guarantees the professional sense of MM, and the instant temperament is soaring.

¥ 156.00

1 琇 4 -EW47 new 2016 summer Korean version of women’s V-neck color hook flower strap dresses D-18

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A dress with a literary temperament instantly. The quiet temperament is very suitable for commuting MM. The design of the V -neck has well modified the figure of the MM. The hook flower design of the cuffs highlights the design of the clothes well. The pink and white match with the Spring Festival shows romantic and charming colors. The waist is paired with a belt with a delicate waist.

¥ 189.00

Chiffon dress summer short -sleeved doll collar slim slim large size Korean female fairy middle long beach skirt

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In the first half, a small white skirt can instantly improve the quietness and elegance of MM. A very fresh chiffon dress, which is very comfortable and breathable. The effect of the age is very simple, but the thin effect is not discounted!

¥ 356.00

European cargo 2016 new spring women’s color strip printing is thin, middle sleeve fashion dress, base A -line women’s skirt summer

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Color stripes are popular trends this year. This irregular stripe design is adopted. The most important thing is that the vertical stripe design is very thin with the waist design. The V -neck highlights the neck line of MM.

¥ 129.00

South Korea purchasing 2016 new women’s short -sleeved slim slimness, thin temperament lace dress base long skirt


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A very elegant dress, cleverly uses the lace material to complete the hollow effect, ensuring the stylish beauty of the dress. The beautiful treasure blue is very suitable for the workplace MM to wear, the color is generous, but it will not be too exaggerated. Selected, each one is very charm.