Belt pants are the age of age, learn to match with “careful machine”, and easily wear a sense of inverse age


The fashion sense of the strap pants can always bring convenient energy to the wearer. Female friends at different ages and figures can find back pants clothing when wearing strap pants, and

Exquisite design.

Belt pants clothing is undoubtedly a variety of fashion items, sometimes cute and smart, and sometimes exudes a sense of lightness.

Mature charm.

So who said that wearing back pants is tender, this year’s popular model

Western and fashionable,

Come and learn the secrets, let’s enjoy the elegance together

Bib pants wear


Analysis of the fashion style of back pants

1) White strap pants


Features: age reduction

Among all light -colored series of strap pants, the number of white strap pants is the brighter. Pure white strap pants, whether it is a high -waist design or

Loose tailor

Even the modification under the same version can still wear different effects.

When the little fairy who is confident is paired with a loose light -colored wide -leg strap pants, he can wear invincible with the effect of age reduction.


Daily matching method: stacking

Maybe you will feel that wearing a solid white strap pants will

Too monotonous,


In fact, this is true. White strap pants, if you choose

Tight style

The requirements for the body are very strict.

Even if the tailoring is sharp, it will not reduce the overall clothing

Single boring

Essence At this time, choose a striped inner shirt stack, or a coat with a pattern and color matching, which can better

Add fun.

2) Cortical strap pants

Features: Cool Ya

The costumes made of special leather fabrics always give people a bright and lively cool feeling.

In the dazzling leather strap pants version, plus gorgeous

Bright color matching

, Even more of the leather strap pants

Cool wind

Released without reservation, the overall fashion costume visual impact effect is strong,


Daily matching method: short jacket+strap pants


Although the leather fabric with its own reflective effect


Very dazzling

, But if you want to reduce the eye from the root cause

Fan feel,

We can choose some conservative black or dark colors on some versions

Matte leather strap pants


Slim cutting with a short jacket


, Balanced the focus of the overall wearing.


Although leather strap pants can be very good


Modify the body curve,

And satisfied the convenience of dressing very high -profile to show cortical clothing very high -profile


But cortical clothing still has a defect in matching,


Too tight


Bright color leather clothing can’t hide the fat on the shape of the body, you can enlarge the body size infinitely

Disadvantages on the curve.

3) Printing back pants

Features: vitality

Seeing a series of solid color systems, many little fairies are no longer fascinated by band pants when they choose back pants.

Pure color strap pants clothing.

Printed strap pants with colorful pattern elements are also very sought -after styles, a little bit small

Color matching

, Can burn the whole suit

Fashion vitality.

Daily matching method: strap pants+vertical stripes

The stylish fusion of vertical stripes and strap pants perfectly integrates fresh fashion blood for the strap pants clothing. Leisurely

Loose vertical stripe

, With colorful

Color modification.

Not only can you stretch the back pants outfit visually

Sense of line


It can also make playful and cute strap pants a more age reduction

Student outfit

5) Loose strap pants

The three -dimensional flower embroidery adds a little girl from a little girl

Elegant charm.

4) Low waist wide legs back pants

Features: capable and leisure

Honestly, no type of strap pants costumes are wore than wide -legged low -waisted leggings

More comfortable

It’s right. Wide -legged strap pants, whether it is extremely tough, whether

Denim fabric cutting


Still feel comfortable and casual


Ya Nian and linen cloth,

Loose and elegant pants legs, while modifying the shape, can also show women


The side.

Daily matching method: shirt+strap pants

The low -waist -type strap pants can be greatly displayed in the upper body, so at this time they are choosing and.

Low waist strap pants

When matching the top, pay special attention to the coordination of the overall style.

Loose shirts are undoubtedly the most versatile and

There is no choice of error


, The overall shape looks like people

Very relaxed.

T -shirt+low waist wide -leg back pants

Whenever we choose to put in the top, the easiest and most convenient clothing must appear no matter which season.


Basic T -shirt

It’s right. The seemingly simple white T match is more age -reducing

Round neckline


The simple print on the chest has been outlined

Refreshing leisure

The style, at this time with cotton and linen cloth

Low waist wide leg pants

, The whole set of styles is wearing

Compassion is full.

Features: wild

In the end, what must be introduced to you is the most common in all strap pants types

Loose back pants

It’s right. Although some loose strap pants have no waist design, they will still be interspersed with elasticity on the waist.

Rubber band decoration.

This kind of waist is also acceptable


Bare pants, not only


Don’t pick your body,

It is suitable for wearing in any occasion.

Loose version without waist jeans will have been available

Fashionable style

More bonus items must be the matching method of the wearer themselves. How to put on the loose back pants of denim fabrics out of more fashionable ones

Youthful style

Woolen cloth?

At this time, it should be cool

“Irregular” dressing method

, Drag the loose side with a suspended strap, which is free and easy


It was released instantly.

If the striped elements and wave dot elements are in classic elements

Dynamic age reduction

The model of the checkered element contains both the fashion style

Better and bright,

Under the modification of different colors, you can live well

Atmospheric high -level wind.


Checked loose back pants

It is very suitable for students with smaller age.

Therefore, the strap pants are the age of age, and learn to match the “careful machine” and easily wear it

Age age,

After reading so many styles

Belt pants matching

Do you have the clothing and pants clothing he likes?

Welcome to leave a message in the comment area and be with everyone

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