The daily production Qashqai configuration interpretation, between small and compact SUVs, whether it is more cost -effective


When it comes to Nissan Qashqai, many consumers must be familiar with it. As a global model of Nissan,

In China, it has sold more than 1.1 million units, while global sales have reached 4.6 million units. The huge sales confirmed from the side to the product power of this Japanese bloodline.

Although Qashqai is officially positioned in a compact SUV, it is actually between small and compact SUVs. After all, there is also a compact SUV -level Qijun above. Many people compare Qashqai with some mainstream small SUVs such as Honda Binzhi and XR-V. Its advantage immediately appeared. Perhaps this is also a tactical layout of Nissan. In August last year, Dongfeng Nissan officially launched the 2021 Qashqai. As a modified model of the year, it mainly upgraded some driving assistance functions, and continued to carry the 2.0L naturally aspirated engine. This article will conduct a detailed interpretation of the 2021 Qashqai as a whole and the configuration between different versions. I hope to give consumers some reference value.


A total of four models of the 2021 daily production Qashqai, with a price range of 15.49-188,900 yuan, and the overall price is also between mainstream joint ventures and compact SUVs. From the perspective of small SUVs, the comprehensive quality shows a higher level. The mid -to -high version in the car series belongs to the majority of consumers’ focus.

Body color

The 2021 Qashqai has a total of 5 body color matching, basically some mainstream color, which can meet the aesthetic needs of most consumers.


In addition, the current Qashqai has launched the “Dark Night Selection Pack” for the three cars in the luxury version of the sky red, oblong, and pearl white white, including blackened wheels, rear view mirror hoods, door handles and front face chrome trim, and front face chrome trim, MIDNIGHT personalized tail label, luxury LED welcome pedal, exclusive carpet, etc.


In terms of appearance, the domestic Qashqai remained consistent with the overseas version after the 2019 model was changed. It mainly adjusted some details. The overall looks more fashionable and exquisite, and at the same time, it is more uniformly uniformly uniformly unified with the other models of the family. The front part of the car is the iconic V-Motion design language of Nissan. The V-shaped grille is larger than the early days, taking into account a more obvious brand recognition. V -shaped chrome frame and bright black paint decorative board below make the front look more layered. The middle is a black honeycomb mesh structure, adding a little dynamic atmosphere to it; The pilot version and the flagship version of the car are the overall style. All models are equipped with active closed intake grilles, which helps the engine to quickly enter the working state, and at the same time play an optimized wind resistance.

The headlight shape is coordinated with the overall contour of the midnet and the front of the car, making the front face look stronger. The minimum intellectual version of the distant light light group adopts ordinary halogen light source. The other three models are LED light sources, which supports headlight delay shutdown and high and low adjustment. Light source, the location is designed more down.

On the side of the body, the overall outline of the Qashqai is also full of the characteristics of the Nissan family. The proportion of the front and rear proportions is coordinated, and the edges are handled and round. The double waistline on the surface of the door has a certain shaping effect. The side window frame is designed in the rear of the C -pillar to make the tail more solid. The entire line is equipped with the flagship version with the roof luggage rack. The body length, width and height are 4401*1837*1593mm, and the wheelbase is 2646mm. The body length and wheelbase are between mainstream small and compact SUVs. Compared with Honda Binzhi and XR-V, they have obvious advantages.


The rearview mirror integrated LED steering light belt. In addition to the minimum matching smart version, other versions of the models also increase the side camera of the vehicle. The Zhixiang version of the rearview mirror only supports a single electric adjustment, and other versions of the models increase the heating of the rear -view lens. Except for the Zhixiang Edition, the entire line is equipped with key entry of front row doors, keys in the car, and remote startup function.

The Zhixiang version of the model uses a 17 -inch aluminum alloy wheel, which is relatively simple in large -sized silver five -spoke styles; luxury and luxury pilot version models use 18 -inch two -color double five -spoke style. The visual effects are dynamic. Upgraded to a larger 19 -inch cutting dual -five -spoke wheel, which looks more atmospheric compared to several other models. The whole system is a front and rear ventilation disc braking type, which is not too common in this level.


