Kelly Faetanini 2022 “Redux Collection” spring wedding retro elegant romantic wedding dress


Kelly Faetanini brought a romantic atmosphere to retro in the spring of 2022. This series has a classic elegance and is full of modern sense.These gorgeous dresses perfectly integrate the details of the trend (such as the neckline and bold hollow) and the iconic bride elements of decades (such as the dramatic sleeves of the 1980s and the simplicity of the 1990s), which perfectly balances the modernity of modern timesThe bride’s exquisite and playful.

Kelly Faetanini 2022"Redux Collection"春季婚纱 复古优雅浪漫嫁衣

“In an environment where the behavior of changes in behavior and changing landscape changes, the inspiration of Redux Collection is born. It comes from the” re -brought back “Latin of Reducere. The new series combines sweet nostalgia and renewal.Depending on the decades of tailoring and design, these styles retain the memory of primitive culture in a super modern way. This series includes various styles, exuding an elegant atmosphere, and girly -like charm. Each dress tells about it.Writing your own beautiful story. “