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呦 鸣 个 不 不 “

In ancient times

Only women have underwear concept

Like now

The ancients also have a pursuit of sexy hearts.

In order to meet the desire of the young woman to show himself, the earliest prototype of underwear occurs during the Qin and Han dynasties –



“心 衣”

And this is also a known belly prototype.

The sexy of Qin and Han is the bucket of the restrained


The sexy talents in the Tang Dynasty is the enthusiasm.

In the Han Dynasty, women in the Han Dynasty, women should reflect the beauty of solemn, at this time, only red black skirts are the most people, and the simple mysterious skirt seems to hide.

Deep unpersurrable energy

In the open-named Tang Dynasty, it was not so unrestrained. In the high-quality period, people’s trousers waist almost mentioned the neck until they slowly move down.

Later, the style of painting is getting offset, and this milestone in the underwear has made the Tang Dynasty have become the most exciting dress in the past.

Everyone imagined – the half-breached under the high bundle, if the underwear is hidden, the external layer of transparent Luo yarn, there is a sexy temperament that is still convinced, and this is called the underwear. “子”.

Old exploration, even in modern times, there may be only Lady Gaga’s flow in the public, and wear the underwear.

Although the style of women’s underwear has been changing, but take a closer look, whether it is the Hall of the Yuan Dynasty, the main waist of the Ming Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty’s apron, or the tube top of its advanced Song Dynasty …


Old probes found that until the Qing Dynasty, folk popular female costumes were substantially similar to before, nothing more than

The fabric is placed before, several strands beam behind, waist or neck.

The development of ancient Chinese women’s underwear

Cultural history

Lines and fabrics in different forms of geometric segmentation





the value of life




Human has never stopped, sexy and strong genes have never stopped.

Underwear changes

Constantly injected into the fabric.


Social attention from the upper body

The lower body is a sexy interpretation

Can directly stimulate your optic gods

The situation is on your cerebral cortex


A series of strings

Seni-like feelings

According to records

Pants during the Spring and Autumn Period

Two pants legs with rope on the waist

No suture

So at that time the pants were unbeded.


It has a loud name



Why is there only two legs without a crotch?

According to old probes, non-scientific guess

Maybe because of the human buttocks

Subcutaneous fat tissue

Morely residuous frozen, and early pants are only used for warmth. This “tibia” is also a warmth of the two legs, regardless of the ass.

Does the pants do not have a pair, how should we cover?

Born, it is still human, the heart of the shame is still there. Our big country, the state of the ceremonial, how can the ancestors can wear the municipality directly, and then people at the time came to avoid embarrassing, then wearing a big skirt blocked the privacy. In the word “clothes”, “” is the big skirt we have said.

In other words, although wearing a hollow trousers, they have long enough to block everything.

This suggests that at the time,

Pants are for keeping warm, clothes are to avoid them.

In Qin Han, the development of the tibia became a trousers who had a waist but there was no crotch, which is now the open trousers, at the time of this open trousers, there is a formal name – 袴.

The costumes and etiquette cultural traditions in the Central Plains have been deeply rooted. The emperor will be very tedied with the dress, and the whole set is in addition to the top of the top, and there are many accessories such as crown, 帻, brought, 黻, pepper, 舄, etc., these costumes It is inconvenient to do.

So if you don’t wear open trousers, you can imagine that the inconvenience caused when you are in an urgent, so this helps to wear cumbersome clothes.


Emperor will meet each other

It became the iron powder of the trousers, and the open trousers gave their greatest convenience in the bladder, gave them the greatest liberation.

This “袴” fabric also has a good bad, if you use good fine cockroaches, then the fine curse is 纨, the tibia is awkward, and the combination is our very familiar word – 纨绔.

Nowadays, you are gorgeous, you don’t study, you don’t study.

Rich playboy

It is also here, and the young is madness to indulge in expansion.


There is such a thing.


When Han Zhaodi, General General Huo Guang was in order to stabilize his own granddaughter’s emperor Queen’s Queen, prevent other palace women from close to the emperor, he bought a medical officer, named the sanctuary, the woman in the mysteria


And before and after

Tie up


“Poultry”, (also known as “裈”) changing to limit Han Zhai’s emperor freedom.

As a result, I didn’t expect that this “裈” actually misunderstanding, and also brought a major change in the clothing industry. In the Sui and Tang Dynasties, the 裈 from non-mainstream became mainstream, began to be worn by most people.


Only the “tibia” era of the legs is already

But is it really disappeared?


In today’s cold north

Everyone can go to the street to see

Those fellow folks riding electric vehicles

Their leggings wrapped in cotton wrapped in two legs

Isn’t it the same as the trousers?

The wisdom of this ancients

I have helped us to block the cold wind.

Thickened cotton hair knee pad

It’s just male and female


Winter must have good products

The mountain does not turn into the water, we will see it next time!

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