In terms of tires, the smart version of the model is matched with the Dunlop SPORT MAXX 050 series with a specification of 215/60 R17; other versions of the models are matched with the Priley Duler H/P series, with the specifications of 215/55 R18 and 225/45 R19, respectively. The tire pressure display in the whole car is standard.

The rear of the car is simple and clear. The roof borne is paired with the tilted rear windshield, which is a little more delicate. The taillight shape echoes the headlights, the surface is blackened, and the LED light has a good recognition after lighting. The two chrome -plated sheets at the bottom of the rear of the car add more texture to the details. The model uses the hidden single -exhaust layout on the left side. Zhixiang Edition models are only equipped with rear reversing images without reversing radar; the other three models are equipped with reversing radars, 360 -degree panoramic images, and reversing cars to warning systems.




In terms of interior, the overall shape of the 2021 passenger car is similar to the current Qijun. It is a Nissan family design style. The overall tendency to be more practical, without many fancy elements. The shape of the center console is stretched, and the lining between the two sides and the inside of the door panel is naturally connected. The catalyst is covered with slush plastic, and there are cortex wraps embellished with stitching process on the panel. With the black paint and chrome borders at the details, the overall workmanship and texture are all available It’s not bad. The whole department provides two interior styles. The black and red stitching line looks younger; black/purple matching can highlight the texture.


The three -spoke multi -function steering wheel is the latest family style of Nissan. It is much concise compared to the previous shape. The keys on both sides are responsible for driving computers, Bluetooth voice, fixed -speed cruise, multimedia adjustment and other auxiliary functions. For plastic materials, several other models use cortical wrap, and the steering wheel supports manual four -way adjustment.

The instrument panel of the entire model is a double -gun -type mechanical pointer and the middle 5 -inch color driving computer display combination. Although the style is relatively simple, fortunately, the daily observation is observed, and the intermediate screen can display richer driving and vehicle information. The whole system is equipped with a built -in driving recorder, which eliminates the complex wiring process in the later period.


In terms of active safety equipment, in addition to the minimum matching version, several other models are equipped with parallel auxiliary, lane departure warning, and active braking. Among them, the luxury pilot version and flagship version also increased the auxiliary system of lane. In terms of passive safety equipment, the tire pressure in the whole system is standardized, and the specific tire pressure value of each tire can be seen; in addition, the entire department also comes standard with the front row main co -pilot position. Airbags, front and rear heads.

In the central control section, all models use a 9 -inch embedded touch LCD screen. The screen shape is naturally fused with the central control panel, and some commonly used function touch keys are retained on both sides. There are many mainstream functions such as Bluetooth telephone, voice recognition control, as well as network and OTA upgrade. The whole car is equipped with 4 speakers units in front and rear, and some are less.

The whole system is removed with the flagship version of the vehicle. The front row dual temperature area automatic air conditioner is used. The other versions of the models are manual air -conditioning systems. Large -sized dual knobs and neat keys are combined. The daily use is convenient and smooth. PM2.5 filter device in the air outlet and car.

In terms of other vehicle auxiliary/control configuration, the entire system standards for electronic handbrakes, engine start and stop, uphill assistance, luxury pilot version and flagship version to increase automatic parking function. The Zhixiang Edition models are not equipped with fixed -speed cruise. The luxury models use ordinary fixed -speed cruise. The luxury pilot version and the flagship version upgrade to adaptive cruise system.

Seat space

The surface of the entire line of the entire system is full fabric material, and several other models are wrapped in cortex. Among them, the surface of the top -equipped seat seat is supplemented by pattern embellishment, which looks more advanced; the seat shape is wide and large; Full, full and soft internally, as a Nissan model with a sofa factory title, it has a very high performance in terms of ride comfort. The front seats of the Zhixiang version are manually adjusted; the other three models are upgraded to the front -row main driver’s seat electric adjustment, and only the top flagship version is equipped with the front seat heating.

The space performance in the car is quite satisfactory. Generally, male passengers still have a certain amount of balance in the rear head and legs, but they are not very plenty of. The wide cushion can give the legs a very good support effect. The rear row of the entire model provides a central armrest and air -conditioning outlet with a cup holder. In addition to the minimum matching version, other versions of the models are also equipped with a rear mobile phone power interface.

The minimum smart version of the model is not equipped with an electric sunroof, and several other models use an irreplaceable panoramic sunroof; the conventional accumulation of the trunk is 486L, and the back seat back supports it. Door.




In terms of power, the 2021 daily production Qashqai series is equipped with a 2.0L naturally aspirated engine of a model MR20, with a maximum power of 111kW/151PS, a maximum torque of 194Nm. The fuel consumption is 6.2L, and the entire system is a front -drive form.

The 2.0L naturally aspirated engine carried by Qashqai. When the power performance is performed until today, it can only be said to be enough. The active throttle in the starting stage responds to a brisk driving experience, but the middle and back sections are in the middle and back. The explosive power is a bit insufficient. If you want to complete the fast overtaking, you must step on the throttle, which will reduce the smoothness of driving. The Xtronic CVT gearbox does have unique advantages in terms of smoothness. With excellent adjustment, it is commendable from the speed of reaction to the intelligence of the driver’s intention.

Chassis suspension

The suspension structure is the front McPherson, the rear multi -link independent suspension,

The chassis setting also focuses on the driving control experience. The overall setting is hard, but it also maintains a certain rationality and does not excessively sacrifice comfort. Daily driving, the chassis adjustment method of exercise can provide better road feel feedback, the entire driving process is relaxed and comfortable, and fully give the driver sufficient confidence. In the face of the big bumps, it is harder. Fortunately, the body is very supportive, and daily driving can also feel agile and dexterous driving feedback.

The steering feel is light, and the lack of delicate finger feedback, the vibrator provides excellent support. Between the center of gravity, it can allow the driver to better grasp the traceability of the front of the car.


Below the configuration differences between the 2021 Nissan Qashqai models and interpretations in detail.

2021 Qashqai 2.0L XV Zhixiang Edition, manufacturer’s guidance price: 1549,000 yuan.




Qashqai 2.0L XV Prem luxury version, manufacturer’s guidance price: 168,800 yuan.

As the entry of the whole department

2.0L XV Zhixiang Edition, depending on its own configuration performance, can be regarded as satisfactory. It can be able to do the basic mobility needs of most consumers, but compared with the luxury version of the high configuration, it immediately appears Some consumers with limited car purchase funds.

2.0L XV PREM luxury version is 139,000 yuan expensive compared to the 2.0L XV Zhixiang Edition. At the same time, the keyless entry of the door is increased+keyless startup. The seat inside the car is also upgraded to a leather package, which is completely worthy of the difference of 139,000 yuan. It is a very cost -effective one in the car series, which is worth recommending to more consumers.

2021 Qashqai 2.0L XV PREM Pro luxury pilot version, manufacturer’s guidance price: 173,800 yuan.


2.0L XV PREM PRO Luxury Pilot Edition compared to the 2.0L XV Prem luxury version of the price is 5,000 yuan. The configuration mainly increases the functions of lane maintaining assistance, adaptive cruise, and automatic parking. The cost -effective performance is average.


2021 Qashqai 2.0L XV Top flagship version, manufacturer’s guidance price: 188,900 yuan.

2.0L XV TOP flagship version compared to 2.0L XV PREM Pro luxury pilot editions is 151,000 yuan. In addition to upgrading to a larger 19 -inch wheels, the configuration also increases the roof luggage rack, high -quality car seat seat, and the inner seat of the high -quality sensor. The front seat heating and the automatic air conditioning of the dual temperature area. Compared with the increase in the configuration between the previous luxury and the Zhixiang Edition, the difference of 15,100 yuan is not too worthy of the value, and the recommendation index is average.



Nissan Qashqai has always belonged to a relatively low -key joint venture SUV. It can be called “stuffy and big money” type, 2021 model


As an annual change, this upgrade is relatively obvious. Whether it is a “dark night selection package” or the Propilot super -wise driver and the Nissan Connect Super Things system, this strong joint venture SUV with a strong home style becomes more individual and technology, technology and technology sense. In terms of cost -effectiveness alone, what is recommended here is to recommend

2.0L XV Prem Deluxe Edition